April 1st

Today will forever be the day I rem…

A 90+% sweep by the most beautiful person on earth atm:

And a beautiful soul we've lost in heaven:


5 thoughts on “April 1st

  1. Reading about her makes her seem almost superhuman sometimes, with impossible strength and endurance. And yet here she is, a living, breathing woman, not only a symbol.

    Predictably, some people are already concern-trolling in some articles about how politics is all about compromise and give-and-take, and wondering if she knows how to do that. Bleghhhh. As if sticking to principles is automatically a bad thing, or somehow naive.

    1. She’s definitely of a more advanced/noble stock than most of us, so if we r going to hold out hope on the good of mankind in the world of dirty politics, she’s our best bet atvm in the entire planet.

  2. She’s such an incredible and very strong woman. Highly respect her.

    I almost forgot that it’s the anniversary day of Leslie’s death… I was so shocked when I’ve read the news that day, thought, that it was some sick joke on April’s fool.
    We lost one of the most talented and unique icon in HK-music – and filmindustry. RIP.

    1. The years in house arrest didn’t make her lose anything that really constitutes who she is. And to know that is possible, for a human being, is so awe-inspiring. I think any politicking crap that will be thrown at her fr this point on, she’s the most equipped person on earth to rise above it all.

      I can never forget his death anniversary. That spring of 2003 was the worst the city has experienced last decades. Most of us really thought it’s the sickest April Fool’s joke and checked the news first thing the next day thinking for sure it’ll all go away. I was in HKG, and it’s the most life-changing 2 wks I’ve had in my life. I stepped off the plane the day before SARS cases started creeping up, watching the daily deterioration into man-less deserted blocks in downtown…I had dear ones in the medical fields risking their lives in the front line, I lost an uncle to the virus, then at the peak of the nightmare, Leslie’s suicide. I do think the mood of the city, his environ had a part in precipitating his depression to a spiraling down. His yearly memorial at Mandarin to this day, is mostly how much we missed him, and love him, but also how we’re still mourning of the way we were.

  3. I have SO MUCH RESPECT and ADMIRATION for this wonderful woman’s indomitable spirit and courage. To go through all she’s experienced and still keep fighting and emerging victorious is just amazing. ♥

    Leslie ♥ I will always miss you. Such a beautiful soul was taken from us too soon. 😦

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