fangirl 6th sense: announcing the new BL CP WonHong

I mean for all SiWon fangirls out there, you need to learn every mando slang pronto now that Yuan Hong is in the mix.  I foresee their tweets will be so hilariously slashy we will be mostly roflmaobbq.  Cute thing is their CP name WonHong in chinese is actually Yuan-Hong. Ha!  And, their abandoned other halves are: HG and HG.

SiWon first nudges his new bro YH a tweet on weibo: 
@崔始源新浪個人認證@袁弘 你好!今天非常開心 🙂
SiWon: @YH Hello!  It's a fun day [or I had fun today] 🙂 *they played lots of bball and chatted nonstop, I heard/read*
to which Loverboy weibo'd back:
 YH: SiWon's conversational Chinese is much better than I can ever imagine, I saw him tweeting every word with pingyin this last weibo with my very eyes.  He can even say 'Cool, dashing and handsome', I really didn't teach him say that (to me) *I can bet $10 he fooled SW saying that to him all day, maybe even telling him his middle name is 英俊潇洒 <_<*


I can't say although I'm looking forward to the insanity ensue, I miss the RedWhite CP and seeing this brand new one, with YH (our Red) donning the white tee, and SiWon in red, makes me yearn for HuGe+YuanHong more. 


I should be sleeping 30 min ago, but for some reason I lurk and laze around and voila!

Oh Freck!!  I should just shut my gob, what ARE you wearing?!?!?! gimme back that plain white tee, I promise I wont make a grunt!

[credit on pix; fr weibo]

4 thoughts on “fangirl 6th sense: announcing the new BL CP WonHong

        1. I’m not a HanaDan fangirl ever, but if we gather them as older F4 in a cabana @ Cabana sipping their cabanaclub, I can pay and watch it for 2 hours+, np.

          SiWon can be a Domyoji; HuGe a Rui; HanGeng a Sojirou; YH be the yakuza boss-to-be ladykiller (and pile on his screentime plz, iz biased)

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