So the CP is either Yuan-Hong (Won=Yuan in mando) or 13 Yuan ( Siwon's own cute CN nick is 10 Yuan/10 bucks) and a day or so after its official creation, there r fanarts:

This one is brilliant in it ties in the time-traveling theme of their upcoming idoldrama.

When is SiWon's bday (sorry I'm so out of the loop) how come it's Feb10th on wiki!?
Anyways this is SiWon posting his bday party organized by PD, I see a YH with his fav black bower hat being the photog:

And the Girl 2 is now officially Jessie Chiang, I can't stand her in MQ and her scenes with the equally horrible VanNess made me break out in hives fr the allergy even in FF, I think she's a clueless actress who has no connection with the camera at all, with atrocious line-reading and should stick to her day job whatever it is.  As she's also the Girl2 in the MingDao/Shishi upcoming TWdrama and my HongShi dormant spirit is nudging me, why not bring it up several notches and have SS play the girl2, call it co-girl1 all they want ie OTP with her LaoYuan for the nth time, but in a modern idolfluff?!?! I mean we got a taste of their WGM edition during BBJX days (largely by my vivid imagination, I shamelessly admit), and this can so be a 'safety net' for our entertainment pleasure should the script go headdesky awry on us. U know it so can happen, just saying.

And the Elves had a fieldday watching the gorgeous men being all sweaty playing bball,  I think a prerequisite of being an Elf is having the cutest slashy minds:
the orig poster is asking if they r holding hands:

and pointing out we can see YH's boobies here,these r new, the redbeans commented: (Oh lordy….)

And YH's eyes r not on the ball….

The cute Elves r getting impatient with them being chatterboxes forever wondering what the heck these 2 r necking about, and here it looks like SiWon is yelling/nagging at Loverboy like a mama

but we have proof you 2 pretties owe us some pics you've definitely posed all smiley for:

Meanwhile the real White of our RedWhite CP is off playing bball with PeterHo at Elephant Mt looking all grumpy (and screaming jealous and pissed! with his whole face trying hardest to smile).  I mean Handsome, you r the one snuffing out your Loverboy as always 沾花惹草-ing/ flirting around, nth new here.

*r u texting your HG or your SS, YH? and did you just make another prettyboy jealous, all showing on his face?!*

Peter is boasting he can have a reunion with the YYC at Elephant Mt once Eddie is back, they'll have Lady4, Bro4 (himself), Bro6 and Bro7.  Loverboy, the flt fr HKG to Ningbo/Elephant Mt is ~2hr, you've taken a RIDE there in more hours on rough rocky roads than that, we all rem.

I'll admit my guilty pleasure is following YMM's SwordParakeets:
This time we have HanDong

This is the pic he tweaked and posted himself, just to prove he's truly pretty, esp with blurring up all that garbage he's wearing: psst, his character is a pervie rapist

And speaking of ShiShi, here's a leaked bts cap of the DMY trio:

sowwy, they still look like 3 walking deads to me, and I won't be surprised the next photo snapped would be of them all dropped dead, and some would say still gorgeous (not me).  Maybe since the US drama is quite the rage,  TR is trying to tie it in, Who knows anymore?

Have to say face/hair/mostoftheoutfit-wise Eddie here is sooooooooooooooooooooooo much better than those taxidermy stills. BUT what is that moldy 'decorative' fakefur stole doing on The dashing sunshine General?!?!?! 
I know TR is trying to pirate the furs on pretty Wallace  in QSWF, let alone the silliness of show, at least it's pretty on Wallace who only needs to be …pretty.

But  instead TR's pirated look is straight from some bridal collection, I've evidence:

For some eye-cleanser:

TangYan is looking finnnneee here, I dunno what this is for, but she's one of the rare up-and-coming bunch that doesn't get me batty in period IF she's not asked to be a screechy bimbo.


MUAHAHAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA I literally lol for a few minutes, tears and all and I still am tearing up, spliting my sides, getting a hernia. This is our FkingDFBB.  And this could be such a killer April Fool's prank.   And some smartpants dearie is jabbing that headpiece looks like a gilded T-back inverted, stuck on ShinChan-style.

And I think this is a pheasant?

I'm serious, if you can't do this eye+brow storyfelling in 2 seconds ChenKun is doing in this gif, don't bother with a DFBB, not even a SiFangMustBai (The West Loser):

'nugh said.  Not really, although that tear on a Brigitte's iconic DFBB is so painfully visible.  Rant: CQE is perfect as the girl next door, her features r feminine and round and a bit countrybumpkin (sorry, just being frank).  No amount of make-belief glaring can channel androgynous, ie the ultimate MUST for a DFBB.  And the red lipsticks?! Geisha white face?!  WTFFF!?

I'm seriously thinking YMM is making his own Spamalot of Brigitte and JetLi's Swordsman, for real, but not funny at all.

[credits on pix thanks to the fans; fr weibo and tianya]

15 thoughts on “Picspamming

  1. YH

    Maybe those aren’t moobies but YH is working out? lol The Hongshi shipper in me is pretending that YH is texting LSS in the 10th photo! 😉

    I have seen those pictures of HG playing B-Ball with PH and the DMY crew but I can’t get over how skinny he is!!! He also looks so tired all the time! He should stop smoking, eat more and then ask Eddie to take him to work out at the gym to build up some muscle!!!

    1. Re: YH

      Actually all of them smoke, including YH and Eddie. I think it’s HG’s plastic surgery (due to his near-fatal car crash) that is not holding up too well. But he looks much better in his modelling ads.

      Anyway, poor him had to pull through such a horrific accident. If he’s not aging too well, I’d like to see his career progress to solid serious CCTV-type acting or even directing, which was his major anyway.

    2. Re: YH

      lolz these aren’t moobies?!?! hahaha the pervie snerky redbeaners r commenting on shape and the lack of…muscle tone?!?!

      Oh yes, I totally see that *HongShi shippers United!!!!!^^*
      I think HG is all steely muscles on his frail frame, he’s touted as a 36D! But I do think he looks gaunt, like no amt of photoshop can wipe out the lack of spark in his eyes, maybe he misses his LaoYuan too much. ><

  2. that Tang Yan pic is unfortunately quite old, from some vid called Zhu Xian I believe. I do love her a lot when she’s not playing a bimbo, like in her modern dramas. Her Zixuan still makes me breathless with the amount of chemistry she had with Wallace as ChangQing

    1. oh Zhu Xian, starting all that feud btn K/YangMi/YMM…. but that’s a gorgeous pic, it needs not be gaudy silk and embroidery galore to be pretty, just wanna contrast that with the poor taste that is the costumer for YMM and TR nowadays.

      oh me too, I hang on CP3 because of her and Wallace’s storyline. I find Wallace usu lacking in chemistry with his OTPs, but not in CP3.

      1. if I’m correct, the ad that started the feud was Fantasy Zhu Xian, and Zhu Xian was another mv/thing for some artist or another. And I totally agree, I don’t know what happened to costume quality nowadays. Bu Bu Jing Xin was amazing and now everything looks like crap.

        1. I think nowadays they r in for fast cash and jerks like Yumama (and K) r dragging down the taste of quality stuff. I really can’t understand why they r hiring the same tasteful crappy costumer for everything they r currently working on. He/She is talentless and should not be in the biz.

          I miss ShirleyChan, who worked on many TR work till BB

  3. OMG..
    Chen Kun is totally channeling Leslie in that pict! I had to do a double take for a sec there..

    1. A huge part of CK’s appeal to me is his resemblance to Leslie, he really had that magnetic charisma in front of the camera. Of course I think he’s a good head on him to persevere in this biz as well.

  4. Re: YH

    Yup HG and YH have matchymatchy Zippo lighters they’ve gifted each other on bday and so on.. ^^

    BUT I think esp for HG, after he’s been through, he has one more huge excuse than the other boys to quit the cancer stick.

    HG just looks haggard lately, he doesn’t look happy at all. I guess being in back to back Crap ShittySword then DMY can do this to you. I don’t see him having the drive and passion like YH to treat acting as his lifelong career.

    1. Re: YH

      Eddie and Han Dong still look sprightly and sparkly! And YH is in this devil-may-care state. But Hu Ge…I have to take those DMY and basketball pics as more true to life than the modelling ones. And he’s not looking cool at all.

    2. Re: YH

      Matching lighters? Really?!?!? These two should be helping each other quit rather than encouraging it!!!! Although I love HG to pieces, I think you are right about his level of passion for acting and how acting may no longer be his lifelong career! Contrast that to YH’s methodic approach to acting and passion! HG seems like he enjoys management more, like with his restaurant and stuff! Maybe if LB stops overworking him, he’ll rest up and not look so gaunt, and he’ll be able to enjoy acting more!!!!!

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