Rooftop Prince 5

The Cute: it's getting predictable, but the JF4 is still CUTE. When it's just about them, eating steak, cutting hair, getting into buildings with security guards, I still chuckle a little, less than the last eps, but my tickle buttons r still pushed.  And it's a nice progression seeing their strange family of oddballs coming together, and  ParkHa is concerned about them as naturally as breathing air now having them around has become a less troublesome habit.

By the end of the episode, I've forgotten most of what's transpired in the first 1/2 of the ep, which is ok, I guess. I got the key plot of  the phone being predictably useful and Prince has his thinking caps on, coming up with the scheme to get somewhere instead of just being cute and getting himself into trouble with the law being a craycray stalker ….or near losing his life. 

I love how step-by-step, goal-oriented and pragmatic the prince is, he's accepted his fate and set off to do whatever it takes even if it's big sacrifice on his part,  PYC is precious in that hair cutting scene, I get he's determined to go through with the decision, but he's also befittingly emotional thus moves me how unfazed he is with his love towards his Princess, and how loyal (and able to be caring…and a bit more) he is towards ParkHa.  It's brilliant he's still haughty in controlled amounts towards the 3 minions, but otherwise he's learned fast how to behave in order to not cause trouble.  I like his tiny theory on what happened to them, and how they may, perhaps, go back to Joseon and hopefully gather some clues towards  the Princess' murder all in one.  He must've somehow switched souls with TaeYong, if he can solve what happened to his missing modern identical twin, they may have a portal back to Joseon, by his same line of thoughts, SeNa must be a reincarnation of the Princess, the fairy butterfly said it all by a flapping of its wings.

HJM is not bugging me this ep at all, she's toned down and not asked to do a lot of heavylifting.  Same with SeNa/JYM, I don't have a prob with her acting, but I don't miss her character at all.  Good that the ep gets back my attention, albeit clunky, to give me some OTP bonding goodness, finally.  YooChun and HJM has cute chemistry all along, but it's been understandably less sizzling than the trailers and I'm getting impatient.  ParkHa has now a significant place in Prince's heart, even if it's not yet categorized as anything more than being grateful, considerate/caring, but it's a big leap forward for our nostrils up there Prince.  Perfect they amp it enough to show us the presious tingly little feelings they have not yet realized the need to address forming.

And we have more OTP cuteness next ep! ^^, and the ducklings will be thrust into the Real Corporate World! Can't wait!

[gifs thanks to 3hree_voice  ichigojj @希之未央; fr weibo]


2 thoughts on “Rooftop Prince 5

  1. Re: YH

    That was a sad event indeed! It’s terrible watching his health slowly declining! I think what he really needs is a nice long break! He’s always doing SOMETHING!! I did not know YH and Eddie smoked too, they all need to quit!

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