Rooftop Prince 6

ZOMG , this is the best RP episode yet!!!  Story is tighter than ever! The laughs r back at full force!  The other 3 hotcutiepies r given their own little vignettes!  Princey/PYC is totally killing all fangirls with his brand of Chunface GorgeousCuteness!!  THEY ARE IN SUITS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  *although I'll admit I miss RedGreenYellowBlue Tracksuits*

*sighhhh* I truly believe you do need to suffer like a ParkHa through reincarnations for 300 years to score these 4 hot things in your vicinity, let alone being your ducklings.

How do you do it, PYC?!?!  The scene is so simple, yet so darn effectively turn me into a flailing piece of mushy ahjumma flashing back to the first time light yrs ago when I first caught eye of the very first crush smiling back at me after my persistent stalkings/pesterings and other unmentionables.

This is a Spot a Binnie cap! ^^

That touching TV screen is sooooo Cute!!! I have no words.  But even the scene with the rotten inside through and through SeNa is so adorbs, I do feel that oozing sweet tender love our Prince has for his Princess' reincarnation/substitute.

And all that fluttering our ParkHa bottles up with nicely woven miscues fr Prince…and with his Highness smugly snuffing her out having pervie thoughts on his very self fresh off a crampy RV shower.  Priceless!  Now I have TWO full spinoffs I can watch forever:  The Joseon Flower 4 Ducklings and The Prince and the ParkHa

This scene had me snorting things out of my nostrils:

Actually every 3 Ducklings in Suits scene in this ep is so my happy place, I am rewinding, rewatching as soon as scene is done. I love that rabid fangirl crush of mangaka on Brainy Man-bo *can i call the other 2 ram-bo and (s)himbo?*  I am overdosing with the Cute at the endscene manga!   Tt's progressing so smoothly and making a lot of sense even in sth as fluffy as cotton candy most of the time as this thing. What Happend in Norabang makes me have tummy hurting flashbacks on the silly hilarity of The SamSoon.  No highly compliment on Kdrama slapstick as that.

My fav scene is the ending climax with the sassy and genuinely tough cookie ParkHa vs ScumWitchDIAHF SeNa

The Ebils r still douchy, but at least we have some forward momentum (or filling in their past shoddy deeds).  SeNa, you non-human trash, you are harping to ParkHa she has NO IDEA what you've been thro' or what's in your rotten head and HOW FREAKEN DARE YOU HIT!??!!?!?!?!?!? You'd better have some DAMN damning childhood trauma directly caused of the cute pudgy babyParkHa to have me stop covering u up in my Talk to the hand, bitch! reflex.

I'm officially having feelings for ParkHa, perfectly in sync with our Princey.  I feel bad now, finding her annoying, when she's really a decent good girl *hitting myself* and I think HJM has warmed up and in her groove at last playing her with much more control.  I was screaming 'YOU GO GIRL!!!!!' nonstop at her, cheering her on, wanting to give her hugs and tissues and feed her some more grilled meats and make you endless poktanju and slapping SeNa's other pretty cheek for her.

And the end scene full of feelings glances Princey is giving to the ladies makes me flip my desk wanting the next ep now!

At ParkHa: *flippantly giggling with his sparkling eyes* Are you so eager to give me/us a ride home fr work? *u like me, I know u like me~^^*
At ParkHa: Y U not happy (to see me)?  Y U crying? *oozing concern and so MUCH care spilling fr his eyes*
At SeNa: Y U here? 
At SeNa: Y U make (my) ParkHa cry? *ragey and accusatory in a split of a split sec!*

Last but not least Aigooo~~!! HOW FREAKEN CUTE!

Story of Omurice:

[credit on pics; big thanks to the orig posters; all fr weibo]

8 thoughts on “Rooftop Prince 6

  1. OMG the sunglasses! And the walk, hihi. Did somebody give him a lesson on “arrogant chaebol prince” walk or something? HJM looks so smug walking in front of the four suited boys, but hey, I would be too.

    I’m watching too many stuff already now to fit in this drama, probably wait until it finishes airing and do a marathon.

    1. watcha watching~~~~!!!??? *not that I have any time/brainpower to savor anything not!fluff/RP*

      The Kdrama addicts subgrp of Cnetizens r saying PYC is giving them serious Binnie vibes. Maybe a bit of the 21yo JooWon here? I don’t really see it, haha and I think they’re just missing binnie like CRAZY!

      I know you’ve started GoT2 (and it’s Good!) but I fare better marathoning intense mincing my heart shows.

      1. Omo, I didn’t realize this before, but the hairstyle is almost similar to KJW. I can see some resemblance, hihi. It’s the hair, and the pouty mouth. No one does pouting and sulking better than 21-year-old KJW.

        I’m watching My Fair Princess 2, I saw 1 and 3 on TV, but never got around to watching 2 before. Thank god it’s still Zhao Wei as Xiao Yan Ze. Watching MFP3 made me realize how annoying the character is sometimes, it’s ZW’s awesomeness that made her so endearing. The can’t miss show at the moment is GoT and The Good Wife. And being a stubborn masochist watching House’s final season.

        1. arghh I can’t stand QY so I’m the only person on earth who can’t sit through 10 min of anything FairPrincess/PrincessPearl after multiple tries and it on TV in reruns for decade+. I do like ZW enough and she has charming screen presence for a star, but imo she’s overrated as an actress.

          I’ve been watching nth but things that doesn’t stick to my guts. Movies and fluffy mindless dramas, sated with the fluff/cute/costume porn in case of MadMen.

          I’m goin to marathon GoT in one gulp after its done. I’ve stopped following TGW in the middle of S3, I can’t even rem why. But I‘m sure one of these days, when I’m not swarmed up to my chin with stuff, I’ll marathon it in a whim of fancy, even if it’s going to be years fr now, or never. In the mean time, all I can do is be vigilant and staying away fr any possible spoiler, mightily tempting and very hard to do.

  2. OMG, Chun in shades will always make me squeal like the fangirl that I am. He is so hot in shades. OK, let’s stop this now. Haha.

    I also liked this episode a lot. There’s seriousness in the tone of the episode, but the funny is still there. And good thing the story is progressing already. And adding to the goodness is that they’re starting to introduce the love story!! Well of the present time that is. Yay!!

    I must admit, I really thought Lee Gak and Sena’s date was effin cute and I could see the chemistry there. Lee Gak’s ‘when you look at the flower you enjoy the scene blah blah’ line is a winner. But my heart still goes out to Park Ha. I’m so jealous and hurt for her. It’s like I’m watching Miss Ripley again. And Chun is in love with the wrong girl…again!! Hahah.

    Lee Gak must go after Park Ha…it’ll break my heart if he won’t. Excited for the next episodes!!

    The zoom-the-TV-screen is such a LOLzy scene. Seriously Lee Gak? You think you know everything now?? Hahah.

    1. I thought LG and Sena’s date is insanely cute as well, and of course, leave it to a well-versed Joseon princey to wax poetry over a beautiful woman he’s set his eyes on.

      I think it’s particular telling of their relationship, yes it’s shallow, but it’s not an age where other virtues in womanhood is much appreciated anyways, for her to be gentile towards her princey hubby, and be pretty and she genuinely loves him are enough fine qualities for the prince to be so enamored towards her and to add on his own fanciful romanticizing of her and their love in his rosy tinted glasses, I totally can understand where he’s coming from..

      and it’s back to why I fall for PYC the actor, somehow I get every flicker his character is feeling and going through. I don’t think his prince is the greatest catch, the brightest bulb, but he’s playing him so full of heart, befittingly haughty but not unbending.

    1. Really? I don’t see any resemblance in the face at all.

      I saw new shots of JDG in his upcoming writerKim drama, he’s spotting the exact JW do and coats. Oh well, not that I will be watching.

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