ChuHan Contention (mainly Peter Ho appreciation)

, Mousie, for you!

PD Guo, BRAVO!  Oh so smart to give us this sleeveless armor look.  It'll be ridiculous and lowbrow to have Peter shirtless ALL the time, afterall how busy r our eyes to appreciate all the diff muscle groups?!

And I'm already loving the seriously realistic set:

I've said this before, but I'll say it again.  *SQUEEEE!* Peter is such an awesome talented guy in RL.  This is his own manga of himself as XiangYu, the WestChuBBallKing, playing BBall at Elephant Mt (with HuGe no less)

And here PeterXiangYu is with his enemy's wifey LuZhi

Lest we forget, LuZhi/QinLan's RL bf LuChuan's Last Supper will be out later this year:

It looks like a scary murder mystery movie, everyone looks unrecognizable, as if they've used nth but poop and blood as makeup on their faces, BUT my interest is piqued, of course, it is not like I'll miss anything with ChangChen and/or Daniel Wu

8 thoughts on “ChuHan Contention (mainly Peter Ho appreciation)

  1. Peter Ho appreciation … I approve of this post! ^__^~♥

    Seriously, I love this guy for being so talented! Good on the ppls in charge of costume for their wonderful sense in Peter’s armor! Those beautiful buff arms of his NEEDS sleeveless armor LOL. I’m so looking forward to this series ^_^

    1. Oh…sorry sweetie I have absolutely no idea…. I don’t even know who’s who doing fansubs for Cdrama.

      I guess maybe someone at viki will pick this up with Peter in it?!

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