Kevin Cheng: Gloves Come Off

In 6 days, this will dress up my scrn an hr daily:

Gloves Come Off (拳王) doesn’t look my thing story-wise.  I’m not a boxing fan, though I loved my Adashi shonen mangas and Katsu! is <3.

KC will play a talented muay Thai boxer with a big dent in his reckless past, and when he picks himself up, starts anew in HKG years later, he has a son by his ex.  He meets a fast friend with a passion in muay Thai boxing but he’s hesitant to rekindle his own inner fire.  Stakes r raised, he’s coersed to coach his bff and a mute girl boxer for some matches they must win.  Fame and greed rear their ugly heads, he and bff drift apart by jealous ex-sifu’s evil scheming, his past will creep up on him….blablabla…
ie it’s the rare angsty darker lots of crying (and hitting) TVB that will get me even battier than those nose-bleeding damsels with terminal diseases stamped on foreheads since infancy, drizzled on a heavy dash of fauxcest birth secrets…. I wanna throw my own self to some truck instead halfway through.

The newest long trailer:

I’ll keep an open mind, expecting the worse, I can watch this for KC alone because my crush is still surprisingly strong, he went on a diet on chicken breast, no salt, no oil for 3 months to build up lean muscles (just like binnie did for SQ for 2 months).  He’s the reigning TVB actor King, and this is his much anticipated follow-up after Ghetto Justice.  Raymond Wong is the other lead, fresh off his new fame fr Bottled Passion with TVB’s queen of ‘pure romance’ Niki Chow, it is as close to the Kdrama variety as possible: birth secrets, abandoned by evil adoptive stepmom, revenge!, doomed lovers…. I didnt watch it, but it’s a hit a few months ago.

But what piques my interest most is Nancy Wu’s mute boxer.  She looks badass and I welcome a tough lady in my Asian drama any day!


2 thoughts on “Kevin Cheng: Gloves Come Off

  1. Hey Mookie! I was just in the capital of Hunan TV itself – Changsha, Hunan – the past week, hahah! I’m glad to see Kevin in a new TVB series. His recent Mango outing (Mystery In The Palace, which I was watching on the tour bus) was so crap. Gosh…what’s up with C-dramas nowadays?

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