Rooftop Prince 7

This maybe the most so-so ep thus far.  The cute is still cute, but often I find it too silly.  Maybe I need more J4.  I do wanna know more about ParkHa and her birth secret (and SeNa's) but not when it's robbing my J4 time.

I just find the ep a bit clunky like ep1, the scenes seem abruptly cut off or shoved to the foreground, when I feel like the characters are not allowed to finish every thought or to emote their reaction.  So at the end of 6 we got a heightened sense of Princey being more sensative and aware of 1. ParkHa is crying and sad  2.  SeNa has sth to do with it   3. He cares about ParkHa being sad.    But we takes off fr there this ep to him following ParkHa but completely let SeNa's maybe causation of PH's pain slides, as if he's forgotten about it entirely.  I do like the eternal stern-faced teletubbie YoonSul having a crush on PH he's in denial, but it's done so clunkily, when it can be SOO AWESOME!  argh.

And I'm so confused with the Moms and the birth secrets, maybe it's the subs, but I specifically heard President Jang and Fishmonger Mom talking about SeNa this and that to no end at the hospital. Mom Jang just wanna see SeNa doing fine, not claiming her back, she had cancer scare couple years back and she's a new outlook in life, that's why…  and she gets extremely emotional and teary seeing SeNa hiding behind a pillar.  what I get fr the scene is she and fishmonger Mom's exhubs were lovers, she abandoned SeNa a few days after her birth into the care of fishmongerMom. (I'm not sure if SeNa is birthchild of exhubs) Then fishmongerMom married ParkDad later, bringing SeNa into her new fam, and SeNa's assuming fishmongerMom is her birthmom.  THEN Parkdad brought ParkHa home randomly one night.

BUT the next twist, she has the same pic ParkHa has, only difference is hers had the head of birthmom intact and it's HER FACE!  So….she's birthmom of ParkHa as well?  So ParkHa and SeNa r bloodsisters?!  is ParkDad ParkHa's birth dad then? Hmmmm, so either I got the subs wrong…or president has been around around (coz she has another exhubs in HK and another daughter as well…or is she ParkHa?!?!?!?!)

And President Jang is sadly contemplative in her latter interaction with SeNa.  Is she dying?  The ring is her farewell heirloom?


But I do love this scene, it's tender and lovely bonding time for the OTP

And I do get Princey has some intangible sthsth towards ParkHa, I just wished it's more consistent fr scene to scene, like here, when he can't stop a tiny sidegrin when seeing ParkHa at work and learns he'll get to see her very often fr now on:

The gesture itself is cute, princey trying his best to make ParkHa feel better by offering her a sweet drink, his fav, even go above and beyond giving her a choice of banana or strawberry…BUT he drank it all!  IF this cuteness leads to him probing more, and being less haughty and juvenile in the things he's saying, it'll be MUCH better though.

That ranted, next wk we have this cuteness and KISSUUUU!

All fr weibo and DC gal

4 thoughts on “Rooftop Prince 7

  1. I hear you. It’s getting to be not so interesting/confusing just because? subs aren’t complete for me. My brain’s too slow to fully comprehend to all the adopted girls part of the plot for now. But but, so many gorgeous close up on Yuchun’s face made it up for all the short comings. F4 cuteness continues on as well. I especially love the red head boy, the ex-courtesan.

  2. I think Ms Jang had Sena first without marriage and then left her to the fish seller lady. She got married and got Park Ha, so they are blood related and half-sister.

    I also love the hug scene a lot and of cos the bus cute.
    Btw, i think the supposed dead crown princess was BY. What do you think, mookie?

    And I really love Rooftop Prince, it had been a while i addict to any drama.

    1. Urgh…

      I really don’t like this ep. I’m not REALLY confused, just confused with the WTH r we going craycray with the birth secrets!?!? (I hate birth secrets tropes on principle because it usu involves ‘best’ parent award winners I wanna throw under the bus and here they r giving me a double dose of suck on one woman!)

  3. es facil la presidenta tuvo a se na pero la dejo que la cuidara su hermana y le prometio no verla hasta que muriera y a ba ka la esta buscando ya que ese fue su segundo matriminio y desoues de abandonar al papa de Ba Ka ella por su enfermedad de cancer la busca no se compliquen este dorama tiene su toque de misterio y risas que en este tiempo se agradecen ok bye

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