Poor Sean~!


I lied. 

I let it stew a day or so but I'm still mildly depressed over the fact Sean is robbed by Andy and is now only official honored by a HKFA best actor for My Name is Fame, an ode to HK movie industry, in a role that's nth much to write home about, when he's just cruisin' by,  still amazing, of course, always.  While the movie is decent, it's dealing him sucha shorthand of his capabilities.  He may not be classic romantic lead material in looks, but he owns it in every outing as a romantic lead, have amazing natural chemistry with Cecilia in Lost in Time (such an awesome love story!) so rarely seen when both leads r equally terrific. Rare, but he's done it WAY back with Anita Yuen in her breakout role in C'est la Vie, Mon Cheri (1993).  He graciously took a backseat and did an understated, nuanced, underappreciated supporting role opposite Anita, be the foil and let her gloriously shine as befitting the story.  Any other big name star will certainly fight for his own dazzle (ie an Andy) and Anita will not hit as huge a jackpot, catapulting her very successful career in the 90s.

Yup, I was much more ragey when Andy robbed his pitch perfect perf as Dai Fei in Lost in Time just coz dapper Mr ALau looked good in a fat/muscle suit carrying a fake tree trunk. And is he REALLY better than Sean in Running out of Time?!

I know I know, HKFA is a popularity contest where Andy Lau is awarded every time he can tone down his AndyLau-ness. He really did a fine job I can't nitpick in ASL, so this is nth I did not expect and I TRIED to not rant.  But I know well enough his ASL perf is the very best he can do, nth more and it doesnt change my (low)expectation of him come next project.  This is a category that notoriously gets my blood boils….where Francis Ng has yet to win, where Leslie is only honored for his perf in Days of Being Wild.  I don't just pick on Andy, I think Leslie should have won over myTonyLeung for Happy Together.  And it is a disgrace his perf in Farewell My Concubine was not even nominated, rules or no rules.  No number of honorary awards postmortem can undo the wrongs HKFA!

rottenApple and the likes spit out lies of him spotting a black-face once his loss is announced.  I don't see it other than he's trying to smile.  And I won't be blaming him if he didnt give a shit to even fake a smile though.

And lets not talk about Sean at his best in Mad Detective and got snubbed over JetLi.  I like Jet enough, but he's no! Actor!  *CRIESSS!!! IT STILL HURTS!!!*

There he is, this terrific actor, Peter Chan lovingly calls him the HK Robert DeNiro, constantly awesome in everything he's done, even in PoSs, the only consolation is he's got the populace's vote as the best actor in our hearts fr the out pour of love in weibosphere and news the day after. And last year, he's working HARD and done 2 equally top-notch performances in 2 great movies that's come to be expected from him.  Then there's Andy the superidol, who is decent, but so very dashingly AndyLau in everything he does…and finally masters a babystep of subtlety and control.  And many can't help but wonder if we give him a pat on the back everytime he's improved because at the back of our mind we've never considered him a talented actor and this is unexpected of him…when isn't this what a Francis Ng, a Sean Lau, an Anthony Wong, a Simon Yam, the Tony Leungs….etcetcetc can do every freaken time because it's so basic to be asked of an actor?!?!!?!?!?!

/end rant

To lift my own mood a little (and since I'm shopping for a gown atm) lets look at the fashion:

This is my favorite HK star couple.  Those genuine happy smiles!  Other than that questionable crotch peekaboo hole, this is an awesome dress.  What a splash of spring so hard to pull off as classy with our yellowish skintone.  What a perfectly lean body with all the right subtle curves…and what a happy lovely classy arm-candy you have there, both of you!

Tony is playing the role of a supportive spouse, but they seems a bit stuffy and dull, subpar for the TonyCarina aka HK's Bragelina.   Carina, you can carry every blinding color and prints.  You know it, don't forget, ever.

backstage snapshot fr Tony's hairdresser/stylist.  *SWOON~*  I bet he's not even thinking a thing, waiting for Carina's powder room break, and be this attractive.

Another power couple, Sandra Ng and Peter Chan. I love Sandra as a radiohost the best, that sassy mouth on her!! She always looks put-together on the red carpet and a regular on the best-dress lists there.

How Adorbs!  Kenneth Tsang has been rocking the most scene-stealing charismatic meanie/baddie variety since 1983.  He's my vote for best supporting actor in the most competitive category this year.  Yeah if he can, with a glance, steal the thunder fr SeanLau, Daniel Wu and the (lesser in my eyes) Louis Koo combined in OH2, I have to redo my vow of my forever loyalty to your fangirldom *bow*.

These are apples in the eyes of their fans: Ko Chen-tung and Michelle Chen.  I'm meh with the movie, it's really nth special and I find it very cliched and draggy at parts.  They r good as their characters in the movie, but when they step outside of that 2 hours+, they are so void of pizazz, esp Michelle.  It's like they've used up every bit of their charisma in that movie.  The only thing constructive Apple did is making me appreciate those TW arthouse coming of age mood pieces like Blue Gate or Eternal Summer more.

The dress itself is fresh and dreamy and young and romantic like the blossoms adorning it on the model, the opposite on Michelle, she's not even 3-0, but looking so dour and matronly, my worst dressed person of the night:

Speaking of Blue Gate Crossing, my TW girlcrush is so channeling it:

Doesn't she look like the vision of what 孟克柔 will be 10 years later IF she's going to glam up for a catching up with 張士豪 just to make her guybff happy and jaws dropped on floor?!?!?

Angelababy is my vote for best dressed.   Youth is so working towards her advantage, she looks fresh and dewy in sth easily matronly with the cut, draping and sequins galore!   She looks nth but sweet and pretty in it instead of too overtly sexy like a girl stealing her mom's outfit and lipstick.   I do like her, not nec her acting, but she carries herself very well in person and she's the rare case of PS done very right, carving out a career fr nth, good for her.

Although the fashionistas r unanimously raving ShuQi and she got a whatever best dressed award for it at HKFA,  I don't like it.  The gown is comparable to Angela's, pulling all the stops to be glamorous and loud.  Her body is perfect, her boobs, as we can see them, r FINE and where they perkily were 10 yrs+ ago and vavavoomsexy! even the retro coif and the bloodred lips r similar, but SQ just looks gaunt and bordello madame,  perfect for Twilight's Edward's Dad's Asian Vampira Mistress who is actually a monster sprouted out of an evil kiwi though.

So far, lessons learnt: sequins very in, cobalt blue in for the younger fresher crowd, kiwi green (or black, or white) for the more matured ladies.  hmmm

Last but not least:

Yang Mi is my close second for best dressed.  Not exactly best dressed per se because her undergarments need to be burnt and replaced and the seams r all over the place weird, BUT in non closed-up on the detailing she looks the best I've seen her since forever!  She's glowing and sporting a calm confident, much more at ease on the red carpet…and I'm glad it's almost like she's grown into her PS, it doesnt look as jaunting as it used to, almost like the foreign matters r smoothed out and meshing up in harmony with her own…stuff.

[credit on pics; fr weibo and tianya]

And I'll drink my sorrow away with the thought Sean is on a roll, I'll see him soon in Lost Bullets (with YangMi and NicTse) and Fairy Tale Killers (scary movie….argh! what I do for you Sean!!!) very soon.  The big budget Inferno 3D (with Louis Koo) is in production.

5 thoughts on “Poor Sean~!

  1. I’ve been out of the HK showbiz for so long I had to google Sean’s wife to be reminded her name’s Amy >_< and i had to rack my brains after that to remember which series she was in… "oh duh, Greed of Man. They were both in it"hmm Tony!

    1. oh she’s not in the biz last 15+ years, hahaha it’s mostly me being age-showing remembering her. She’s also in one of the early Detective Investigation Files and played a crazy woman, I was scarred and had nightmares because of her.

  2. Oh indeed, poor Sean. I remember watching pre-award interviews, and he was pretty nonchalant about winning, like he didn’t really care (but I’m sure the loss did suck). I liked how he said confidence didn’t really matter because he’d done everything possible, to the best he could during filming, and nothing could change that. He’s blunt but it’s honesty alright. Haven’t seen Life Without Principle, but he was the draw for me in Overheard 2 (as always in his films). The man really doesn’t need to try, it really is within him. His time will come I am sure, maybe not in HK, maybe China or international?

    And the mention of Mad Detective, arhhhh.. I was so furious he didn’t win! $)(#_(*_)#(_)*# I was like, how on earth did a JetLi (I also liked him before) trump over such exquisite acting in Mad Detective? Sean was uhmazing in it, it’s so OBVIOUS he was the best.. urrhhhh… it was the most painful loss ever. TOTALLY SNUBBED!

    Fashion-wise, I love Sandra and Kui Lun Mei’s dresses the most. They’re not exactly the fittest or most curvacious of all, but I totally adored the elegance and air they carried in it. Worst must be Michelle Chen’s yaiks.. she looked old in it. I didn’t like Apple of My Eye at all, but I reckoned because I didn’t really experience a lot of that in my HS days so the nostalgia isn’t there. Kai Ko is overrated, I didn’t think he was good in the film (Michelle did slightly better) but oh wellz, who cares when you have Tony Leung and other A-lists there?

    And the couples, of course Sean and Amy! I love love love them.. they’re so cute together tho they’re way past their youthful years.

    1. There r clearly ‘fractions’ in the HK movie industry, where Sean is bff with Anthony, Francis, the Tonys r more peripheral but they r caught necking backstage… THEN there’s AndyLau in his dashing white suit looking like the self-proclaimed royalty, I’ve seen tonnes of backstage snaps of all these past best actor winners in the alumni/real actor club, but none for Andy in the mix.

      So….Sean is game, knowing full well how the calculations go, I’m more sure he has the hinge he’s most probably not winning because Life without Principle is criminally underrated with the lack of local promo and noise, for a very decent Johnny To (it’s one of my fav JT, tbh) A Simple Life is still showing and needs the publicity and it’s the revered arthouse human drama character study, just more prestigious every way looking at it to pile on the deserving honor than the already commercial success of OH2.

      Amy and Sean just have that easy, lovely charming glow and happy smile you can’t fake it even if you are as natural an actor as Sean, it all screams they r just happily married and OTP for each other forever. I just watched the show, and since my eyes r ALWAYS glued on Sean, there r so many little glimpses of them smiling or in their lil world of the 2 of them throughout. ^^

      Sandra rubbed me the wrong way with her obscene raving of Andy, and gosh that’s so much salt on the wound for my Sean knowing full well before the announcing he’s not getting it, yet camera is zooming on his face for the first time whole night just to catch him fraying. WTF.

      1. Didn’t watch the awards but read about it…must have been horrible for Sean but you know Sandra, she’s like the noisiest Andy fan/buddy out there, it’s always Wah Zai Wah Zai. I remember she’d also presented a Best Actor award to Andy previously? And she was mad excited and jumpy I remember.

        Looks like the great actors to think alike huh? I just read an article a few days back abt Francis voicing out his disappointment over his buddy Sean’s loss and his criticisms of the awards? Darn, that was straightforward blunt to the point. I guess it’s hard not to sighs, I too feel sorry for Sean, esp what he’s been thru (as in having been snubbed by the awards the most in history, twice 2 Andy in particular and once to Jet Li). I see a lot of displeasure amongst viewers over Sean’s loss, so I guess in the heart of many, he’s definitely more highly viewed upon? If that’s any consolation to you my dear friend.

        On Sean and Amy, did you see that short interview they gave at a store opening in TW just before the awards? Such a lovely couple with so much chemistry.

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