The 6 minutes that ‘ruined’ my day

I watched it before I left work, worst decision of the day, and I spent my whole drive home sobbing, I still have the goosebumps.  Why is Deanie soooo talented and in so few things I can savor!?!?  The last song of the tribute, Star, everybody has covered it, the most famous one must be the one by Leslie and Anita, but this is the one in my ipod since I've started using ipods and gosh…9, 10 yrs ago?!  and I've never had the heart in me to delete it fr a playlist…  I don't listen to it, because it makes me too emotional, a big nono behind the wheels.

I just realized it's RP day.  I was going to check out EM finally now that it's half way and I can snailingly eat up the eps I dun have to cry too many times for Next! Ep! Now!!@%!^!   *If I'm hooked that is..

But I don't wanna do any of it.  I just wanna replay this video and cry my eyes out.

3 thoughts on “The 6 minutes that ‘ruined’ my day

  1. Well the song didn’t quite ruin my day but it did bring a few tears to my eyes. It’s hard to remain composed after hearing Deanie Ip’s hauntingly beautiful voice. And seriously it was a performance few could ever emulate. She captured my attention from the get go with my goosebumps still standing when the song ended. A brilliant & fitting performance indeed!
    Thanks for sharing Ms Mookie! 🙂

    1. You have the goosebumps too? It’s so rare these days… I think the fact at the very end of her rendition, we see Anita, then Leslie on screen anticipating it the whole song, and yet it still hit me in the guts, then Deanie’s acceptance speech of thanks and a ‘farewell’ bluntly saying she’s 64, let face it, this is her last chance to be a lead actress in a HK movie, let alone getting a best actress award for it when the climate is so not encouraging for smaller human dramas, harsher still on story for a female character. And I factor in what a character Deanie has been all her career, she stopped recording once she sensed the cantopop industry is not going her way, and her rare concert r not even recorded for dvd sales, she hasnt even acted in 11 years, enjoying her solitude……this may well be the last time we all hear her unique magnificent voice ever.


  2. Thanks for sharing this clip. Deanie, as always, is a class act. ♥ I recognize almost all the actors/actresses included in the video tribute, and when they got to Anita (FOREVER MY #1 IDOL ♥) and Leslie (I can’t ever think of Anita without remembering the exquisite Leslie ♥) I must admit I got quite teary *sniff*

    Watching the wonderful performance and the tribute reminds me of the old days with the golden age superstars (eg. Anita and Leslie). They are, as always, sorely missed.

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