Back to loving RooftopPrince like a baby Samoyed

And I almost dropped the drama after last wk single mehhh ep.

Frankly most of 8 is still….meh.  9 better. 10 gives me a killer scene I've put on loop and make up for all my grunts and more.


The cute is back to awesomely cute, and I'll say it for the nth time, I'm beyond annoyed the sucky evils/richies r sucking more, not the hilariously entertaining awful sickly fascinating way, but repetitively stupidly evil for evil's sake.   Tedious and boring and the second they r on my screen, it's a waste of my finger's effort to push the ff button. Not even worth a rant fr me.

I can't tolerate fishmonger Mom no more.  It's clear she has no idea Sena is lying about her bkgd, but wouldn't it be absurd as a mother to not know a lick who your daughter is working with, or to wanna meet some of Sena's coworkers/'friends' *even if she has none*?  Not a bother about her dating life?  Out of the blue she is arranging a blind date for ParkHa and no sniffing around older pushing 30 daughter?!? Sena is practically cohabiting with Taemu and Mom is clueless, in Korea.   Either writer is blatantly hinting she doesnt care about Sena deep down the way any normal mother would; or she's mentally retarded.  As flat out cartoonishly evil Sena is, I'll put a square blame on Mom not cutting her to size all along.  She's MEAN to ParkHa even the blind can see all along, and unless there r huge grudges yet to reveal in their childhood, it's all ridiculous unnecessary hatred out of nowhere fr Sena's delusional cuckoohead. And it's ParkHa's bday, can't she just shut it?!  I was ffing like crazy but i caught sth to the likes of mom lets her be her entitled screechy Bitch and kinda holler at ParkHa instead for accusing Sena of abandoning her, which she really did.   I'm beyond dumbfounded she didnt have an itsy bitsy hinge Sena has sth to do with ParkHa's disappearance.  I don't condone ANY slapping, but Sena can desperately use one or several, and while we r at it, mom, try hitting ur head to a wall and see if u can hear things finally snap to place.

PD/writer is a cunning fox with me toyed btn his finger, just when I'm so full of rant they insert a scene with our OTP or the J4s so adorbs, and the shoujo fluffy half of my heart takes over and all I can do is awwwwws at my scrn.  YooChun is back to  perfect in a few scenes, all of them much more emotionally heightened, often angstier.  I find him absolutely breathtaking, and my heart breaks a bit and ship Princey and Sena for a fraction of a fraction of a sec (it's not like I'm not hating my silliness with this) whenever he's missing his princess.  During that squash lesson with Sena, factoring in there's the gtfo!Sena there, he's terrific in selling me his genuine love and tender yearning for the princess in his memory. 

I've grown very fond of HJM's ParkHa now,  she's finally found a good rhythm. Plus the writing is breezy when it comes to anything ParkHa.  I was anticipating the ointment scene to go cheesy esp IF HJM is asked to overdo it with her emoting, but throw in a bit of situation comedy, it's super cute.  And we're spared the secondhand awkward of the budding romantic tension btn them.  I think their OTPness is developed just right these few eps, I enjoy every bits of it.  We have the angst, with Sena doing her bitchy things *YAWNNNNN* but we also see Princey change of stance, he's no longer that lapping horny grabbypaws puppy when his Princess is in his vicinity.  If he's still the same Princey he would've been weeping in ecstasy with what Sena said and did.  But all I see is he's like a proud school boy finishing his assignment for the wk and can move to the next task.  It makes me very happy he left her right at the door of a namsan cable car.   He can be slow and gullible, it's so telling how much he has ParkHa on his mind if he can walk out and dash back home that very moment.  One big brownie point Princey.   And this is the second time our squareroyalpants is unconsciously leaning TeamParkHa (he glares at witchSena making his ParkHa cries!).  What I love most is Parkha is earnest and not a pushover. She's the just right balance of a tiny bit of streetsmarts to get by and brute for an IQ slightly below average girl, if she's anymore idiotically kind esp in any way involving Sena, I'll barf…and I find her derpette moments, like how she's not thinking much at all and just take princey's versions of his backstory and thus JUST getting angry he must've lied and played her at some point, hahaha to be fooled by our cute dimwitted prince is…more cute and dimwitted, very matchy OTP with our derpy princey ^^.   And I've fallen in some girlcrush when she's taking in all that heartachiness in strides.  Yes, our hearts will shatter and all we wanna do is to cry and stomp and hit and scream some 'WHY ME?!? WHY NOT ME!!?!'  when we find out the guy we're having a growing crush sets his eyes on another girl, let alone an evil wench we r actively cursing her to diahf, but it's not the end of the world, and ParkHa is positive enough to let off steam with some sweating alone bball time, or genuinely enjoying herself some playtime bonding with the other 3 even cuter and much sweeter Joseon teletubbies.  And not be possessed by the woe-is-me. I would've gone all mememememe but our ParkHa has the bigger person heart to be the mama those 3 homesick ducklings need (no one can not sniffle at that gifting parents scene *sniffles*).  It needs not be the end of the world, at least not in all kdramas.  And I like it.

Just to make sure I hammer in the point, I LOVE those other 3 Joseon darlings, writer is back on to get a lol out of me EVERY scene of them with sth fresh.  I'm darn sure Chi-san senses princey has more than friendly feelings towards ParkHa, he is our token gay bff who owns a brothel, he knows when tails r wagging and he must've told brainy Manbo even if Manbo the pure brains is oblivious to it like a Joseon Sheldon.  So I expect them to cockblock ParkHa's cute blinddate, Brawny Yongsool may know nth of the sparkly things going on btn princey and ParkHa BUT he is actively crushing on the lady. What knock me out is to go as hilariously far as to ChiSan sending a love declaration to their boss TaekSoo?! muahahahaha brilliant! Too bad I dont like how Lee MoonShik is attacking his role, he's trying to hard to bring in too much gravitas…when RP doesn't need any of it.  I find him not funny when his character could possibly be as funny as the Joseon teletubbies, I wanna yank off his tight bowtie and force him to loosen up.  I digress, I don't care for anyone except OTP and the J4.  I'm impatient and I need more of them, where is that lil crush fr ladyMimimangaka towards brainy!?! Gimme more shoujo-ness and oh, have Becky falling for brawny or Chi-san, or Chi-san mancrushing on Mando or YongSool, I dun care, just gimme much more Joseon teletubbies funny plots.

As much as I hate the evils being stupid and hence extremely boring to watch, I appreciate Taemu is as stupid a douche as the rest of them and have no scheming game in him.   We don't have to suffer through him hooking up with ParkHa for whatever reason and have all the legs present in the love square.   The yummy jealous princey is sparked by the superlikable Blue ajusshi instead, who is sooo darn cute I'm begging ParkHa to have some alone time with him, give him hugs and kisses, lots of them, every time Princey is around, just to develop a platonic friendship with that teddybearman.  So please writer-sshi, I know u r having ideas of Taemu going after ParkHa for her prospects IF he finds out she's President Jang's lost daughter, I can live with him being the one trick evilpony, but I will come hit you if Parkha didn't kick him in his groins as a big fat no, m'kay?!

And this is the beginning of the scene bringing me back to loving RP.  It even cheekily has rainbows and doggie!  It is of course that endgame at end of ep10. It's climatic, it's cute, it's hilarious, It's silly, it's our RP OTP being in our face OTP! I'm still giggling and oooing and gagaing.  I am surprised they really go all out with the senttttttttttt!  OMGOMGOMG!! but then that's so ParkHa, even that burying (muahhhhhhhahahahahahaha)!! I was like, geez, really?! but I admit I can't think of another option befitting our ParkHa.  ParkHa, you are a tough tiny mint cookie. trust me, you'll pull through, sweetie. I swear u r not the only one sending embarassing text to 6002 (wait till I get his #).  Come next ep, if u feel physically queasy sick from the embarrassment, no worries, there's always mouth to mouth resuscitation, Princey is a quick learner in that dept *surprise surprise*, so u fake fainty/can't breathe, his lips will be there pronto.

*yeahyeahyeah, I know, it probably wont happen.  Princey will say sth stupid we wanna kick him into the lake on whatever princess, blablabla Sena.  grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr and IF that really is the case, my backup plan is to be happy staring at these *

 pics/ gifs fr weibo and baidu mickybar

Fieldday for 6002/HJM shipper at a JYJ fanmeet, they did some lie detector tests, 6002 was asked if he has met his ideal woman in his drama.  JJ knowingly nudged YC's shoulder,' I think he has' YC answered 'Yes.' And the lie detector can't sense any wavering, ie he's speaking the truth.  I can be any of his previous costars, but he and HJM is the cutest on and off screen.   But I'm no shipper myself.

10 thoughts on “Back to loving RooftopPrince like a baby Samoyed

  1. Your write-ups are so funny and entertaining, I might not even bother watching the show, hihi. Awwww, it’s disappointing they’ve gone the cartoony evil villains route.

    How come the prince notices that SeNA looks like his dead wife, but not that ParkHa looks like his sister-in-law?

    1. haha where r u at?! ParkHa’s Joseon facetwin has an ugly scar and she’s always wearing a kerchief covering the lower half of face in public… plus she’s only the maid of his princess, he only have eyes for wifey and must’ve never looked her way until that poetry exchange. (BUT *spoiler* he did find out ParkHa being facetwin to FuYong (Joseon HJM) in ep7

      The villains r all insufferable, there’s nth redeemable about them at all. Only thing good about all of them loitering around is it made for faster watch and the good parts r still cute.

    1. I have been ff-ing anything not OTP+ducklings all along, but still it’s a superannoyance. I almost dropped it after ep7 as well, I had it dl’d for almost a day before I just wanna skim through b4 deleting it. ep7, everything is not clicking, YC, HJM were struggling and at their worst, trying too hard but writing’s not there. If the u find the cute and funny in the previous eps your thing, skim through 8. 9 is better, 10 we’re back in business. It’s all proportionate to how much we have the ducklings and OTP, the more the better for me. SO if they r not absolutely doing it for you all along, don’t waste ur time.

    2. Yes, sis. FF is the keyword^^ Anything other than the cutest F4 power rangers, you can just skip & it does no harm fr viewing.

  2. Haha, i have so much fun reading your post than watching the drama. You are so funny dear, keke. Thanks for a good laugh.

    Have a Nice week ahead mookie.

    1. *hugz* you too DearKim! ^^ Have a great wk!!! Is summer hitting ur woods early? We’re going fr dead heat of summer and back to rainy stormy winter in a wk, rinse repeat.

      Gosh I saw those super talented peeps sending vids and poems to get the free tic to GM. I don’t mind buying the tic of course, but that invite! *SALIVATES*

      1. Oh really? some of the shows are quite funny and amazes me what ppl can do.

        oh summer! it seems far away from me mookie, it was snowing, raining last week here and cold. It’s almost May, still the temp is like 0-2C..arrggg ! Hopefully spring might be back to us next week. Miss it !

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