The Vivian Chow Connection

I don't like Vivian Chow, but growing up with a generation of boys 10+/- yrs my age made up of 99% her fanboys, my bro included, I know her power over them.  Is there any Chinese boys in their 20s, 30s, 40s immune to that pretty doll?!?!??!  During my HS years of shameless flirting, one constant with the boys I ended up really dating: Vivian Chow's fanboys.  I am married to one now, ie I'm living in the vicinity of the entire terrible CD/VCD collection I wanna burn.  And now my Loverboy YH has outed himself he's a crazy fanboy of Miss Chow,  she's his very first love/idol of the opposite sex, simply because she's the prettiest thing he's ever set eye on his formative years, to the extent he's written a VChow appreciation prose on her in a magazine.  He's a brilliant writer, tbh I'm his forever fan mostly because of his bloggie and weibo. But to have his first 'published' work be about Vivian Chow of all interesting lovely things in your head Loverboy?!  After I read it, I know I shouldn't have judged.  It's a lovely deardiary entry of a precious memory of a boy falling in love for the first time, and that sweetness of naivete is still living with him.

This is his look for the TWidoldrama….<_< why is he looking like a highschooler when he's hitting 3-0 this year?!?!?!?!?!

The original scan is here, thanks to @眉亚 fr weibo.   It's titled: Vivian Chow is the Best.  I skimmed it, it's beautifully written, but I can't make myself translating sth with sooo much LURVE for a lady I don't care about one bit. (yeah, call it Jealousy.  Because it is.)

The thing that had me squeeing like a pig is YH visited HKG for the very first time in 2003!!!  I went back to HK for quite an extended couple of months that year!!!!!! Maybe I've already bumped into him and droolzed at his pretty person.  Or better yet, did I harass some cutie like him on those sardine cans like subways?!?!  I must've, can't help it.  So Loverboy's very first trip to HK is enlightened with the notion this is his idol's hometown.  Next time I go back, I will totally chuckle like a crazy woman for no reason random waiting for the light in the crowded streets just coz I have the cute  vision of the young pretty boy paying pilgrimage to his goddess' city.  Yeah I almost faint with all these crossing of my fandoms when his very first work of Vivian he's watched is Greed of Man with mySeanLau.

I do love him more reading what's in his head.  A given.

I love how he puts this whole business of VChow fandom of his:
从头到尾,我喜欢她,就是这么一个庸俗的理由。  – Since the very beginning (of my formative years), I've liked her, that's the only lowly reason, is all.

虽然都在演艺圈,但我从没想过要和她合作。对于她,就应该远远看着,让她漂在梦中。如果真有人找上来,我也不会抗拒。但在此之前,就让她继续作为“梦中情人”存在吧。  -Although we're both in showbiz, I've never thought of working with her.  I can only admire her from afar, let her exist afloat in dreams. If someone askes us to collaborate, I won't refuse.  IF that ever happens, before it does, let her continue being the 'lover in my dream'!

This is my approach to all my 'idols' as well.  I do admire them and they bring me something beautiful to brighten up my day, but that's about it.  I savor that distance.  It's not often I research into an actor/artist I love, esp them in their own skins in the natural habitat, their art or what I admire of them is enough. It's only that in this day and age with all these channels, we get to know too often too much about them. 

  每个人都需要这样一个人物、一个异性,能够符合你心中的美好想象。今天再回头看她,当年我所感知的全部是娱乐产业打造的一个完美的产品。她的歌、电影、图片,全都是最美好的,我甚至不知道她有什么才华、她是什么性格、她是怎样的人。但那种美好,让我感念至今。  – Everyone needs a person as such, of the 'opposite' sex, someone who can fulfill everything you desire in your ideal.  When I take a good look at her again today, I'm aware everything I know of her is of a perfect product promoted seamlessly by this business' machinations.  Her songs, her movies, her pictorials are all epitome of beauty. I don't even know what are her talents (if she has any), her personality, her character, but the perfection she signified, is lingering in my memory till now…and forever.

On the HongShi front:
YH is busily spliting time btn 2 sets: one in shenzhen for his drama with SiWon, being seen filming many scenes with the heroine Wang LD; the other is on the touristy island of HoiNan (fr the PD of Waking Love Up….this looks like an exact replica…argh…)

Doesnt look too happy with his ladyfriend in drama, huh?  *it's just me being silly* *buuttt if it's SS taking the sel-ca that so won't be his face, agree?*

SS' first real movie is hitting the theaters, there's a line she's saying in the movie that we can interpret as she's asking ex of her bf Rocky if she's ever loved him.

Oh btw, YH's webmovie will be out 4/27.  In it, he is racer Rocky, fyi.

If you go karaoking and pick the song The Season of waiting (whatever its name), the song SS sang for BBJX.   They r using this clip as the vid, THIS.  Obviously HS shippers r scarily EVERYWHERE:

As for SS' freshest biggest casting rumor?  She's going to be in a movie pairing up with ….JetLi!  0_o
The BB gang is still being cute, Damian/PapaKangXi is having a new drama on HunanTV and they gang up asking Papa to come back to the bb palace for dinner:

皇阿玛 @劉松仁Damian 您怎么跑到 #笑红颜# 来了啊,十三请您回宫吃饭~~//@刘诗诗:皇阿玛 @劉松仁Damian 您怎么跑到 #笑红颜# 来了啊~若曦请您回宫吃饭~//@鄭嘉穎KC:皇阿玛 @劉松仁Damian 您怎么跑到 #笑红颜# 来了啊,老八请您回宫吃饭//@william_彭:皇阿玛@劉松仁Damian 您怎么跑到#笑红颜#

It's still HongShi related because, he retweeted SS' tweet, not KC's, not Nicky's, not his scummy bff William, but SS.  We never expect anything less shameless from you 13!

21 thoughts on “The Vivian Chow Connection

  1. Oh me too. But what do we know?! :/

    I do get VChow is the embodiment of everything ‘gentile’/desirable, esp in RL where she’s a good painter and good pianist and will go to the nines for her guy, there’s that je ne sais quoi about her that evoke that manly protectiveness in most guys. And Joey is opposite of that.

    BUT she’s sucha godawful singer. I used my earplugs constantly when my bro is blasting his VChow cds. Loverboy will have that tender first crush with him when her name is mentioned, I have The earworm trauma.

    1. Re: HongSHi

      Aren’t they still precious?!?! I’ll have a hard time mentally seeing Eddie/HG necking SS in DMY tbh.

      I can’t believe there’s still HS stuff, the weibo-ers r awesome to dig all the goodies. And shameless Loverboy is Shameless! ^^

  2. YH fan

    Hi Mookie, I’ve been following your LJ since a year ago, when I fell hard for YH. He‘s the reason I started watching wuxia/asian series again since TVB 80’s series. I checked your LJ almost every day and soo happy if you posted something about him :). Pls keep posting and thank you ..!

    1. Re: YH fan

      Hi there! XD HUGZ!! Oh, this will be crazyYHcorner now that his webmovie will be out in HOURSSSSSS!!!!!!!!

      So lemme be silly and guess…is it LoCH08 doing you in? What YH dramas have u watched/liked?

      1. Re: YH fan

        Yupz! I browsed LOCH 82 on youtube, stumbled upon LOCH 08 MV and saw him, made me watch LOCH 08, then YWYC (like him best here) and .. I’m officially his fan:). Btw .. can’t wait for his new webmovie!!

          1. Re: YH fan

            I’ve seen it, and I’ve ranted. So I’ll save the world another rant.

            He’s awful in it, almost the only thing that’s seriously not good :~< I never thought he's possible to be insipid, but he proved me wrong.

            Ok, be better next time Loverboy, coz this is not gonna cut it.

              1. Re: YH fan

                Not to me. If I’m fishing maybe sorta in looks?! To be v shallow, he’s a bit bloated facewise but skinnier everywhere else so he looks like a funny bobble head when pissed and he needs some muscles if he’s gonna rock a white tee. He has negligible lines in LUX and thus fine. Here he is horrible as in overwrought in line reading, approaching it with the flair of prose recital. Maybe he just needs a lot of loosening up.

                Maybe it’s the jitters. I do hope acting in some silly stupid TWdrama fluff at least have the benefit of maybe doing the trick.

                1. Re: YH fan

                  Yeah, an actor like Eddie is definitely much more consummate in these modern stuff. But I thought YH looked pretty hot in the racing helmet and outfit, heheh! Actually why does he insist on doing modern dramas now? He totally rocks period dramas looks-wise, acting-wise, charisma-wise, even in crap. But in modern, he’s struggling to find a niche.

                  1. Re: YH fan

                    I’m so sooo insanely shallow and nitpicking in looks. I hate myself for it. It’s just that he’s too head-heavy now with that questionable perm hairdo. He is VERY fine in Princess TP tbh, even though he looks like a very furry brown angry bird most of the time.

                    It’s shocking though he’s not Amazing in moderns! IT must be he’s out of his comfort zone and he is nervous and don’t have enough prep time for the short shoot. Isn’t that supposed to be a walk in the park and periods r the hard stuff only the elite can master?!?! If he wanna be serious and stay in the business, he do need to not limit himself in one genre though, so even though I think he’s disappointing in the webmovie, it’s a start and I trust he’ll improve. He’s almost like the opposite of Eddie, the only thing I’m still curious to check out in DMY is if he can rock HXB. I don’t think it’s too hard a role to shine in. We’ll see.

                    1. Re: YH fan

                      I’m a HUGE Eddie fan, but I admit – I’m not exactly wild about him taking on the HQB role. In period dramas, Eddie doesn’t cut the general/prince look and charisma that YH, HG, HXM and even Peter Ho can swing. I’m afraid Eddie will come across as a cutesy HQB and have cutesy chem with LSS (similar to what she had with Wallace in Strange Hero). “Cutesy” is NOT what I had in mind for the HQB role or as OTP with LSS in DMY’s sizzling make-out scenes…but still, because it’s Eddie, I’ll try to appreciate whatever it will be.

                    2. Re: YH fan

                      It’s his babyface. Actually I think out of the names u mentioned he has the verve of a the very young lad, with the armor and everything look-wise I think it’ll be fine, the others, though maybe looking more befitting the part of a general, doesn’t look early 20s no more, maybe YH, but he’s pushing it.

                      So it’s more the prob I think SS’ appearance has always been more demure/gentile and hence a bit mature for her age, esp now she’s looking more womanly by the day. IF she still looks like her NianChi, it’ll be better for her YuEr. HG is very manly and looks exactly his age now, ok for a 9er, but I actually think he’s too gaunt for the young and lively HQB.

          2. Re: YH fan

            Thx for the video! I read all of you and Mookie comments about the webmovie cause I don’t understand Chinesse a bit :). Tbh I always thought YH is incredibly attractive in period than in modern. That’s why I was kind of surprised he looks quite good in his racing costume hahaha .. jk. He is handsome in casual/modern too but yes, I think he needs more muscles :). I wonder if in his period dramas the custome helped him cause they can put layers on it to make his body more buff-looking.
            Watching this video, acting wise maybe I still not used to see him in modern and can not let go the thought of how good he is in period. But I believe in him as a professional actor. He managed to act well in BBJX in spite of the prolong casting drama prior filming, and the fact that he was only third lead, not first as K promised. If I were him maybe I just wanna vomit everyday but he was still cool, delivered a good performance and was easy/fun in team work. It proved his professionalisms. In modern setting, remember how his ad mania director praised him? So hopefully he can make it in modern drama too and able to impress us.

            1. Re: YH fan

              of course, he still looks good, but he actually looks better in RL, those pics he usu post of himself sel-ca, fr his phone camera r all better than how he looks in the webmovie.

              I’m just being annoyingly picky, it’s mostly his line reading of enunciating every word to death that is too much for a modern. Plus a racer can’t have a flappy bode, it’s part of the job haha

              that’s why the redbeanies r taking every chance to tell him to tone up and instead of labor through his insane diet (he’s rail thin to be honest) he should tight things up and build some muscle instead. Not just as a racedriver, it’s hard to play a dreamboat that dun take care of his body on top of having a handsome face and be those rich bastards that’s everywhere in the idoldramas he so want to do.

              1. Re: YH fan

                Actually racecar drivers are suppose to be small-sized. It’s not the lack of beef, but his height that would be a hindrance in driving a racecar. E.g. ever wonder why you never see Jimmy shirtless? Heheh!

                Let’s hope he gets a role as a boxer like Eddie in Close To You. Eddie had to MAJORLY BEEF UP for Close To You…and he never looked back since bcos he became so BEAUTIFUL beefed up! hahahah!

                1. Re: YH fan

                  Average F1 is 5’9 yes he’s slightly too tall but I mean a lot of his inches r in his head, muahaha.

                  I dont care about Jimmy haha and he’s hitting 4-0 shouldnt be in the biz of playing idoldrama leads but he’s toned, same with Roy Qiu.

                  nonono I’m not talking about beef, I dun like too muscular guys tbh, so what Eddie has in Close to you and Aishin is a bit too much for my taste…but racer needs extreme stamina…ie loads of lean toned muscles, he has none, that’s why I said he’s flappy. He desperately needs to go to the gym and stop dieting.

  3. RedWhite

    Yo, all RedWhite shippers! (HongShi who? Heheheh!). Check out their latest interaction on weibo.

    BREAKING NEWS: GEHONG ARE ELOPING. LOL (ok not really), but i think their bunch of friends started replying to this (apartment?)rental post.. here are their replies (HG replied right after YH’s)

    YH@袁弘:去丽江就找你了 (i’m going to lijiang to find you)

    HG@胡歌:我们一起去 不带二HUO和小HUO (lets go together. and not bring Er HUO and Little HUO)

    well i was suspecting this but fan replies have pretty much “confirmed that” the 2 huos that HG are talking about are none other than Wallace and our new Huo Qu Bing. AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW I LOVE THE BROMANCE GOING AROUND.

    1. Re: RedWhite

      RedWhite r the ultimate OTP of all RL OTP and tbh, I blush into BRIGHT RED reading those 2 most romantic poet at work @ weibo.

      I love how BossHu is literally, not too subtly cooing back to his XiaoHong when he is pondering the question of growing old, what will he want most? all HispoetHuGe style. And that’s the most swoony romantic thing any human being can say to his OTP.


      Hong: There will be a day…when it’s our turn to face the harsh reality of aging. I don’t know what…my wish will be, then.
      Bai/HG: We’ll go to LiJiang (the most romantic spiritual lover’s escape in all of CN) together, will not bring so and so.

      How is this different than a hubby cooing his wife all those girls/boys flailing on his lap doesnt matter, he only wanna grow old with the one who matters, you wifey.

      Seriously Loverboy’s bffgf San has just got an US visa, there r states where same sex marriage is legal. COME~!!!!! I’ll hold your red umbrella Xiao Hong!

  4. Oh dear Mookie, bad news. If the latest Lonely Court In Spring Baidu update is to be believed, it looks like the previous company has passed it over to Yu Zheng to produce it!! And Liu Yu Xin is Madam Nalan, YSS is to be Consort De. Even Mickey has a role in it. The lead trio (Hawick-Ya Ya-YH) remain as they are.

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