Lil thoughts on Rooftop Prince 11, HUGE squeeing over 4 future RP12 seconds.

RL stuff happening, took me several breaks before I can finally finish the angst-filled ep.  The ep has no laughs, no spilling and spitting of beverages my end, a lot of ParkHa tears.  Not very welcomed sights.  Enjoyable?!  Nope.   I do miss the zany, the cute, the lolz, but it's not that we don't see it's not going to be smooth sailing lovey dovey as cute as end of 10 was.  BUT at least the princey is extremely aware of ParkHa's feelings, every second of the ep and didn't go the super dumb route of harping any SeNashiz. At least it's telling me he has no space of SeNa in his heart actually,  with how he's only mildly enthused with all the SeNa advances (URGH!), and as his delivery of lemons to ParkHa is ultimately all out of care and concern for her own good.  It is an lazy ep in some ways, but at least it's not headdesky nonsensical.  This has never been a perfecto drama fr ep1, we know the deal by now, and zooming in things I care (strictly OTP and the ducklings) there r some very romantic heartachy scenes I'm lapping up.  I liked the ep better than I expected even knowing I'll get nth that's the bread and butter of show.  Of course that's mainly due to I quickly follow 11 with ep12's preview.


fr 暖日呀呀 @ weibo:
TaekSoo: Taemu may use the chance to oust me!
Princey: I'll handle it well this time.  
TaekSoo: There can't be a next time! 
SeNa Mom: This is the photo of our daughters, this itsy bitsy thing is ParkHa. 
TaeMu: ParkHa is your babysister?  Why did you lie?
Princey: ParkHa-ya~~~
Employee: …handed in the resignation, she quits….
Princey:  Why do you push me thus far!
What ARE you doing to me?  *kisskisskisskisskiss*

Or just the 4 s that warrant the piggy squeeing in my house!?

I love how it's natural progression of a relationship to come across roadblocks, insurmountable atm in OTP's pov, but it is organic to have all the heightened jitters,  during the falling, we are giving up our precious heart, which we have only a fragile one, to the ownership of someone else, it's a complete surrendering, how practicality kicks in and our calculations of the odds r not in any favor of the leap…thus we have the heartbruisings.  All these feels evoked solidify to us and more importantly to the OTP themselves there's no other explanation but they care about the other very very much, and normal peeps label these intangibles LOVE.  ParkHa is very forthright with her feelings and she confronted our bogged down by confusion blockhead princey.  Everything is out in the open, we don't need all the annoying draggy guessing games and tummy somersaults along with our characters we're now caring very much.  We just need some solutions, and it looks like it's coming to us fast and hot. 

I just love grabbity kiss. I should get some help (if I care snapping out that is)

On some 6002 praising (and nudging):  imo he doesnt do haughty well. When he's in the 'I have to show my Joseon Royal Highness PainInTheArse Princey mode', it always goes overboard.  When he's trying to gnarl and glare and puff and huff, it snaps me out of it as in him trying too hard but lacks a fluidity.  Afterall the funny involving our princey has always been more his fish out of water -ness, it's the situation he's put into that's super funny and cute where he's just there being gobsmacked.  OTOH when he's in quieter, more subtle moment, 6002 can be scarily terrific.  The bar confrontation with Taemu sends some good chilly tickling down my spine.  There's some great line delivery there 6002! *patpatpat*  How I wished Taemu was a worthy villian, all his empty scares r…empty and laughable logic fail compare to what the prince can do in a cutting 'yes or no?'

But I think he's most awesome in those little shattering of his heart when he's saying those very hard painful words to ParkHa.  Clearly it hurts him as much.

I love this ep-long angst.  But it's enough of a good contrast.  We need 6002 be flashing his cutest gorgeous smirks and back in the game to charm me silly(ier)

Congrats (sleeping nikkid) gorgeous!

Help~! Can't stop!

[all credits to original posters; fr weibo]

3 thoughts on “Lil thoughts on Rooftop Prince 11, HUGE squeeing over 4 future RP12 seconds.

    1. HUGZ Kim!! Have a great wkend sweetie!

      ARGH…I haven’t watched 12. I’ll remedy it soon with very extreme measures as to leaving my car at work and take public transport so as not waste hours in traffic.

      Don’t judge me ^^

  1. Maybe you were having a premonition about Binnie being on vacation, hehe 🙂

    It’s weird sometimes how in control we feel in dreams. I’ve had dreams where I’m plotting and scheming and doing these elaborate things to stop something from happening or to get something to happen, for example, and then remembering the dream afterwards and thinking, you know, those are definitely, positively NOT the things I would do in real life, if I was really in that situation. But it didn’t feel out of my control or like I was being pushed to do those things WHILE I was dreaming, it felt entirely logical and rational.

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