brain melting alert

Wanna spruce up your commute listening to BBC 2003 audiobk Dracula read by Fassy?


He is so physically arresting (handsome face unshaven, light eyes dancing) that he sucks all the air out of the room, mesmerizing even the preschoolers in strollers… – fr Vogue
It’s therapeutic to know I’m so not alone rambling in crazy fangirl babble.  The professionals do it too.  There’s even a curious (albeit fangirly) article on how writers’ brains melt.

I glanced a chapter of Chris Martin’s book ‘The Mountain Between Us’.  Not gonna lie I’m reading it because Fassy is playing the romantic leading man of its upcoming movie adapt, and picturing him mouthing those words in character makes it so much more enjoyable, I’m not sure if it’s my kind of read (a bit too Lifetime romance of the wk tbh).

This is how our hero is eying the heroine for the first time:
Her walk caught my attention. Long, slender legs; purposeful gait, yet graceful and rhythmic. Comfortable, and confident, in her own skin. She was maybe five foot nine or ten, dark-haired, and attractive, but not too concerned about it. Maybe thirty. Her hair was short. Think Winona Ryder inGirl, Interrupted. Or Julia Ormond in Harrison Ford’s remake of Sabrina. Not a lot of fuss, yet you could find the same style up and down Manhattan with girls who’d paid a lot of money to look like that. My bet was that she had paid very little. Or she could have paid a lot to make it look like she paid a little. ‘  hmmm, has Julia Ormond been ever relevant on any hotlist?!?  Winona Ryder, maybe, circa 1990?!  But he lost me in the weirdness of seeing Manhattanites dying to pay loads of dough looking effortlessly like them, sowry.  Not to say I mind myself looking like them, just nth much to write home about.

This looks like a stroll in the park (mountains) compare to his last godzillion projects.  Gist: OTP is stranded in the mountains after a crash and only have each other fighting for survival..meanwhile, they find the time to fall in love, of course.  He’s playing Ben Payne, a married pediatric orthopedics surgeon…..who is also a passionate mountaineer.  1, 2, 3: SWOOOOQUUUUUEEEEEEENNNN


3 thoughts on “brain melting alert

  1. Plus who the heck thinks of Winona Ryder when talking about Girl, Interrupted anyway? That’s Angelina Jolie’s movie all the way. The story sounds Nicholas Sparks-like, not to mention the totally unsubtle title, but I’m the person who’s seen The Notebook quite a few times, so I’m sure I will see this too, for the squeeeeee factor, hehe. Any word yet on the leading lady?

    1. Lolz I’m sure there must be an odd person on team thinking maybe, just maybe, Winona? I’ll be shocked! if that same odd person (or another stranger one) suggested Julia and not get fired. Still, I’m a solid believer Fassy can have smexy chemistry with a piece of rock. What is piquing my interest is what voodoo did Gerardo Naranjo do in his stuff to attract Fassy?! He will never ever be a Harrison Ford on the decline trying to dig himself a place in romantic lead-dom. Director seems to be the only hook. The scriptwriter is soooo questionable.

      I want brunette Charlize, even though the book is a crap of stale cheese where I couldnt go any further. Sparks is way better at his craft. It got me sooo peeved when a doc is recording his patient’s records with all those privacy info out loud at the airport AND for the heroine to not even fake not hearing any of those birthdates, full names, so on and chat up. Tediously. Love Charlize to pieces in Young Adult, her best perf to date, I can only see her casting fairy dusts with Fassy to make this somehow work.

      And do we have to keep THAT Sabrina in any cultural reference whatsoever?!? Other than Greg Kinnear, every one is praying one day we can totally forget that darn thing ever insisted, including those who’ve unfortunately watched it. But I’m pissed the Bogart/Hepburn classic is forever tainted somewhat because it’s hard to scrub that horrible excuse of a remake.

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