Rooftop Prince 12


There can not be enough OMG!! Where did that madskill come from Chunnie?!?! for every little thing he did that end scene kiss alone.

But I’ll forever cherish this ep as the first romantic ‘date’ of OTP. * drowning in happy tears~*  I love it’s not overtly thought out by the characters, we get little nuggets of sweet surprises every step of the way just like our darlings are experiencing along.  I keep comparing it to the SamSoon/SamShik fanservice ep14 date.  I was not too amused tbh with Samsoon armed with ample planning and checklist of embarrassing PDAs. Watching Samshik suffering through it even if willing and deserving the abuse,  I cringed. And I’m a rabid Soon-Shik shipper.  Our RP achy hearts poor things are in no position to lay plans, but as the delightful night progresses it’s clear they naturally enjoy each other’s company, very aware of the other’s every twitch even if we r owed one fessing up of love declaration at that pt.  I love they so easily ease back to their own rhythm of cute bickering, lovers tiny quarrels and unconscious earnest loveydoveys.  After all the angst they stay true to themselves.  I’m surprised it’s so packed full of OTP numminess. I can’t think of a more successful impromptu star-crossed first date.

One should never underestimate our Princey in the cooing ParkHa department, for what he is lacking in our 2012 commoner’s sensibilities, plus never the brainiac, his has Game, specifically when it concerns anything ParkHa (chant: OTP! OTP! OTP!).  I need a play by play of Princey slamdunking in the romance dept:

Night is started off with a warm fuzzy family dinner with the ducklings.  Ducklings = insanely ADORBS, debilitatingly charming with their funnies, perfect icebreakers. Princey sacrifices his own chicken leg, gives it to Chisan, token of a hyung’s TLC.  Hyung, not HisRoyalHaughtiness.  What leaps and bounds have our Princey matured?!  Now u’ve forgotten to mope, have you ParkHa? 😉

Obvious with the lingering smitten stares at ParkHa whenever she is adorable, chuckling, eating, slurping, breathing…etcetcetc.  PYC, you wicked talented beast, your eyes r telling me you’ll break out singing some BrunoMars, When you smile smile smile~~. the whole world stops and stares for a while~~~ or in Chunglish, *1, 2, 3* ParkHa-yaa~~ all the dreams and hopes made of your eyes~~~’

Dumps the quacking ducklings and inserts himself within an inch of ParkHa,  (opposite of bros over….). *gahhh ParkHa has always been mamaduck of the Rooftop fam, but Princey is all of a sudden papaduck to her mamaduck watching their 3 precious babies have some fun flapping their wings off like proud loving parents (who want some alone smexy time!)*

Shields ParkHa from any possible bodily or mental harm, esp from those mother hens.  I love wristgrabs out of soooo much concern. I call it lurve.  And DetailDetailDetail:  it’s not the uncomfy, usu hurting wristgrab, but a less painful, more possessive ARMgrab. It kills me his large hand can cover half her arm in one scoop.

Goner #1, and Goner #2:

Gets smarter by the second with a romantic stroll up a slope this beautiful night, overlooking the lights and city.  Princey mans up to his past booboos, excuses himself for all the inconveniences he must’ve caused his ParkHa, apologizes earnestly while still maintaining his ParkHaSmartassery.  Honest, open talk between the couple, meaning every kind considerate word spoken this opportune moment.  Do anything, like a cute white lie about Grandma still dangerously roaming, to make time…all in all a fine start of Operation Time w/ ParkHa (acronym O.T.P.).  One of the few charms of our Princey, and ParkHa totally sees it, is he never sets out to be conniving and intentionally lies to his ParkHa, he’s always been forefront with letting her know all the truths and his intentions, and he needs all their issues aired out and discussed right away.  He’s not good with any stewing.  Even when he’s saying that stabbity to ParkHa and our hearts: ‘Don’t like me!’  Who’s to say it’s not absolutely understandable an honest, albeit harsh reality?

Synchronized CP walkin while mindmeshing, flashbacking all their swoony moments.   An eye-romancing glance says more than words.

Appetites worked up, time for another round of food and drinks, ie more sweet bickering couple time.  ParkHa makes him a sojuCoke tailored for his sweettooth, sugarhighbooze FTW!  Prince is back to his usual hot, bothered and snotty as normal, and spilling out past noble panda deed.  He throws in a chunface <333!  It’s always wise to plant visual aids on ParkHa exactly what she’s already fallen for.

That is Princey imitation of ParkHa’s puffing snorty face.  This is ParkHa’s reaction pretty much.  Hopelessly fallen, our sista.

Like clockwork he manages to weave in a compliment on how pretty ParkHa is to his eyes during her makeover *coughallthetimecough*, fishing for one fr her and she teases he looks half a fingertip handsome after the haircut (ie, you’ve always look finnnee +/- a fingertip, red ahjusshi!). Never passing up a chance to shower himself some praises, he nudges in a confident claim on his own undeniable good looks, no truer words.

To hammer in the point: he slips into the role being pretty *please devour me!* as a sleeping beauty at the jjimjilbang.  Tsktsktsktsktsk ParkHa-ya isn’t it too shameless when the lambtoweled ajummas r few feet away in the broad fluorescent lights of the spa!?!  Bonus: he gets them both horizontal.
They spent the night TOGETHER,  lying down TILL WEE HOURS OF THE MORNING!!!!! *yeah that ht difference is doing all sorts of funny things to all of us*

Bonus x2: He wakes up after spending hours with ParkHa dreaming of BuYoung/ParkHa.  There is no bigger hardcore faithful than you on Fate/premonition.  His Royal Tardiness is emphasizing said fact to himself in inner HRH voice.
Bonus x3: Walk of shame?!  No way.  They r reinacting their own Rooftop Drama Special: Like! Drizzle! A Walk of synchronized limbs to Remember.  And he didn’t make his woman cry in the Drizzle! as metaphor for flooding rainstorms/winter sludge/spring allergies/ahjusshi’s sweaty armpits in summer heat/cancer in her heart.  Don’t wail in jealousy GeunHimeYonsama!  *it’s a known fact PYC is good with the ladies, and it’s in little things like how to hold an umbrella making sure she’s entirely sheltered while his own perfect shoulder clad in leather jacket is jolted out in the element, and being ever so perceptive of her pace, matching his own accordingly… all the telltale signs of a dreamy keeper*

All good things has to selfcombust when SeNa is standing right at the gateway to our hell as Fluffy the 3headed dog in a miniskirt at the frontdoor of Rooftop complex.  Princey is hurried off on some fiance/operation back to Joseon duty, his top priority, momentarily forgotten during last night’s O. T. P. .  He never lets a moment be not known SeNa <<<<<< ParkHa.  Out of sight, not out of mind; in plain view, ermm, what’s your face?!  Clearly SeNa and ParkHa know.  Aigoo! S, your (never yours to begin with!) dreamboat is sinking faster than Titanic.  Feels GOOOOOD though fr my vantage point!

Princey, Oops he did it again!  When S confronts him some more over coffee/ his drinkable whipped cream bonanza, spelling out ParkHa’s name as her scapegoat being in her way to Princey’s heart, he jumps immediate in ParkHa’s defense saying nonono!  ‘MyParkHa never grab things she doesnt already own (ie my heart). I’m no colorblind, can spot a black kettle+pot combo!’ I won’t ever get tired of it Princey. Lets hurrah with a Chorus!  He played with your heart~, got lost in the game~! yeahyeahyeah Oh babybaby~!
Lest we forget, all this is after he’s saved her life all prince with peony kerchief AND makes her some old style calming potion himself, I bet with his own bare hands, those dainty fingers which used to take a tiny cut seriously like life and death.  We r sure princey has never been near a working cooking fire, let alone kneel and labor over the coal concocting his love potion.  And he nurses her like the yummiest nurse ever, if only he has his own cute nurse uniform, maybe it’s under all the cute babyblue plaid..hmm…….*yo, filthy mind is filthy, k?*

And we’re not even near the part 6002 knocks my socks off.

There goes no 6002 post where I don’t marvel his always improving acting chops a little or a whole lot, but this is the ep he’s earned himself fair and square he’s worthy of the awards.  Baeksang?  I’ll call dibs just re-gift him all the awards he’s been owning last 2 years.

To quote a lovely Cassie @苦瓜蜡笔小西Love is not finding someone to live with. It’s finding someone you can’t live without.  You’re back to the same fancy castle with no ParkHa curled up like a sad lost kitten at the door.  And it’s no longer your inviting home sweet home (away fr home)

Firecrackers without your ParkHa is as fun as lighting a grenade, forget you r holding it right in your hands.
Park YooChun, did you just get more super awesome?!?!  -Yes. Did I just ask the dumbest rhetorical Q? -Yup. He is so fcking terrific pitch perfect when he’s angsting in lost and pain, missing, longing, can’t live without his ParkHa, for a day, an hour, a minute, every breath he’s taking..  I’ve rarely seen angsty fog of romance this thick in a romcom to my taste of delish. Let me put it in some rational perspective:  Binnie, my numero uno namja/hubby, MNIKSS’ Samshik, is in the acting biz for ~ 3 yrs circa 2005.  PYC is in his 3rd drama of his young drama leading man career. Binnie’s Samshik is from the same overused mould of yummy gorgeous bratPrince, experiencing some potent romantic angst and tears, befitting them cold/haughty princes brought down fr their high horses to human ground of feelings.  And*inhale* Binnie is pwned by a long shot in comparison what 6002 is capable of here. *mianneh MyBin-ah!*  I didn’t see it coming, where is this all this explosive pitchperfectness dormant in his frail toned boybander bode?!  Even though I think he has It, the natural talent, this is shockingly flawlessly amazing. That must be my highest, unbiased compliment ever.  He’s soooooo good in 12 I want Princey to keep tearing most gorgeously and be in loveydoveyheartpain for quite a while for my guilty pleasure.  Too preciously beautiful for words.  What a sicksicksicko fangirl I am.

I’m a horrible sucker for grabbity kiss. *sigh*  blame Samshik.  RP is equal opportunity endorser.

My melted gooey puddle in my chest, how dare you be so perfect, OTP?!  Is it human to synchronize a single tear on matching side of cheek?!?!?  You tear pretty, I tear pretty a la JackRose’ You jump, I jump? Chunnie, here the award for most beautiful single teardrop.  In those couple seconds, You grab your girl, dead setting ur gaze on her eyes/lips, you sizzlingly carve holes in her with your possessive stare, and you land a tender kiss on her lips WHILE dropping us that gorgeous heartbreaking tear. What ARE you?  Miss HJM, I hope u have been wheezing for all the air your lungs are depleted of since, if they  have not already collapsed.  I have no hope you’ll recover from the swooning.  Yeah, and just gloat and keep taking chummy smiley flowery bts pics with 6002 to rub it in.  *RAWRRRR*

6002, your most precious Cassies caught you mouthing your lips when it’s so not absolutely necessary in a fluffy Kdrama.  Rem how your hyung Rain did it that mother of all kiss in Full House?!  The cameras swirl, u place your lips precisely where hers are and FREEZE like 2 blocks of pretty wood so fangirls can make their caps, gifs, fanarts and keep their calm and carry on.     tsktsktsktsktsk.  OTOH, what are we supposed to do again? Oh, rem to breathe.  Ok. I’m trying. It’s hard.

All credits of pics and gifs to original posters, from weibo and baidu

8 thoughts on “Rooftop Prince 12

  1. hahaha…the kiss in FH is the most funniest kiss ever..i don’t call it a kiss, rather a lil touch blehhh. I hate that kiss and i’m such a diehard FH fan keke..

    I love this epi a lot, just got watched ep 11 and ep 12 with sub, pretty good. Love his confession, i wonder he needed to do a lot of NGs? whoaa, he talked really fast hehehe.. My guess is Sena will change the direction now, as she hate PH that much and she for sure knows the princey has his eyes for PH only.

    Thanks mookie for the write-up. yay!

    1. I love 11 and 12 soooo soooo much dear! I’ve dled HD raws of PYC cuts because there’s no way I can not rewatch, but I’m sick of ffing the useless bits.

      I wonder too if he needs a lot of NGs, he seems to NG quite a bit in SKKS, but in that stairway ‘kiss’ they manage to nail it in one or two takes?! haha I’m pretty sure if there’s TONNES of NGs, we’ll get to see it. They can sell that on its own and it’ll fly like hotcakes! ^^

    1. Just watch 12!! There r some plots happening in last couple eps but nth u can’t guess. Bits of 11 and almost the entire ep of 12 is the most awesome fluffy angst I’ve seen in a long long while!

    1. Re: Welcome to RTP’s World!!!

      O thank you! ^^ I’m too lazy to cap and make gifs of my own so I’m practically stealing all over the place. PYC has the most awesome fans!

    1. I feel horrible for the craycray binnie fangirl I am! But I can’t help it. I haven’t seen K2H but I’ve heard similar raves of LSG and saw some similar crying scenes. That piques my interest just to compare which one of these rising leading men did a better job because imo it’s hard to beat what PYC did.

      I’m totally seeing the SG hair resemblance as well, when he’s in that red tracksuit with the short do, I’m screaming that’s SGbinnie, identical! and yup never would I thought watching RP will make me miss HB so sooo bad, it’s ridiculous.

      O WANT!! It’ll be awesome if they play brothers…and immediately I jump to A Better Tomorrow: PYC plays the younger cop brother, binnie plays the dark mafia boss. I know they just did a remake of it, but it’s forgettable at best.

      World Within is a strange beast. It depends on how much you like the PD (he did FH) I can’t stand him at all and he’s totally spoiling WW for me! That said, the writing has its out of this world awesome moments. HBinnie has a few scenes that r amongst his best perf ever. It’s the best I’ve seen of SHK even though she maybe the weakest of the terrific ensemble cast. I would say check it out, because it’s a writer NHK’s baby and she’s national treasure of a writer if I have a say.

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