hello, the dude in my dream!

Am I biased out of my mind?  That or I've v strange taste in leisure clothes *I've worn either halves of my illfitting Princey red tracksuit out getting groceries, or gas, or 7/11 hotdogs* Because I honestly thought this is a fine casual outfit of a normal boy out buying his Mom a Mother's Day gift, slightly out of his comfy zone with all them bags all the same to him (nah, hon!)

But the original K poster (the only one, the rest of the huge crowd r all gasping for air still and flailing and blogging their minds off) thought this is kinda hobo sloppy looking that's y she gave him another look (I bet disdained) and realized the face is of mybinnieboy.  So she stalked him from a distance to not spook the babydeer in a deliberate disguise (or not, coz where's the shades?!?!).  It got me all excited reading all that talk of hobo-ness in the same breath of mybinnie coz I'm totally expecting a full face of beard like my odd dream the other day….hence proving somewhere in some universe we're both tripping tog and r really great chums.  We chat casually and I tease him and will bump into him without a care instead of all these neverending scheming of stalking plans in my head. All these time-looping dramas I'm enjoying too much is doing things to me.  He stayed in the shop forever, carefully examining everything.  If I were the manager I would totally give the salespersons on duty May 7th big raises for composing themselves when they so could grab his legs and ask for autographs like a koala to a pretty eucalyptus and no one will judge.  I bet binnie watches Rooftop Prince like the rest of us and this can so be a badder ass black duckling borrowing green ahjusshi's pants to bright it up *argh now I wanna get a grassgreen tracksuit*, YOU KNOW!?!?! *SWOON* I know, beyond delusional, but that thought perked me up in my interest in RP (haven't finished last wk's eps…).  A HELLA LOT.

But really, it's nowhere near Fug.  MyBin is not capable of ever being Fug.  See the very first pic?!  That can so be a too perfect to be human mannequin so spunky in pointing at that blue one. *See u now want that exact blue one, the one he's touched.  Subliminal, these sales tactics.*

I'm just happy he looks healthy and filling up his top and happy and cute with his weakening my knees backpacks and smiley and like a highschooler fresh off his baseball practice while running an errand for his folks.  I'll save up the squeeing for myself on him so as not to deafen y'all, him being the sweet boy carefully picking out a perfect gift for Mom. Z. O. M. GGGGGGG.

3 thoughts on “hello, the dude in my dream!

  1. Binnie looking mighty fine. But the green pants does remind me of RTP Green Ranger for a while there..

    Totally digging the cap+hoodie fashion combo!

  2. got surprised with this…
    hb is so cute…
    thanks for sharing this…
    i would agree with you on leisure clothes…

    sloppy? initially, i thought that wouldn’t people be more curious with his get up? although i’m glad that he’s having a relaxing time…

    i’m also glad that the poster was able to control him/herself; thus, not getting people’s attention on him…i’m sure hb appreciated that

    thank you again for sharing, mookiehyun

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