Rooftop 13, 14 and speculations

May 6th marks 立夏/Lixia/start of summer in the lunisolar calendar.  Roses r blooming, fridge filled with yummy 5 spice tea eggs in jar Grandma made me hoard…..and in kdramaland we have Chunnie. I watched 13 almost live, it's kinda meh so I left 14 untouched till just now.

And 14 is….<33!  It makes me smile.

This is responsible for a fraction of the global warming:

Ep13 is dealt a major disservice with the crappy editing. *sigh* Ridiculous live-shoot slavery is ridiculous, there r already way too many hairy accidents.6002's RL is so full of pathos I need to stop reading his news.  A JYJ tour, losing his dad in the mid flt home, crazy LiveShoot with ~2hr/nite sleep, and delivering scene after scene, script on the fly and tweeting all his at times silly, cute, funny, mostly poetic tweets like chicken soup for his fans' soul. And all these flashing of smiley faces.  I hoard HD YCcuts, 13 is 50 min off an hour long episode! Oy, Vey!

Back to some usual ranting:  It's a buggy waste, OTP could've been sooo cute in Jinan!!!!  Writer-sshi, u don't kill off ur own mojo, this is the second biggie after end of 10.  It's a letdown with all those childish bickering, they're so past it.  It's fine to be pissy after what's brewing in the misunderstanding dept, BUT their body language through out is like they have never touched each other's fingers, back to square1, ep1.  Princey, come on dude, you couldn't possibly know PH is faking the spraining right away, you r not that observant, and you have your royal arms crossed at your back ur fav way and no reaching for PH instantaneously by the power of love and human reflex?!?!?!??!  W T H!?!??!

Yes, u r cute and gorgeous and have your on cue cascades of pink cherry petals, shoujo manga prince personified, a pity the subsequent scenes have lines, and they r meh.  You 2 should get better control of ur own gobs, to quote your royal haughtiness.
You don't treat the lady you've forcefully smooched, said your love declarations, arranged a penthouse apt *coughlovedencough* AND been missing out of your mind like this:

Tsk, tsk, tsk and TSK *with synchronized finger wags fr me*.  You really is worst than a toddler who has crapped pampers, deserving every piece of puppypoop in shoes.

There's still some cute: everything puppy related, the token craycray noraebang(hubby sees this gif and is obsessed with the purpose of tissues in some dude's nostrils and ears… I told him it's ear plugs for a drunkard who's suffering with allergies to those princey petals and pollens?! possible)

and this:

There must be a few dozen precious chunfaces spun fr the caps of these few seconds.

14 is like watching an ep of Det. LiConanGak <3.  It's like princey got lucky and luckier in collecting those rare whateversaurus stickers, one after the other for those popular dino stickerbooks (age-showing alert!). I like the satisfaction even if it's too easy and smooth and predictable.  To state the obvious, pissed off screaming Prince is HAWT!! Double hawt the receiving end is S. kekeke.  I love crankypants princey's 'TSSKK!' hissy fits.  I love it more when it's followed by ParkHa mastering its imitation and is feeding him his own hiss rendering him defenseless, the PH way.

Sena is repeatedly reduced to a teary mess (how can her eyeliner stay in place?!  I am robbed many a samsoon moment!) with all her vapid lies promptly biting back her sorry lil tushy.  Muahaha, I can't get enough of it, we've earned our dues and it's Payback! Ka'ching!  The cherry and sprinkles on cake, it is an ep full of duckling goodness and my happiness is always proportional to their screen time. What's not to love?

Not to say OTP is not cute enough holding their own, maybe a tiny gripe in not giving us a slip and fall, wet and horizontal ParkHa-on-top laundry kiss. 

Ramblings and speculations:
Now that we've most of the pieces of puzzle, we can guess for sure answer to the Very Impt Riddle is ~memory (of love) and it's been weaving in and out of many threads.  The story is hammering in a worthy memory will never be forever lost.  ParkHa lost hers temporarily, but it's found, yet the false assumption of sisterly love with SeNa is snatched as the her memory resurfaced…. she's never been loved by her (blood) sister. Along the way she falls in love with LiGak and her Rooftop Fam.  PrinceLiGak gained fragments of TaeYong's memory at near death, not only r they facetwins, they have matchy demise and scummy perpetrator.  TY is catatonic and somehow he ESP his drowning to flash in LG's mind? None knew of TY's drowning except TM and he hasn't snuffed himself out, that memory doesn't belong to LG, he doesn't belong in 2012 Seoul and he's living TY's life in his place.  I think his main purpose is finding TY's perpetrator, J4's wishful thinking is of course solving HwaYong's 'murder'.  Could it be the catatonic TY was actually time-traveling in Joseon solving their disappearances and the Princess' death in their places and is just back? Maybe that's why he's slightly off geographically in Chicago instead of NYC? *kekeke troll in me is whispering writer may think Chicago is the only city with Top Hospitals full of soapoperas planted by those US medical dramas of yore.  Maybe the 'drowned' HY also time-tripped and she's the one saving TY? That'll be FUN!*

It's always a recurring theme in romantic fantasies, there's a rare love so deep able to imprint our souls through reincarnations.  Princess Hwayoung is 'living on' in Prince's memory, but is it really the same kind of fireworks he has with ParkHa?  The way they shook hands in 'lets hope we get along in the endeavor of marriage' btn Sena and LG is fine in Joseon etiquette perhaps when marriages were arranged (not saying he was against it, but there's not much of a concept of free will nor choice and they were BABIES!).  Their romance deepened via the pleasant companionship she provided through the years growing up together.  TY's untimely near-death robbed him of meeting PH, the same soulmates' rendezvous 300 yrs and reincarnations later, it must've burst the cosmic balance and warped out a time portal.  I think the dead lady in the pond was really HwaYong, it's not too absurd she had some evil schemes to take care of BuYong out of jealousy, planting some evidence of BY poisoning her persimmons, fighting in 'self defense'  blablabla but fell into her own shoddy grave she dug.  Even if she's not smart enough, it's only 'logical' she had a lover on the side w/ TaeMu's exact face in Joseon to unite in evil forces, no?  If the prince didn't time-travel, he might've ignorantly loved his 'perfect' HY for life in his beautified memory of her.  Who is to say he won't develop something more with BY after their poetry flirting in HY's face if not for HY's death?  It's almost certain if LG gets back to Joseon right now, he'll run to BY and make her love him ( I did type 'make love to her', oopsie).  It's very telling after their grabby kiss, the J4 faded in the rooftop fam photo, ie BY LG OTP! She was the original destined princess/ true love without the meddling of HwaYong as Princey makes his love connections with PK in present time.  Prince has positively linked TaeMu to LG's demise, he must play a key role in TY gaining back his memory via some mind-melding ESP?!…what if all the zippy loveydovey is not cleanly transferred and TY gains Princey's memory with ParkHa as well?  If I were ParkHa, even though TY is a substitute facetwin, if he is imbued with LiGak's affection, on top of his own crush on her with that postcard in the very first place, I would'nt hesitate lapping him up.  *I mean he has 6002's face!!!!!*  They maybe very different underneath the pretty wrappings but…what is love anyway?!  She didn't fell for LG by careful weighing in every positives, his airs and haughtiness shouldn't be alluring.  If TY retains all those synaptic brain chemistry involved in LG falling for PK,  PK-ya, take TY and run with it!   It will make amnesia all around (Urgh!) sorta easier to swallow because it's serving plots in the grander scheme.  

Not gonna lie, even with an emotionally delish ep12, and this nicely paced ep14, I won't be sticking with RP after 7 if not for my growing uncontrollable 6002 bias.  I know nth of time traveling 'rules and regulations', does that whole multiple mememes in parallel universes concept count?  I've been cutting Rooftop a lot of slacks on how clumsy its theory is laid out.  Princey builds his on matchy faces on matching peeps all related in the exact same fashion with corresponding identical personalities through 300 yrs of reincarnations.  Is all of this making a whole lot of sense to anyone but them 4 cute J4s and the gullible PH?!?

[all the pics and gifs are fr weibo, thanks to original posters]

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