Hyun Bin on vacay

And his fangirls r calling it the HB Festival.  

I think most of us are still in SHOCK and most pleasant surprise we have so many fanpics of him in these few days alone.  Yup, it's an occasion to pop our champagnes indeed.  And it's a big freaken deal making me very happy, so I'll post on, even if it's one blurry pic, spazzing like no tomorrow. 

It's soooo rare even before his MS to see HBinnie out and about like normal ppl, many of us rem the days btn projects, when it can easily go almost a year long with next to none Binnie sighting.    SO this ~10 day break, we see him roaming around in broad daylight, doing OUR activities like shopping , tbh, I have never seen any snaps of him EVER shopping in real shops on his own without bodyguards, not for some promo events.  Not after MNIKSS.  And he went to his 'alma mater' of sorts the acting training camp of his hyung/maestro leading him into this career path,  the one he's seen smoking/having a cuppa tog the other day.

Just to get it out there, antis (yes, HB has antis, hard to believe, I know) r snerking his camp deliberately brought along some reporters the other day in Apgujeong shopping for a purse for his parents.  Oh shut it, does he need publicity now, of all times, when he still has 200+ days in the Marines?!?!  As opposed to all his years since MNIKSS of not making more than a handful sighting whatsoever?!?!

And yes, we have more tracksuits!!!!  I hope Adidas is paying HBinnie (and the J4 ducklings) for the endorsement fee, give us a HB special edition for charity or whatnots because I've already lurked around the webby for more tracksuits.  I'm gonna stick with he is nuts about RooftopPrince even when we've seen the green pants before in 09:

KGS is my forever Kahjusshi crush and they've worked tog in SpinKick and WW.  I really need them to play a kickass dad-son combo.

this is remotely resembling one, his army garb:

This is a maroon #, I'll DIE if we see him in this top and those green tracksuit pants again in one 'complete' outfit next few days.  I have no idea how the students yesterday can focus on anything he's said or do anything productive, because by all accts on the blogosphere, they r too busy droolzing and screaming he looks like a 'RL portrait of adonis'.

[credit on pics and vid; thanks to the original posters~!]

I'm just happy seeing him flashing his dimps and SMILING! ^^  What's more can a rabid fangirl ask?!

3 thoughts on “Hyun Bin on vacay

  1. sissy

    jansissy how have u been? i miss u and binnie been watching his video on youtube lately..tc always, chin 🙂

    1. Re: sissy

      OMGGG HUGZ Chinsis!

      How have you been?

      hughughughughughughughughug I miss you!

      I’m doing ok, will be buried in work next few wks. But I’ll soldier on. Hwaiting!

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