Rooftop 15

What's new?  Back to back AWESOME RTP eps.  The plot is unravelling nicely.  We have CUTE.  We have a lot of 3 ducklings goodness.  OTP….is ahhh, really, like walking off my pages of shoujo manga.

For a change, I don't have a rant.

Now, this is the way to go build on the momentum fr 14!!!!

They sit down for some couplish conversations:  Everyone is on the same page with the whole BuRong=ParkHa=ourSista;  Princess=SeNa=Rottenwhateverwhocares?!.  *confettiiiii*  Bonus:  Ducklings told Princey the hot iron scar incident.  Gak is as fuming ragey as that damning iron 300+ yrs ago.

And Princey whines for an official date, o gosh Chun, this is too cute, r u sure Gak will beg a lady like so?!?!

Fireworks!! *my fav! drama thing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!* dumping the ducklings, just the 2 of them. D'awwww!


Han JiMin, SCREAM  UR 'HA JIMA~~~! *sob* Nooooo~, plz, Not yet!

While the parental units r off being candysweet romantic, the good bebes r busy with their homework:

Yes, it's reading phone book (and yes, I could watch Manbo reading a phone book), elementary sch algebra/geometry (my guess?) and EMBROIDERY!!!!

O MY TUMMY, lets see it one more time, our RTP Cherubs!

And in the time of a single burst of firework, our brainy one dashes to his DaddyPrincey's bedside gloating 'DONE!  Where's my patting!' Instead, he finds blankies faking a princey.  On serious plots, the cutest 3some is also put to much better use in some key scenes later on.  <33333333

As the Original Poster dearie said, 'this: face of parents caught by their kids during some hanky panky…'

I have no idea y a powerwalking chase ensues….other than feed us more insanely zany cute.

Next day, the parents get married.

And you JUST have to do this, TPTB!  TT_TT

This is the only peekaboo allowed!

Not this:

In case there's a care for TaeMu, or need a reminder of his ONE face:

I concur with the OP at Tumblr this must be the best comment @ ViKi this ep, or ever.

A very spoilerish chart (I ❤ charts) just to keep track of the SEVEN! different roles 6002 is playing in this drama:

[all gifs r fr tumblr and weibo; thanks and credit to the original posters!]

Don't wanna spoil too much because watching them poopypants pooping their pants or very short skirts r FUNNNN and so very satisfying!!!  And what an awesome loud ending!!!!  That face Chunnie made at the end of ep is again his campaign for giving him awards.  For couple eps now the scummies have their crappiest luck, we can be sure fr that trajectory there won't be any breaks for them and all they can do is to keep pooping them pants/panties.

And now we have yet another fresh lil twist (LiGak cosplaying a TaeYong being the real mccoy) I did not see that coming!   Can't wait for 16 (but keep those heartachy for us Gak scenes at MINIMUM m'kay?)

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