Secret Garden: the beast refusing to DIE!

Okeydokey, I got it,  I have more than enough crazy happenstance going on in 2012 to get it's the oh so scary~! 2012, so please just TPTB…gimme a freaking break.

Bees a-buzzing, birds a-chirping for weeks of a Secret Garden Cmovie in making.  Yeah, I know, u just snorted at the absurdity, I did too every time I came across such rumor last few wks.  BUT it's likely to be a real thing, there's a SH Film festival coming up in June and the production company with the right to this chimera has announced it'll put up stuff for the press and it's in a frenzied stage of casting.  ie the movie right is bought.  It'll be crappity crapping crap.  I'm not even sure they even care to work with a script with words and lines on papers and such.  The production company also went the tried and true nasty promo-tactics of throwing it out there in the weibosphere for us to REACT and hopefully sth will stick and….fanwars galore!  They now r gathering names on possible C JooWon and C Ra Im. And ha. Ha. HA!  Guess who's on the list?  None other than my loverboy YH.  Also my C girlcrush GweiLunMei is on the shortlist of RaIm.

So *breath* *gulp* *grasp*  MY uber K bias Binnieboy's 'most famous' role could possibly even if ever so remotely be reinterpreted by my Loverboy Yuan Hong.  The same exact Kim freaken JooWon.  *ooooooohhhhhhmmmmmmmmmm*

OH P-LEASSSEEEE.    FYI they put 4 SuJu hotties on the list as well: SiWon, KyuHyun, DongHae and HanGeng. Oh and HXM, and ChenKun, and Wallace Chung…etcetcetc.

!@#!$#&%^^&%^%##@$~  I'm still in absolute disbelief typing the tags of this post alone.

3 thoughts on “Secret Garden: the beast refusing to DIE!

  1. Your worlds are colliding, hehe. They have to write a new script to fit it into a 2-hour movie, can’t just translate, right? Maybe without THAT writer, it wouldn’t be too bad …

    Oh, who am I kidding, I’m sure they’ll keep the worst of the melodrama and emotional manipulation!

    1. More like all caving into one big hole.

      I just hope no one I care about is attached to it so I can spare poking out my eyes…. I hope… but this is just the year when all most ridiculous rumors end up real.

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