And then 10 came along

Do you know what life lessons I learned today?

1. I believe in these:

but no, combined, they r not as AFDFSGHDHFJGHDGAFasgkgjfhdfERWRYTE%$^%#^$%)*%($*#% as QIHM10.

*Everything is spoilers from this point on*

2. HeeJin….maybe an angel/fairy of the allknowing kind afterall, or she is the worm in my head,  OR my dream of I'm HJ is not just a dream:

Even if it's only a dream, the emotions are real, just like watching movies and reading books.  Pure fiction, but we get emotionally invested. (Truer words, there r none.  And hello my sister, a choir member here you r preaching at~!)  But honestly HJ is awesome in how well she's functioning, she can compartmentalize, not suffocating her genuine feelings while accepting the status quo. I love her more when even in her mindstorms she is not mememememe, she still can be rational and caring towards others not messing up lives and careers for the sake of her intangible feelings.  Very commendable and wise. *girlcrushing some more*

3. THERE'S NTH UNDER THIS!  *ok I lied, there's a lot…of J!H!W! and I know peeps will need proof*

FYI, our scholar THINKS DEEP THOUGHTS while he's disrobbing to nikkidness .  <- I didn't make this hotness up.  You know it.

4.  Heroes should always be tall, with superherodom: a foot above commoners.  I really dun need my perfect scholar to be tall, and looking like JHW (I'll take him whatever shape and form), BUT casting a JHW is GENIUS in every way big or small!!!  You can see him giraffing the crowd MILES away without any camera voodoo (and at least my heart can start its tachy earlier <not sure if that's a good thing, oh wells) I spot him earlier than HJ walking like a superhero towards the mass (so….do I have dibs?!? btw that's rhetorical)

And this, girls and boys, is our BoongDo officially calling dibs into superherodom, it's automatic when you cast sucha badass shadow time-traveling.

5.  It's ALWAYS better working with smart capable baddie assassin (who is kinda hot, btw. Don't laugh at my standards or morals)

He's not evil for evil's sake he has his affiliation albeit on the wrong ship.  He had to do what he had to do, not that he's a knight in shining armor, we didn't see him struggling with murders, but we totally get him and his intentions.  AND he doesn't just blindly stick to his orders/agenda, he's flexible and will think on his feet as well.  When his loyalty is dragging him into hot waters, he looks for clever ways to get himself out of it…the magical Talisman is key and his keen eye and mind spot it.  BUT when it comes to someone with Luck and Fate and Brains and Morals on his team, it's the effort that counts, Loser.  GOSH, isn't it a heartpounding scene of Awesome when everything he justifiably did for his own good, nth out of stupidity nor without cunning wry thought ALL contribute to the explosive major biting of his behind?!?!

6. Now I want a red TARDIS (this exact model with the contents inside as well tyvm):

and really JHW, have some mercy on this ahjumma, why do you have to be sweet and all serious signing autographs for grade school babies as well?!?!

My head, is telling me to just keep typing gahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh because I lovelovelove everything in it but more so the so many littler details.

Just another way out of the godtrillions ways I'm loving our Scholar, I love how his clues are flashing back to him in all these details, succinctly told to us, but so congruous with his character.  There might very well be only a BoongDo who would notice all these minute details in the lady's hairpin, the embroidery on her clothes, her brooch, in the midst of all that hotness in ep8 *and yeah not all of them think with the lower appendage, at least his flashing back of the hotkiss is tardier than HJ, I love our girl is more in tune with her hormones.  We have them, put them to good use at least.*  I love how it's slowly and steadily adding to his thinking cap instead of one big easy reveal after another.  Same with HJ, she's doing quite alright back to her chirpy self but that Q5 (gosh and it's now driven by DongMin!!!) just shoots her an electrifying flashback of said matchy scene and it's so thoughtfully seamlessly woven.

Awwwwwww, DongMin, my darling!  We know you are deep deep down a ball of fun loveydoveys, and as much as I love you I do enjoy the beating down of your ego and you giving us sad puppy faces. *come to noona*  But more so I love how true he's still to his character, it's not an 180, he still has his peacock-self intact.  We don't doubt he's truly liking HJ a lot and whole-heartedly doting on her, enjoying her company and possibly madly in love, BUT he also has a shrewd mind of a Hallyu star who will make use of every opportunity to Shine more on tabloids.

But yeah, that's about all the love my heart can spare for anything not OTP this ep.

I know 'angsting under the same moon' is in some many time-traveling tales, but it's Romantic, can't deny it. 

Not just everything is perfect, even the pacing is perfect, No lazy plot device, no deux ex machina, no cliffhanger!  THANK YOU WRITER-NIM!  Truly honestly I thank thee for taking care of us fangirls, sending us off our RL on a super high satisfying fking awesome note.  *bowwwwwwwwww* 

ETA: gosh I didnt notice this on YIN, but they both have tiny bit of lopsided eyes!  Perfectly matchy OTP is PERFECT! *apparently I've an unlimited supply of SQUEEEEEE*

So …BD is really too tall for normal clothes:

gahhh I'm squeeing at his back (not backside, really) but really the legs of those tiny pants exposing a foot of his calves/ankles…is HAWT!
I do think it has sth to do with the front side as well (and him smiley with a lil girl is not hurting, At all!)

Very spoilerish ep10 cut of BD

As if not the fact the context of said perfect scene is making my tummy do all sorts of somersaults and salchows, we have BD!!!!! in his Joseon garb (RAWWWWWWRRRRRRR!!!! RAWRRRRRRRxmillion when I know there r TWO layers btn air I breath and JHW's nikkid flesh, yes just a few ribbons, one, and two) AND it gives me back the gayageum with those traditional accompaniments!!!  ie I pronounced myself dead and gone to dramaheaven and now back because my love and memories of QIHM and BOONGDO is so deep and real. 

And a baidu dearie has posted a better quality of the gayageum mp3 (just click on the .mp3 next to quaver) for ringtones and looping every waking minute of our lives from now on.  Sherlock has his Adler 'ahhhhhh~!' sms prompt, we have the classier gayageum, MUCH more classier but equally as effective sending all these tingles, hotflashes, blushing cheeks, profused sweating and raised BP/HR…everything…And QIHM fandom, I think we pwn'd SHERLOCK!  


17 thoughts on “And then 10 came along

  1. LOL I was totally thinking something else as I watched our scholar unrobbing…and the thought he had as he unrobbed was the Car Kiss…hmm how appropriate timing LMAO

    and hey the badass guy Ja Soo was one of the hot guys in I Need Romance so he really IS hot LOL and too bad no use of his good kissing skills here hehe

    I knew you would LOVE the moment when the sound of gayaguem started to play!!!!! and that superhero scene where BD came back to 2012 with that large shadow? Daebak! I was holding my breath as I watched that scene.

    that gayaguem is BIG in baidu. and my friends have all dl-ed it already for ringtones LOL I am sure I will get the OST when it’s out. I simply love all the background music and songs. It will be my good companion as I definitely will get withdrawal symptoms when this drama finishes *sob*

    – So3

    1. u know me too well! I have REAL tears, 4 of them fr each corner of my eyes hearing that gayaguem. I love this OST sooo much.

      haha I don’t have a saguek addiction (I dun even have a true Kdrama addiction) so I didnt expect he to be nikkid under that silk, I thought he would have some white muslin or sth. A tiny booboo though, shouldnt he have scars/ healing wound fr his near death not long ago?

      I’m not too worried about we have countable eps left of this perfection, because I can rewatch this ad nausem. XD

  2. Do you think we have just jinx ourselves for our future supply of drama because surely such a perfection doesn’t come that often? I mean I’m pretty sure this drama spoils me forever when it comes to anything time warpy/ Joseon-ness b/c EVERYTHING will pale in comparison.

    The “angsting under the same moon” has been done so many times and yet my heart still did a flaily dance somewhere in my throat when both of them sat up at the same time. I guess it’s a classic for a reason.

    And hee, I totally thought assassin man was attractive in some shots too. Oh god, that scene was so badass when they both lunged for him and he went poof into a darkened tunnel where the camera work was gorgeous. Altho watching it raw and having no idea if he actually remember how the talisman work, I was like “holy freaking heck! DON’T DO THAT TO ME!”

    Once again, I loveeee the script writing of this episode especially with how BD’s was freaking out that he possibly did the naughty with the queen (which crack me up) but also b/c of course our logical scholar would be driven sensibly in seeking out the answer to his memory lost riddle b/c he needs to know if he did something unseemly. Yes, romance was tugging at him across the 300 years gap but his driving force was so very BD like. I adore the layers of character Ms. Song builds upon him, he’s calm and sensible but possess this cheekiness that become more and more apparent with HJ.

    I was lol when he was giraffing over all the fangirls b/c he looks so out of place but then he smiles and I’m effectively goo on the floor. I read this comment about the scene when he was undressing and it still makes me laugh. I paraphrase but it went something like ” I was like nooo! ZOOM OUT, director nim, ZOOM OUT!!” which is the thought am sure all of us echo back.

    Then of course there’s HJ’s quote about fangirling, it’s like the writer is telling us, ” I get you guys, fangirl on, fangirl on \m/”

    1. By now, writer-nim can do absolutely no wrong, all those tight well-thought out details we aren’t even asking to be tied together in the awesome, I mean the bright baddie kept good guardian of the talisman, SEWED it back together, send minions to investigate, trail and error the theory and hence let guard down…to all cumulate to talisman back to hero’s hand good as new, threaten to make a rational decision of testing out theory without villains even realizing his game plan and us resting assured magic is only for hero alone. All the while everything is progressing without a hole when we are perfectly fine with just hero grabbing back the talisman and back to the future he goes while baddie still attack him all narrow vision. She is just not ever gonna settle to screw us up the 11th hour.

      You know what it feels like? Falling in love with THE ONE who is perfect in every way. While I nitpick on the fancy cinematography, I appreciate every bit of it now, when the fancrowd around them r in slowmo and we have the 2 of them eye-sexing and smiling as the world is just the 2 of them as it should with the cameras twirling around them, it’s no longer the cliche, not after 8 when she did twirl around him with the car in the most befitting heartfelt flailing of a girl fallen. We don’t need to compromise, made excuses, weigh the pros and cons or worst fall for the rotten toxic ones. Jinx or no jinx, we have THIS.

      yesyesyesyesyes on BD. He even has a cheeky grin on his face when he’s entertaining the idea he had some romping with the queen!!! And still so unfazed and honorable our BD, attacking it fr the moral highpt of whether he did sth ungentlemanly punishable by death, but never did he panic IF he did, it’s punishable by death! I love it soo ridiculously much when we r in the middle of a tense fighting scene he STILL find the brain power to access the situation so rationally, not just going by morbid curiosity nor gut, but he did WEIGH everything he knew of the talisman and its magic. *flail some more*

    1. OMG that’s a good one! Now I want!!! HJ SHOULD so get him a cell long ago! Hello, irlfriend stamp!! He can shut it in Joseon but call her asap when he warps back, w/ GPS and everything! Haha good that 11 will give us a taste of our Scholar as a blushing bride facing an undressing HJ, I bet it’ll be a fraction of split second of him off-kilter, he didnt flutter an eyelash at more shocking stuff (he had his eyes opened wide with her first kiss!)…and haha I bet it’s too enjoyable for him to not be cheeky.

      1. U know?! Every other drama in the networks have the guy buy the girl a phone. BD being more awesome than the average k-hero has surpassed the heroics with a car. So let HJ get him a phone instead.Mmm yeah, the shock won’t last for long. He’d just break into his trademark smile again. But gdammit don’t I still wanna see him hot n bothered.

        1. That would be sooooo awesome! Everything is done so insanely naturally, even the time-traveling is not made into the hugest deal ever and it evokes so much more in plots otherwise cliched. I’m sure those Flowerboys have given their damsels much more ‘wowing’ gifts than a car, but for someone to sell his dead father’s sword heirloom, working survival weapon and not making a fuss over it. GAHHH!

          Even the upcoming cheeky sticking out of tongue will otherwise make me cringe when done by ANY grown man no matter how gorgeous or perfect, but in the context, when he’s learnt it fr HJ, and is lovingly teasing her not entirely oblivious to how silly he’s looking just makes it so much more perfect.

          1. Dude, Joowon gave Raim a stinkin’ vacuum and threw it into a pond afterward. I’d take car bought w/ heirloom anyday. Guhhh I can’t wait to see them together next week. “I’ve seen everything to be seen so let’s head out now”????!!!! She needs to tackle him down and kiss that cheekiness off.

            1. Oh Lord, I can’t…SeGa can’t have anything to do with this perfection…he’s mental, she’s the self esteem of a single marble. I mean I’m out there and if u give me a HB, even if he has the inside of a JW, I will prob not put up the fuss RI is putting up (geez, either u take it or leave it) before I kick him in that pond EVERY MORNiNG. Even if he’s giving me a car a day I will still push it in that freezing pretty pond with him every day and use his insurance to call up tow companies, wash rinse repeat.

              kekeke I keep reminding myself this is CABLE. We will get some hot and bothering skinship. WE MUST!

  3. I LOVE how just about everyone I know has gone into total flaily mode with QIHM. People are spewing puppies and unicorns right and left. It’s such a strange phenomenon, LOL!

    I try to find something intelligent to say about it but all that seems to come out is capclocks. So, not even trying anymore, I’ll just sit back and bask in the magnifigance that is QIHM. πŸ™‚ Actually, I’d like to roll in it. Teehee….

    1. haha I spent like a good few minutes making cooing and nonhuman sounds to this: [IMG][/IMG]

      btw r u still watching EM? it’s part horrible timing (I picked it up just when my QIHM addiction hit) but I find it losing some steam in 3, 4 when I do like the first 2 eps a few flaws/cliches here and there.

      1. I wasn’t able to do any sort of sounds by the time ep 10 was finished, I sorta forgot to breathe. ;P

        Yup, I’m still watching TEM. It picks up again once the adults appear but… unfortunately that won’t quite last. The flaws are really starting to show now. I’m going to tackle the latest two epis today and I’m kind of dreading it. The things that keep it afloat are the actors (especially UTW and Lee Joon Hyuk have been VERY good indeed) and the script – the story is still intriquing. PD-nim has been rather slipping of late and the less said about the music the better. Only two more episodes left so I guess I’ll finish it.

  4. We possibly can have this perfection in our hand!

    Taken from jaejoongstolemyheart in soompi~

    There has been rumors for a release of an OST and DVD… flying for a while already.
    Well, CJ E&M confirmed the rumours might actually come true. So basically, if you want it too, i need your help.

    CJ E&M(Production team) posted a status regarding the DVD.
    As this is a cable drama, the chance of a DVD production is still low.

    [μΈν˜„μ™•ν›„μ˜ λ‚¨μž] μ—¬λŸ¬λΆ„~ μΈν˜„μ™•ν›„μ˜ λ‚¨μžμ˜ DVD μ œμž‘μ— λŒ€ν•΄ 저희 λ‚΄λΆ€μ—μ„œ 맀우 ν™œλ°œν•˜κ²Œ λ…Όμ˜ μ€‘μž…λ‹ˆλ‹€! 인남이 DVDλ₯Ό μ›ν•˜μ‹œλ‚˜μš”μ˜€μ˜€μ˜€~~ DVD λ₯Ό μ›ν•˜μ‹œλŠ” μ—¬λŸ¬λΆ„! μ–΄λ–€ λ‚΄μš©μ΄ ν¬ν•¨λ˜λ©΄ 쒋을 것 κ°™μœΌμ„Έμš”?
    μ•„λ¬΄νŠΌ!! DVD μ œμž‘μ— λŒ€ν•΄ ν™œλ°œνžˆ 논이 쀑이라고 많이많이 μ•Œλ €μ£Όμ„Έμš”! μ›ν•˜λŠ” 뢄듀이 λ§Žμ„ 수둝 μ œμž‘ ν™•λ₯ λ„ λ†’μ•„μ§„λ‹΅λ‹ˆλ‹€!!

    [Queen Inhyun’s Man] Hi everyone!~ Our production team is currently discussing about whether we are going to release a DVD for the drama. Do you guys want the DVD? People who wants the DVD, what kind of things do you think we should include in the DVD?
    Whatever the case, i will keep you updated regarding the discussion of the DVD.
    The more the people who wants the DVD, the higher the chance of getting it produced! Go here, like it… and please comment and like the last status they posted that looks like what i posted in korean above.

    Even if you don’t know korean, please comment… like please include the BTS… or commentary, interviews and whatever by the cast!
    Just comment about your love for it in english… it’s fine!
    Just prove the popularity of the drama!”

    Pimp this out so we can all have Christmas! hehe

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