Hyun Bin at work

…and it looks unbelievably scary.  It's his alma mater Chung-Ang, but still….

An instant phone ad is made:

And he has a sizeable fanboy population (and they r CUTE!) So the Marines maybe after sth with these PR shows.

*sigh* Y u so gorgeous!?!!?!??!!?!?

This is the first stop of yesterday, Yonsei.  The recruiting tour is till 5/25:  HBinnie may make more 'surprise' visits to Unis as the Marines mascot/recruiter.  In June they'll announce the first round of recruitees, July second round, August, the final round of recruits.  Betcha we'll still see more binnie (and more scary swarm-y crowds)

I think he looks younger and younger.  Life's not fair, at all.

One thought on “Hyun Bin at work

  1. Wow, it does look scary, and the crowd loks much bigger than the previous university visit. Some celerities must rue the day camera phone was nvented, it’s not like EVERYONE goes around carrying camera in the old days, unlike mobile phone.

    That fanboy in black shirt is really cute, reminds me of Lee Jun Ki, hehe.

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