*sob* poorpoor Loverboy

First of all,  thank you my friends for the kind words.  I'm doing better, my family is doing better.  Sometimes we just need each other to just…be there. 

Thank you!

I just had time to lurk in weibo for literally a minute and there, it breaks my heart.

*sighhhh*  World, can you just be nice and give my Loverboy a freaken break?!  I'm about to be all for him to just quit this shoddy business and act in little theatres or whatnots out of the fugly side of things.

The SiWonYuanHong Hunan TV Cdrama has a mother lode of promos vids done, reporters on set for bts funtimes, all the biggie CN vid outlets will have it out in a day or two.. info fr drama's official weibo, and every source is retweeting the same info.

BUT! there wont be any Loverboy in it, omitting him a mention in a little tweet/weibo.    He's not even mentioned as he's not on set the day they do the taping and the presscon…blablabla.   If it's just that, I can kinda sorta let it slide.  BUT apparently the production did not even inform YH's management of presscon, 'forget' to tag and mention him in their promo weibos, even when they do, he's like an afterthought, mentioned after girl2…I'm sure YH doesn't mind this shiz…but for the official weibo, after YH's fans hollered the ragey neglect, to weibo a snerky one putting the 'blame' squarely on him 'not able to make it'?!?!? 

#转身说爱你#今天的媒体探班活动因为袁弘档期原因暂时没在剧组里,所以我们大家也很遗憾没有能够采访到他,不过各位粉丝不要担心,我们的第二波媒体活动上他就会出现在大家面前了,为了弥补大家特此献上袁弘“高富帅”照一张,感谢大家对我们这部电视剧的支持~ @袁弘欢乐粉丝团@缘聚袁居袁弘官方论坛

I mean if he's not on set that specific day…can't they tape a min or sth when he's literally skipping SLEEP for days on end and just add it in somewhere, even when it's rolling the credits?! It sounds a load of mean spirited Bull.  And this official weibo has to put his character's descripts: 'tall, rich, handsome' in quotation marks…and have always left out YH's baidu bar mentions (when it will go make every effort and fuss and @ every single Siwon fanclub under the sun), that and posting it with a pic of YH looking grumpy?!  The unbelievable amount of nasty snerk, it's a DARMN SHAME.

YH is a super thoughtful guy, IF he couldn't make it for his own reasons, he'll definitely make a shout out at weibo to inform his fans and say his sorry for inconveniencing, but his manager lady hinted she wasn't even informed, and is trying to smooth things out weibo-ing there will be 'second' wave of promo with YH included.  So yeah, co-Guy1 my behind.  I don't put all the blame on the production to neglect the existence of YH as one of the leads of the drama, I also blame his new management….things r not looking good, nowhere near where we hope and what YH deserves. *sob*  I do like SiWon in RL and I think he's talented enough, but he's a sorry excuse of an actor.  Plus, this is a bona fide Cdrama, u can't go dangling the interest of all the YH/BBJXPrince13 fangirls along and in essence he's just there to legitimize a SiWon vehicle.  Kidol is not THAT huge a deal to carry a Cdrama on normal TV screens when loads of ad $$$ and politicking  r involved.  I'm sure fr how things r looking today there is a cesspool of ugly shenanigans fr the SiWon's handlers to make him the one and only spotlight lead.  Nth against SiWon though, honest.  It is how things roll in Cdramaland.  I won't be surprised if Loverboy's scenes will be cut to bare minimum to fulfill whatever bureaucracy quotient just to get an airing in CN (they have a quota for the ratio of 'foreign' vs 'local' artists in any Cdrama to pass the censor bureau).

As a redbeanie smartlass snerked back: please cut out all YH's scenes so there is no need for us to bother watching it, but make sure to pay YH his wages.  Nobody minds.  BTW if there r more of these projects which he just have to be mentioned, let him skip the shooting or whatever it is, and just pay him, it's not a bad way of living.  *snerk*  WORD

I'm kinda interested in the drama till now tbh,  nth is telling me they don't care for it to suck.  But apparently I'm delusional.

12 thoughts on “*sob* poorpoor Loverboy

  1. Oh mookie, that sounds really bad. Nothing worse than having to be snubbed, and this right before drama airs aiks. I do follow YH on weibo, and he doesn’t sound that affected? But it also goes to show how positive an outlook he has on stuff like these…

    And did I miss something chinggu? Looks like you’ve been thru some hard times or something. Hope you’re feeling better.

    1. he’s the most tactful and with a literati command of words artist on weibo. He’ll be silly and jokester when he wants to but it’s always only him being him, never will it affect anyone else. So in this case, with him not even RTing/giving a promo shoutout for the drama it’s VERY telling and timely because afterall out of the leads he’s been more diligent with his promo tweets, never gawdy, never in your face for promotion.

      I’m ok Dear. Have a great wkend!

  2. Oh, poor Loverboy, i wonder which star you are under, why, i heard you are a freelancer but still under Brandcore’s Management and i did hope that after you left TR, you would be luckier, but maybe i was wrong. 😦

    I also follow him on weibo but i don’t understand much (both weibo and chinese) and he didn’t reply. But how can they omit him, at least he has filmed some scenes and they can use it , why not using it? The promo without the male2 but with female2 ?

    And sorry i don’t know abt your personal problems but i’m glad that you and your fam are doing better. But after you feel better you still have to see YH ‘s acting life sucks, poor you

    1. hihi, I think he’s under Brandcore’s management, but he’s their only artist. Brandcore’s boss Alan is like an angry old man lately, it’s….unnerving. I think if Brandcore didn’t taunt YH will be guy1, has to be guy1 in these moderns, there will be much less fuss, afterall moving into idoldramadom, he is a newbie and he can’t compete with SiWon for popularity and face recognition in its target audience, so I think that whole ‘co-lead’ thing is the root f all evil.

      AND these promo events r almost coordinated with the lead’s management, even the news/reports on it r written by their arrangement, so it’s understandable there is no mention of YH in the news at all for the event, BUT for the official weibo to snub him this way, then be all snerky, it’s too much.

      1. this is maybe just maybe, my thought, my imagination is that they scare that YH will surpass or overwhelm Siwon so they didn’t clearly contact his management company

  3. I hope you and your family are feeling better now. ♥

    It’s like they’re screwing him over on purpose. Poor guy. He just can’t catch a break. It’s so petty and mean-spirited, I’m just shaking my head at it all. I feel so sorry for YH. No actor deserves to be treated so disrespectfully, especially someone as talented as YH. *SIGH*

    1. Thanks sweetie! *hugggggg*

      This is just too much. *sigh* all we can hope now is him being MAGNIFICANT in it no matter what, kinda like what he did with his guy5 Prince 13 in BBJX, because fangirls r not blind, if u impress us enough we’ll swear into the cult.

  4. hi there~

    i really think siwon is over-rated *sighs*
    very upset over all the korean idols in chinese productions lately.
    we have beautiful people too!

    1. *sigh* yup Siwon is an overrated actor, but other than his fandom, I dun think anyone is honestly holding the opinion he can act, at all.

      haha my gripe is, I dun think the foreign imports are THAT beautiful, just bigger International names, so fr the $ pov, it makes sense. Yes, still talking about SiWon. I’m not even being biased, but as far as screen presence, charisma or the properly proportioned or aligned features alone, even Yuan Hong is winning that battle. http://ww2.sinaimg.cn/large/6632fd93tw1dtlyk6c8sij.jpg And lets not talk about acting chops, I’ll be nice.

      BUT same token, there are also an offensive amount of talentless but ‘pretty’ CN working actors taking up roles that should be in much better hands.

      1. never actually thought he could act. i watched My Fair Lady with him and Chaerim and he basically slaughtered the chemistry lol

        I actually think C-Drama have much better actors in terms of ability vs idols. Most come out of Beijing academy. most the time i don’t even think they look good sadly. Kdrama is really full of eyecandy hehe

        1. I agree to an extent, I think the talent pool is much more massive, considering the sheer # of classically trained actors, BUT most of them r not getting the coveted roles. eg whenever I see WuZhun on screen, I know some more deserving actors r robbed

          and even if they r fr prestigious training, it doesnt guarantee they care about honing their craft….eg HXM. But then he doesn’t need to.

          1. haha the main lead slots usually has my eyes rolling
            some names need to be moved up like seriously!
            Wuzhun can’t act so that’s why he’s stuck playing sterotypical roles but they’re main leads nonetheless *sighs*

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