Fangirly Awards Post

Chinese Media Film Awards have never been under my radar, but this year, in its 12th season, I rabidly loved a handful of critically acclaimed sino-films, so every time my loves get recognitions, big or small, I spazzzzzz. ie, nth is going to stop me picspamming my fav peeps, esp when I just have a handful, all of them glammed up for a dazzling outing!  🙂

List of noms and winners

My fav pic of the night  *drooooollllllllllzzzzzzz*  Best Director and his Muse, our Best Actor.

Best Actress:  Miss Deanie, of course.  This is her 7th award for her flawless and most touching role of her career.  I think her hardest job atm is to think of yet another classy speech to say if she gets more noms.

*SQUEEEEEEEEEEE* The Life Without Principle Team ie my SeanLAU!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ZOMGGGG gosh how dashing you look in the well tailored sharp suit and u just have to throw in the extra dorky spec to do me in.  I'm a goner. So done. *______*

There is a Chinese saying:  How you look on the outside, depends on how you are on the inside.  To me, Mr To is telling me there is a shrewd brilliant mind at the top of his game.

This is a perfect snap as well!  Denise giving Director To a most heartfelt BIG squeeze!

So soooo shuai, Denise!  And what a wonderful splash of cool peacock blue.

My CN girl crush of the yr Ni Ni w/ Aarif Rahman…gosh babe, you have to stop (electrocuting) looking at boys this way now, no?

I ❤ her dress, it suits her aura of an understated beauty with a refinement rare in her peers.

And it gets me every time when she speaks and the little girl in her is out doing lil squees and inner somersaults she can't hide.

Or the cutest girly blush when her boylove FSF is mentioned.

She may look the cool ethereal classical Chinese beauty, but she's sucha sweetheart with no airs, sel-caing with fans.  Really I can't help but gloat how FINE a taste I have in my biases!  muahhahaha

I love everything War of Flowers, TongDaWei held his own in the ensemble, he looks so much hotter in grime and blood and uniform than this Gucci.  But still not disastrous as it's fitting nicely on him.  It's a surprisingly super well-dressed night of sino-artists.

I actually like Angelababy a lot in RL, her acting not so much, obviously, but I don't think she's the worst working actress of her gen and she is improving and can be endearing in things within her limited range….young pure romance heroine.  I think she's undeniably pretty and I've heard some of my gfs gushing they don't mind getting PS to look like her, their real words.  Imo this is a super difficult dress to pull off, it's veering towards gaudy and kitsch but somehow she still looks young and fresh and befitting the vibe of the tourist hotspot HaiNan province, the Hawaii of CN.

Here because it's Peter Ho, and though I'm quite sure I'll never be his acting fangirl, I do like him, more so not constipatedly angsting and in modern clothes.  Not that I'll ever be repulsed of him partially or totally nikkid, don't be fooled! lol

The Golden Apples/ Crowd Fav. Dream CP of the year: Ko Chen-tung + Michelle Chen. Imho the movie and everything concerning it is obscenely overrated/overexposed to the max and I'm not the only one.  Michelle always manages to look stunningly awful.  I do think Ko, ie Mr Elva Hsiao is a hottie, but he needs a further slew of impressive outings with range to gain a fangirl in me. I'm game for him to impress me some more. I don't mind him at all, but he is this close to be the next Mark Zhao.  Michelle is a great casting for her role, I just don't see an actress nor an idol, and certainly not a star in her.  There's no It, no spark, no charisma.  And gosh, her worst offense, shallow frilly me is beyond furious she's destroyed every single one of the many otherwise gorgeous gowns she's put on in red carpet events.  *sobbb, my eyes!*  Ko's face is saying too much.

Model vs Michelle.  This is brutal.

I don't want to be too harsh on the new goddess of the boys, so I went and painstakingly dug a slightly airbrushed up appreciation collage, better, esp her close-ups r quite cute but still….meh and she always manages to age herself by a decade+.  Her features r quite plain and droopy and needs much more definition by bolder makeup, tousled smexy bedhair is SOOOO not sth u should be donning out in public ever sweetheart, not even Halloween.  I bet she'll look much better with a clean ponytail…and MUCH simpler tailored frock in a bright color, no more potpourri froufrou sequins for you, Michelle, you've proven yourself a FUGdisaster every time I am actively rooting for you to be just forgettably ok next time. OK?

From one goddess to another, Michelle should learn (or copy/pirate) EVERYTHING fr Zhang ZiYi, call and bribe her costumer pronto!  I'm not a fan of her, at all. But damnnnnnn she's never looked as GORG!  A bit of aging is doing ZZY some lovely magic, softening her harsh aggressive demeanor, now there's no qualms she's The Queen of the ball, befitting role of Muse of the event.  Perfection.  I'm sooo envious of everything inch she has and everything that's on her.

6 thoughts on “Fangirly Awards Post

  1. The Michelle Chen horror! Her look’s hideous, so awfully all over the place yaiks. She actually gives me a SYJ feel look-wise, but lacks a whole mile in class and elegance. Every time I see her I cringe at her inability to pull off a simple gown. Poor thing.

    1. Really SYJ??!?!?!?! No. I can’t see it at all. imo SYJ is one of the most beautiful actresses in Asia with refined perfect facial features, soft yet chiseled, I can see women holding her photos to their surgeon to get her eyes, nose, lips, cheekbones, chin..everything. I think GaoYuanYuan is her lookalike.

      Whereas Michelle is cute in a nonthreatening normal girl next door way, opposite of sexpot, everything about her is a bit doughy and droopy, more Miriam Yeung without her goth makeup and definitely not aesthetically gorgeous in the strict sense of word, but with an easy charm because there’s sth nurturing, kind, friendly, easily approachable with a warm sweetness about her. I don’t think any guy would think SYJ as anything but a high up there goddess, shivering to approach her for a chat.

      1. Of course she can’t light/hold a candle next to SYJ, girl’s gotta learn how to dress first. Then learn how to grace it, walk it and ace it. I first saw her in Apple like others, thought she had similar SYJ vibe/aura (circa AIL period), but never saw her again in anything until her recent appearances in awards shows etc. Guess my best impression of her’s still Shen Jia Yi.

        1. no…it’s not the peripherals that’s doing Michelle injustice, she hold absolutely no resemblance in features, aura, looks EVERYTHING to SYJ. nth, I tried and still in shock they r compared at all. even for their characters in AiL and Apple…nope.

          I don’t even have a honestly great impression as SJY the character nor Michelle’s job as SJY, as I’ve said, it’s perfect casting.

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