My lean current drama plate

In short:  QIHM, Master of Play, and IDID (big maybe)

I'm tasting out my occasional TVB 'treat', it's always with reservation when I watch/love a TVB drama nowadays, my ears r tired and cranky to horrendous background music and TVB NEVER CHANGE!!!  They r still using those tuneless monstrosity fr their War of Beauty days…arghhhh and I can't bring my heart to mute coz this is the rare case I can aurally follow a drama…while I play around the webby or D3.

Master of Play <心戰> is fr producer Chik, ie dependable, sharp and satirical, jabbing at local current affairs, and always controversial prompting the ahjummas to bomb the censorship bureau helpline of their complaints.  I can always find things hooking me, ie 2 eps in, WOWWWWOWSAAAA!  Really it's an overload of talking points.

Voodoo/ drinking elixir fr the devil's fountain, even with the grey hair, he looks like the guys around me 10 yrs older, not 65 and could be my dad.

1.  Adam Cheng.  Urban legend is he has stock market voodoo, proven by his drama's track record of snapping the bull market to bear by his every premiere, even reruns.   And he's the lead, nowadays babies listen to Mozart in utero, I eavesdropped Blood and Sword in my mom's womb while she fangirld him to the max. He's playing a respected stage thespian…side job as Mentalist.  Often Adam will dial in a perf, esp in PoSs, butwith a decent script, he's bringing back his A game .  I'm lenient with my TVBs,  sigh a BIG relief when I don't have to tolerate amateurs, and here we have a drama full of veterans.  He's also sharing quite a lot of scenes with Danny Lau Dan (ie Hawick's Dad who can really act).  <33333  My ahjusshi crushing knows no bounds.

Erm, no that's not her hand Maggie is crying over,  per se.

2. Maggie Shiu, Moses Chan and Kenny Wong.  The actorly muscles of the TVB machine, triumvirate of most Chik's drama.  There's no real Guy1 in this drama, but a hot tango btn Adam and Moses.  Moses' Chiang is of the darkest convoluted TVB leads ever, fr wiki he's a magician by day, and ? at nite, has dissociative identity disorder, ie multiple personalities.  Kenny runs a bar called Jekyll, inhabited by characters 'respresenting' different shades of Moses' personalities:  Evil, Lust, Wrath, Pride, Conscience, 2 eps in there's BLOOD on our lead's hands!  Maggie has blood…letting fr her hand…but also said hand is no longer belonging to her right off the bat.  Kenny hasn't made his appearance yet,  but rest assured he'll be one of the titular supporting role crucial to plot as expected of him.  One of the first scenes of drama is a crazy guy who's cut off a hand perusing Dexter and Sinister at the hospital bed of victim.  With all the body eating 'zombie apocalyse' horror of late, it's not for the faint of heart.  Chik is apparently paying homage to Crime and Punishment.  To me, there's a vibe of a HK hybrid of Ressurrection+Mawang.  I ❤ Maggie, so I'm jumping in joy she still is offered a leading role against Moses, who's younger than her, when she has to relegate to mumsy roles, or worst yet playing silly old hags in a YuZheng.

Kenny Wong.  Two things never expected of a TVBdrama: subtlety and spoiler-free

3. One of the most shipped RL star couple in HK, gaining blessings fr all the moms, is Moses and Aimee.  I've yet to know of an ahjumma not raving Moses as the second coming of Christ on that little island+peninsula.  They r too saccharine for my taste, but no one can hate them.  Aimee is improving with every minute of screentime under her belt.  It's extra cheeky to have them playing siblings here, and both characters winking very telling OMG!faces of Darkness in closeups under their character's sweet, gentile, caring facade.  DundunDUN!  There's also the surprisingly matchy chemistry of Adam and Rebecca, ie our 80s wuxia heroes Chen Jialuo + Ren YingYing r getting together!  They r exes, split after their 4 yo daughter was kidnapped and vanished 25 years ago, laying the seed of all the ominous future events. She's his agent, he's bff with her hubby, they probably still have an ongoing affair, they may also have a lovechild/bastard… or two.

I know I'll have to bear with a fair share of nonsense, but sieving through it all there's always food for thought in Chik's work, that's why it's a must-watch for me, esp when the other dramalands is not offering much terribly interesting addictions.

I'm still loving QIHM, I've chosen to forget much of 11/12 and 13/14 won my heart back.  I'm quite sure I won't get to my lost sense of rabidness during 7-10, a slew of whimsical, fantastic awesomeness in quality of writing, acting, emotions, and everything it inflicted on me.  BUT I do love 13 and 14 a great great deal, back is the moments of little tender stirring of my heartstrings, back is the old yangban BD when he's using his head 24/7 rather than let the jitters and lust take over.  YIN is GLORIOUS, she's unbelievably good, improving ep to ep even when the writing was on vacay at times.  Even DongMin is back to adorably annoying. JHW though has lost his chance to a place in my heart, I felt he is so weak in many emotionally charged scenes and in transition when he's not asked to express a specific, primary emotion.  The nuanced he conveyed earlier on was aided by a lot of great scripting and marvelous partners to bounce against, now in this latest stretch, the writing is not as tight, though still good, and he has to deliver more layers…and sadly he's not competent enough.  End14 has me cringing, he's like a maple tree in sap-ping mode, not even his YUM bode in tight fitting white shirt and perfect slacks can distract me enough fr feeling lacking, wandering off at the 'whatifs' of a should be climatic OTP gagaing scene.

Even though I still love the OTP, and do ship them out of my insane love of HJ, YW is absolutely holding my heart captive in 13, 14.  The strokes writer-sshi used on her are so tender and breathtakingly beautiful you feel as YW, you weep as YW every dainty step she asserted in her falling in the unrequited love of BD.   I've never seen a girl2 portrayed with such a dedication and developed with such a dignified humanity.  You understand every emotion she's going through, every one of her action, you'll do the same in her shoes, even if it's out of more embarrassingly part of our psyche. SHE EVEN HAS HER OWN PERFECT GAYAGEUM THEME!!!!!  that absolutely slayyyyyyssss me.  And 14 is forever owning my heart for those lovely emoting loyal horses alone.

Of the newest, much talked about kdramas, I've only tried out IDID, I liked the first ep a lot it reminds me of a clunkier, much less funny MNIKSS and WUF,  I <333333 SunA's character for once!!!! inasmuch I went and dl and watch 2 right away….too bad 2 is boring and predictable as nth glitters, not even the SHOES!   No hate though, so maybe it'll get better, I will check out 3 if I feel like it next wk.  BUT I can't help but picture PIE/CJM in Lee Jang Woo's shoes. LJW is serviceable and charming on his own, but PIExSunA  is off the charts! (in my head).  I need a CUTE romance fr PIE before he's too serious (and old) to play the male ingenue/dongseng to romp in the older sassy noona's bed.  ChulSoo-ya~!!!! Noonas need you!!!!

I watched 10 min of AGD, puked twice as long in my head, it was trite and pretentious and unfunny and insulting to my sensibilities, but I know all of that, I hate writer Kim, so I was just being torturous to myself, that can't be a healthy relationship in making.  Dr.Jin, 5 min.  SSH's horrible to the ridiculously inhumanly possible degree x1000, teamed with his awareness to the point of gloating in his preening is sooooo turning me off big time that he's honestly FUG and the most unattractive breathing thing alive to me atvm.  I'd rather have my eyeballs eaten by zombies (can so happen) than watching another second of that/him.  I have no interest in Gak/JooWon, so I'll be sweet for a change and let the fandom enjoys its/his awesome far away from me pouring vitriol over the parade.

17 thoughts on “My lean current drama plate

  1. Re: you and writer Kim. It’s pretty much me and Hong Sisters – I just recently learned to let go and just avoid for my own sanity, not even watching a second. So be strong, you can do it too! 🙂

    I am allergic to KSA and shoes (I know, I know) so IDID became IDONT. If you want a really awful drama, check out Ghost. It will make Dr Jin look like Schindler’s List.

    1. I know I know! I’m also allergic to Hongsisters as well, but I kinda will try out an ep of Big, but maybe not.

      Ghost, no, nope. I watched 15 min of Sign and forever traumatized and dun think I can ever watch ParkShinYang ever again. SJS is actually starting to scare the bejeebers out of me fr his same stoned angsting face project to project. He needs Exlax stat.

      I’ve been told by several friends to watch the ending ep or 2 of Fashion King. Guaranteed I’ll enjoy the WTF of it even though I only watched 2 eps. 😉 That’s my plan for the wkend.

  2. Yeah, YW was my favorite part of 14. She’s just an amazing character, quietly strong and consistent, and beautifully acted. I was so sad for her in the end there.

    1. We still have TWO eps!^^ I have been staying away from ANY spoiler but I can’t see how writer will waste a lovely character as YW and just retire her fr view.

      At least I would be very sad.

  3. Ugh, choice paralysis. I really don’t know which drama to watch next. I’ve checked out 5 mins of Bridal Mask and it was just A-ok. I’m in love with Joo Won’s face and smile but he’s not showing much of the latter except in this creepy evil way. Plus, historical dramas are so not my thing. Even that sassy fashion period of 1930s. I didn’t like Capital Scandal, don’t lynch me, ok? But I’m generally not affected by Kang Ji Hwan. He’s like this combination of age + playfulness that totally doesn’t work on me. I can see myself liking some older actors (Ryu Jin, mmm) but just not Kang Ji Hwan. Even Gong Yoo is getting a bit too old for me if he continues to play immature roles XD
    But, like I said, Joo Won’s face is still there in Bridal Mask so I might force myself to keep watching. I’m just waiting for that moment of watching the first episode when I go like “OMG, this is brilliant, amazing, I need to see the rest NOW” but it happens to rarely and then when it does happen it might turn into “meh” at the end like it did with King2Hearts or it might not, like it did with My Girlfriend is a Gumiho where it was utter love from beginning to the end or it might start out as “meh” and then grow into obsession mode like it did with Brilliant Legacy for me (do you notice the pattern? It’s all about Lee Seung Gi!) Basically, you never know! Kdrama are so tricky and inconsistent, I almost feel like giving up.

    I’m pretty sure I will love In-Huyn’s Man I just need to physically watch it. Every time I get a spare hour in the day I think about how if I start I won’t stop and I can’t dedicate all my energy into a marathon right now. So I’m waiting for that special time when the stars align and there are candles in my room to start watching, but it’s just not happening and in the meantime I will probably start on something harmless like IDID and get sucked into the romcom hole that will leave me with regrets in the end.

    Lol, I’m getting so dramatic. Forgive me! xD

    1. I’m immune to JooWon, also SeungKi…and… Kang JiHwan. gosh that’s 3 v unpopular opinions in one breath. *hide* I do wish I’m not as annoyingly picky, but they do nth for me, they don’t bug me, but their attachment is not enough to make me sit through the entirety of their dramas.

      I think for KJH, he’s quite alright in absolutely every dept…but that’s exactly his Achilles’ heels: he has not floored me to flailing once in anything, not insanely gorgeous (to me), not enough in charisma to make me not notice everything else, and imo not terribly talented.

      I’ve heard JW SCREEECHES GAKSITALLLLLL to an annoying degree even for fangirls to tolerate, so my lukewarm interest in it drops to subzero. But then, sometimes I’m in the mood of torturing myself. kekeke

      QIHM is CRACK IN ALMOST PERFECTION. Think what BBCSherlock did for that drama franchise, and that’s what QIHM did for shoujo drama. I’ve yet to know of ANYONE not liking it, haha so IF you don’t, it would be amazing to read u blog about why. And yes, it’s absolutely life ruining.

      IDID is shockingly very sublime and controlled for sth with sucha crazy cliched premise. I’m impressed enough, but yeah I don’t think it will be sth of amazing quality.

      1. Haha, I’m actually immune to Binnie. Clearly we have a different taste in men! xD But yeah I tried so hard to understand all the rave about KJH and I just don’t get it no matter how many dramas I watch with him. Some actors are not physically attractive but I still get their charm, with the exception of KJH. Like even Binnie, I understand, just no my thing, but KJH! Why??

        Yup, he does screech and it’s annoying but I’m used to a level of OTTness in Asian drama where I try to pretend its not happening and enjoy the other good parts. Sometimes it doesn’t work but I might still try with Gaksital. If you are not a fan of Joo Won the only reason to torture yourself for Gaksital is for the historical dramaness of it.

        Another problem with QIHM, it’s not on viki and dramafever and since the Jdrama community went down I’ve been having a hard time finding dramas outside of those resources. Mysoju’s stream quality is horrendous =[

        BTW!!! Look what I found in a random shelf of used books for 1$ on the side of the street :)))) I AM SO HAPPY! It’s like providence! XD

        1. $1!!!!!!! GOSHHHHHH we cant even buy a sip of just ok coffee at starbucks!!

          kekeke I bugged my coworker to watch coz while I’m watching that drama it’s all I wanna chat about and she sms me the cover to book just to make sure…ehem…it’s not some 50 shades of grey, the ricequeen version. before she pays for it.

          Oh! I didn’t know you r ready for a QIHM watch, coz I’ll soooo enable you:

          haha I’m finicky, actually the true KJH ‘dealbreaker’ for me is his squeaky voice but then I don’t flail like the norm for a thing alone, like the Voice/Lee SeonKyun is also not doing much for me, yet I do dismiss them if there’s a single thing buggy. I’m a woman and proud of it! *shrug*XD

          1. I’m really surprised there is a drama for that book. It seems so brave! I haven’t watched a single Asian drama that focuses on gay relationships.

            Yeah…that cover….I simply have no words for it. I’m thinking what I can do it to so that people won’t think I’m reading Asian pr0n on the subway.

            Yeah, dailymotion quality is just not that great 😦 I wonder why dramafever doesn’t have that drama. Whats the point of paying money to dramafever if they are not giving me my dramas?!

            1. It is! Mr Pai is a very revered writer, and this is by a public TV channel, first and foremost a literature adaptation a la Masterpiece theatre fr PBS/BBC. And like the novel, the drama did not sensationalize the gay themes, it’s still the same old human condition at its core. PTS is still doing a lot of rarer breed original dramas delving into social issues and I always find the other end of spectrum fr the idoldramas there.

              1. Just passing by to say that I’m about 150 pages into the book and it’s been wonderful. My enjoyment of the book is solely contingent upon the language and whether it appeals to me…Pai’s writing is exquisite. Very effortless and simple but elegant and charged. “People said there was so much hurt and anger in his heart that he sank straight to the bottom, where he stayed…” Ugh, beautiful imagery. Kind of reminds me of this manhwa “Let Dai”, have you heard of it? It’s also about broken gay boys out on the streets told with some poetic language and imagery. It goes overboard sometimes but I’m suspecting it’s the fault of the translation.

                1. Oh goodness, I read it in Chinese, though I’ve read passages off Google books and the translation seems superb, I can’t tell if it’s true to form. Now I wanna get my hand on that p)rno cover engtrans and read for myself.

                  The line you quote is haunting and yup Pai is one of my fav contemporary writer, exactly because of the effortless in his words painting a vivid, imagery of the human condition.

                  I haven’t read a manhwa in full, but I’ll definitely give Let Dai a try. *sigh* I can barely catch up with my mangas. It takes too much effort and dedication to follow a serial nowadays, and I have to wait for translation and there’s usu not a prompt one even for CNtrans, I have so many I forgot about them before the next volume is out and we’re now spoiled of the lightspeed drama subs avail in hours after an airing. My brain is now rotten by instant gratification. I digress.

                  ENJOY CB! ^^ Glad you like it. It’s just a good piece of literature that will live with you.

  4. Gonna give Master of Play a try, recent new dramas have been disappointing think I need some other intervention to appease bad taste. But I’m venturing purely on your words chinggu, cos the MoP trailer turned me off big time. Thot it was a mesh of weirdness topped with even more weirdness I can’t explain. I’m going in without any expectations.

    I don’t like Aimee, don’t even think she has chops to begin with. But that I’ve only seen 1 or 2 of her previous stuff and she sucked so bad. I have no opinion to offer abt her CP with Moses (except I know that more than half the general audience in HK are tired of them and actually resent seeing them together, on screen tgther, or when they just talk abt each other), since it’s their bzness to begin with.

    Contrary to those who thot IDID began well, I thot it was just OK. Sunah’s good, but the rest were kinda meh. Story not particularly interesting or refreshing either, and tropes are bleh hackneyed. Guess I’m getting tired of rom-coms like these? Will give Ep 2 a try before I decide whether to continue.

    Jin and AGD, horrible horrible 2 episodes, but I’m going to give em another 2 eps.

    Love for QIHM has lessened a bit, blame that on 11 and 12. 13 and 14 did pick things up a bit, but guess my interest waned and couldn’t get back into awesomefangirling zone. Did like how writer explained the fakeBD death in the 2nd half of 14, thot it was written executed quite well. And good thing YIN as HJ still managed to rawk my sox! 🙂

    1. I didn’t watch enough of Aimee, just seen her guest starring and she’s so meh…but here, I had to look thrice to be sure this is her because her Canto improved, and really she didnt stand out as horrid. So that’s a surprise!

      haha I think the pool I’m polling from r my Mom and Aunties, so…they LURVE Moses, and anything related to Moses, ie Aimee and they r loyal to a fault. *shakes head*

      I havent even seen the trailer for MoP, but I’m a Chik’s fan so his attachment is often enough for me. I wasnt going to watch it but was nudged by several friends and of course my Mom. So I went in with no expectation and was surprised I’m able to throw my usual peeves out window and haha with all the gorgeous men in Kdrama it’s hard to go back to TVB and their aesthetics in hot men. Of course it’s never gonna be close to Resurrection/Mawang.

      I’m sad I no longer love BD/JHW unconditionally as he’s far fr perfect…BUT I’m so loving both HJ and YW and SK is still amusing. So GIRL POWER! I can love and watch a show for that alone.

  5. I have not caught up to our mutual crack yet but when I do, I shall come back and hopefully to convince your lost love for our Joseon scholar. Either that or I’ll rant with you how it sux! D:

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