7 minutes of MUST WATCH TV!

Sharing is caring, if u haven't, you can use 7 mins of your life and witness sth u'll never see before, or after..  If u need the GRANDEST laugh in 2012, don't look elsewhere, you literally can't stop even if your tummy is tearing itself from you in quitting the farce.  WATCH! watchwatchWATCHHHH!  Even if you r spoiled rotten like me, WATCH!

OH Heaven and Hell what the fureak is that, what happened to your head writersshi since Bali?!?!??! Seriously I regretted not dling in HD coz I'm so keeping this ep for a rainy bluesy shitty day.  As a Chinese saying goes, treat a poison with more poison *haha it's too early and my head…is boggled beyond repair to properly look up a trans, but there really is some saying like that*

A quickie backgd (I'm bringing in WHIB parallels, MUST!): 

YAI is Fashion King ie JaeMin OR InWook, he and SSK r the 'OTP',  SSJ is a SooJung obviously.  She's an aspiring Fashion Queen.  LJH is InWook/JaeMin, he's imitating SJS' patented blank angsty emoting to a tee but he's the rich prince, no backpacks and furcoats for him though.  I'm not playing fair because I haven't seen a wink btw ep 1, 2 and 20.  So if u r a FK fan and is offended, you have every right.  Soo sooooo Sorry if you r reading this.   The rest of us, please soldier on, I promise this is going somewhere FUN!. 

In ep 20, I got  LJH's JaeMin side beaten to a pulp by some sadistic Baddie loanshark daddy figure and SSK saw him in pulp form and feels sth, maybe pity, maybe she's a dominatrix, frankly I dunno, I dun think is love, but I'm not the smartest cookie to tell.  Earlier on, our InWookJaeMin and JaeMinInWook had a tete a tete with their faces not facing each other but staring at the same some wall and YAI's JaeMinInWook asked LJH's babyloanshark  for 2 billion wons or 1 billion wons, and he'll SACRIFICE for the SooJung I assumed..  And somewhere in the ep he gifted a cubic zirconia sparkly thing on top of a lollipop at the sleeping SSK's bedside before leaving for NYC (methinks) , in head to toe black. So sweet, the lollipop.

And to make him sweeter, he write an I LUB YOU~! COME TO ME IN NYC~! letter to SSK/SooJung.  Alas an all-mended LJH InWookJaeMin  just happens to look for his SooJung and witness the postal worker at work. He intercepts letter, woos SSK/SooJung some more.  Happily ever after. 

No really those 2 stay happily ever after  *as happily as I think murderers can?!*

YAI JaeMinside is drinking down his sorrow, still in his parting black ensemble.  And crying like a JIS!  Now,  I take notice because, 1.  YAI is our Moony and Black is his color; 2. for how little I've seen of our FK, he's NYC!FAB!GLAM!, think our JaeMin, now a poor pauper prince with heart of gold AND is a genius fashion designer.  Close your eyes and bask in the glorious overload of all the imitation furs and color explosions, flowers with prints fit for a ricequeen. *disclaimer: again I didnt see much of our FK's designs, but he impressed me with the mental note of JaeMin as a Fashion!designer*

So world,  set the play button to the last 7 min mark and hit play.  I think this is the penthouse suit he's living in N!Y!C!  using baddie LoanShark Daddy's $$$.  Doing very well our JaeMinInWook.  Ok not very, but quite alright this very moment even if he's stinkily drunk and bawling like a JIS

See, very alright for all parties involved when shirt's off. Oh but sth caught our pauper now rich prince's eye!  WHAT can it be?!

Oh his PRECIOUS!  A White! furcoat, I presume it's made of  dead polar bear cubs now back to the arms of God and residing in heaven over a warmer climate…like Bali.  I know the cap is misleading, no he's not humping a polar bear in his drunken stupor.

But he's so in love with his pure white furcoat, all the rest of his wardrobe close to it has to be tossed another 3 ft away.

Champagne, a halfnaked YAI, and a white fur coat not only make us fangirls lusting after it all.  Our YAI/JIS/SJS is also GLOATING.  Nth is going to wipe that angelic smile of his face now, right?

Next scene, money shot.  Drama can end here at this frame and it'll make enough sense. 

OR, if this next frame was endframe, it would be fine as well.   He's drunk, his love is not by him but he's filthy rich now with his furcoat he can care less than to swim in it, like a polar bear, under the Manhattan skyline. Sth very (Fashion) King of the World that he felt cold and isolated inside like the N Pole the polar bears he's imitating resides about the visual.

BUT who cares about sense?!  If you are doing a virtual watch-along, We are at 5 min mark.  At this point, there's nth criminal with….u know farting and whatnots in the pool… He's alone, the only one having to sitting in that pool of water.  But really see and hear for yourself, there is…some effervescent sound effects going on, multiple times.

Then he made a phone call, not hard to guess to whom.  We have your back, bro.  We understand.  We were Team JaeMin or Team InWook or Team JaeMin+InWook or Team JaeMin or InWook and you are all of those.  We r truly, Team You!

'Good!  Because I like you.' *some more JIS' imitation*  They r chitchatting on whether she misses him and whether he's in NYC and of coz he is, he saw them loveydovey at the FashionInstitute earlier.  Even though none of the phone convo is making a lot of sense, it's reasonable, he's drunk-calling her and she didn't know the things he saw ( I ASSUME?!)

(I'm at the old place.) Are you coming?

While YAI is still emoting/doing his business, we zoom out.  Oh Why is that necessary, one wonders?!

Oh what's that classy gentleman in a burgundy velvety tailored coat doing, sashaying, almost waltzing into view?  OH WHAT CAN HAPPEN NEXT?! *biting my cushion*

*chatty chatty*  *waltzy waltzy*

*chatty chatty chatty* *Waltz some more*

Oh FINALLY YAI/JIS/SJS saw the gentleman taking his time approaching him all suavely.   We can't see the face, but let us assume it's LJH/SJS/JIS related, SHALL WE?

DUNDUNDUNNNN!   Waltzing gentleman swing the gun in hand in almost a  full circle before classily pointing it at our YAI/SJS/JIS' head

Gun is shot, and heard.  At least I can hear it on my end in front of my screen.  SSK: 'I (will) miss you'




Calm, cool and collected with only a slight upturn of lips or a bit emotional after she uttered the words and shot is long fired and YAI is busy gushing blood in his abs to chat on.


We zoom out while angsty bluesy tango music is blaring.  I'm pretty sure if Victoria's Secret lend them those angel wings, that's their #1 choice, polarbearcoat is #2.

THE END!!!!!!

So fr what I gather with the lil info I have, loan shark Baddie Daddy hired a hit on the dude ie YAI/JaeMinInWook who ran off to NYC after scheming some big shark's money and not paying back .  In all seriousness, that makes so much sense esp after he's out in the open waiting for SSK at the Fashion!Institute of all places and he's still at his old digs as he said so on phone to SSK.  BUT, that hitman is so taking his time and not stealth AT ALL, and YAI doesn't notice until gun is pulled in a grand lavish swing, again taking his time, our hitman, and THEN he turned and  intentionally face his death almost?  And why is a gun pointing at head can inflict a wound in below the belt?!  And why is SSK so unfazed and almost contented?!?!?!  IS SHE THE MASTERMIND HONCHOWITCH!?!?!?


6 thoughts on “7 minutes of MUST WATCH TV!

    1. Gosh, the last 7 min my friend, I mean u should know, if u search FK there it’s PAGES of WTFFFFFF on that ending alone.

      But still, I was beyond entertained. Truly SoBADDDit’sAWESOME Jackpot.

      1. Haha, my friend said FK was his favorite drama this season and I was like “really? even with the senseless murder of the protagonist in the last 7 mins of the drama?” and he was like “WTF!!!” it was hilarious, considering the way in which he spoiled me for king2hearts XD Yes, I’m still going on about that. Also, for some reason I thought he gets killed by second lead. Bali confusion?


          Revenge’s sweet, paybacks a bitch! Hope lesson learnt for the boy!

          I thought it’s Guy2 as well, but it’s TINY and I’m cranky they didnt save me a closeup. Their faces = priceless!

  1. No answers for you ’cause this ending threw me for a loop.
    I am still upset and it’s been over a week.

    1. I think, on paper, and some paper dusted with Unicorn sparkles, it makes some sense of like SharkDaddy paying a hit on YAI.

      BUT the execution is so loopy and the whole cast is so absolutely lost and clueless as if they r just handed line by line with no context, no progression, no nth….even YAI mightily crying WHOLE face of tears doesnt convey a thing.

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