A (delusional) HongShi post

YH has run out of things to flirt with and now he's flirting with a fan who is also named Yuan Hong in Tengcent weibo.  The fan seems like a guy.  As cute as it is, I think Loverboy is going nuts not having ShiShi around to poke and flirt with.  *it's unsubstantiated, fr my delusional mind to yours! muahahah*

June 1st is Children's Day in CN.  He wishes Happy day to the kids with, 'wishing all my friends who still have the urge to pee right at an ant colony at the bottom of a tree whenever you spot one a good day!'
Then a 'Yuan Hong' answered, ' hehe~'
Loverboy, 'Who are you?!!?!? O_O||
'Yuan Hong', 'I'm Yuan Hong, but I'm not an actor.'
Loverboy, 'But you are quite good at acting.

And PS: wind fr redbeans Loverboy followed a 'Liu ShiShi' there who is not the real ShiShi, but he's desperate like that.  DONT EVER CHANGE MY LOVE!


16 thoughts on “A (delusional) HongShi post

    1. Hahah, no one knows for sure what’s the status of their relationship. Anyway, let’s just enjoy their closeness and weibo flirtations while they last. It’s already a tragedy that their onscreen OTP collaborations are now over.

          1. Why do you see his relations with TR as ok?!?!

            I don’t see it. They’d rather brownnose Nicky/KC/Wallace…ANYBODY for a bit of noise but will never even make a mention of YH ever when he’ll go and be nice and honestly treat them like friends. they r now doing the bwahaha @weibo as promo for the new ‘webmovie’ omnibus that in all honesty looks very interesting and with potential, and there are 10 stories, and the whole hodgepodge of names attached, of coz we know by now some r there for noise potential and won’t ever be in talks for it, but still many interesting choices, more than half repeating favors for TR, 10 stories…and no YH.

      1. “while they last”? 😮 that sounds like it won’t always be like that!! 😦 Actually if there’s a HongShi shipper everywhere why aren’t they taking advantage of it and spamming us with dramas of the couple? Seems really illogical.

        1. BUT…we r the odd ones, there r as many HuGe/LSS shippers. Actually there is a vocal bunch of LSS diehards who hate her association with YH…the whole he’s not good enough for her thing.

          and hahaha TR’s boss Karen is exactly the definition of illogical. She is a piece of work.

          1. whattttt? what’s wrong with YH? I think it’s actually pretty cool of him to keep connect with old buds from TR. *sigh* I think he’s just not near as leveled enough with Hu Ge & LSS them because Karen seemed to have put a net over him that restricted his natural growth potential.

            1. haha of coz there’s nth wrong with YH for us, but HG is a bigger idolstar, SS as well, so for a huge portion of their fans, many shipping them most rabidly at CP3, and usu much younger than YH’s fanbase, he’s like a grumpy old man not big enough a star for SS.
              I can understand their pov, it’s just so far fr mine.

    1. I think TR is trying their mightiest to push SS into movies, to be multifaceted and all. I don’t think their trajectory will cross…SS is for small screen idol fare, or I can see her in some smaller movies movies as romantic lead but not really a boxoffice draw, while YH is really trying to be ambitious, stretching himself and see where it can get him.

      1. There has been rumours of LSS being considered in major movie roles starring alongside Jet Li and Louis Koo. In fact, there were plenty of expectations that she will ascend to moviedom like YM, LYF after BBJX. But to be very honest, she may not have been performing well at external auditions, that’s why we haven’t seen that hoped for ascent and she’s still in TR productions.

        But to give LSS credit, she is definitely a better actress than LYF by now. LYF’s ascent to moviedom was majorly due to her godfather Chen Jinfei, not real talent. She was unimpressive in White Vengeance. Even for YM, I’m not impressed by her screen presence in her movies, even in Hua Pi 2 trailer – I actually find Angelababy better.

        1. ERm…

          I think all this is futile chatter, even if a movie is made but if it’s no connection to the big distributors, it wont see the daylight, movieland is another dirtier biz than the TV world, and a lot more $$$$ transected (laundered). Talent matters sooo much lesser in movies, it’s absolutely starpower and brandname and bkgd at play, esp when the CNmovieland is suffocated by blockbusters. We can stab at LYF all we want but she has a recognized pretty face And that put LSS in a very precarious position, she’s not enough acting chops to be in small indies, she’s generally regarded as a plainer LYF and almost as wooden, but don’t have the bkgd to greenlight a movie she’s headlining, it’s ALL filthy $ at work there. They aren’t even hiding the shenanigans, take ZW’s virginal directing debut, I don’t think she has MUCH say in casting. It’s just so telling when writerXin has named certain someone as her ideal and he’s not even considered. And also why Li YuChun, Jay Chau and the likes will be #1 choice for anything they can fit in their schedule, no audition required.

          1. Oh, looks like I’ve to eat my words. LSS is confirmed starring in a movie blockbuster with Jet Li – Prime Detective! I guess this will spell the end of HongShi forever. She’s become so big that Tangren will never let YH near her, hahaha!

            1. lulz u have been saying that forever, but I don’t see them honestly give a freck what others think, even if they r just the best of buds. GF, they really don’t have to air it out, but they used to choose to, they maybe kissing each other goodnights nightly for all we know and has TR ever ‘approve’ of SS to be near him EVER?!? That’s never stopped them being blatantly like with nobody else. I dont really ship them, tbh, but they keep flirting and winking did they all these years and I bet on SS’ end tonnes more off the public eye?!

              I dont see her having a movie career tbh, JetLi may be a big deal elsewhere but unless this has sth to do with ‘kungfu’ this is no chance to make a ripple, his last movie did not do well, at all. Unless SS surprised me A WHOLE LOT, I don’t see her able to impress me, let alone the ticket buying public.

              and HAHA I honestly don’t care about all this speculations, I only care about their works, if they r not showing me stuff intriguing me, I cease to care, SS is very very close to that threshold.

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