O_O Wuxia drama (bad but maybe good) rumors!

*gasp* *gulp* NOOOOO!!!!  Yessss?

Elephant Mt official weibo is tweeting: PD 赖水清 is scouting locations for his upcoming Demi Gods Semi Devils remake!!!!  And Elephant is openly asking fans to spazzzzz on their perfect casting.  Of course the name of our prince of periods, Loverboy, is thrown around, mostly as QiaoFung and for some DuanYu votes.  He'll make the PERFECT Qiao Fung (a discriminated against nonHan Chinese, torn btn patriotism and kin and MOST tragic OTP of all wuxia OTPs, so so full of pathos!! OMGOMGOMG But he can also make a bland on paper DuanYu (the unluckiest prince EVER and incest/fauxcest magnet extraordinaire) brimming with unintentionally irresistible charm.  I can even see him as the innocent naivete later 'humanized', Shaolin monk XuZhu, ie all 3 of the titular leads in the masterpiece. And this is not my fangirl delirium doing the talking.  Try to picture all of it in head if you know the story, and yup, I can see ur nodding.  And I will happily pay to see LSS as Mu Wanqing, basically a stronger, feistier Mu NianChi who is not into a rapist baddie (but her maybe blood brother), or A'Zhu (QF's OTP *Sobbb*).  It'll be awesome to see how much SS has grown since her LoCH days handling a better, yet similar, wuxia heroine.  And muahaha it would give me SUCH a dig if they cast HuGe as either a DuanYu or XuZhu as well and we have a 'TR 3 treasures' reunion outside of the crap TR is now churning out.  I can already see K boss' face in shades of white/grey/green fr rage! lol

imo DGSD is the 'easiest' LC to adapt, it is full of yummy makjang/pathos and glorious drama cliches we so love, but told masterfully.  The characters are either very bold and colorful with a few token blander ones, with lots of twisty plots concerning them all.  Two adaptations I still rewatch: the only ZJZ I ever loved, DGSD2003, which imo is as close to a perfect LC adaptation ever and the oldie but goodie 1982TVB.

PD 赖水清 was responsible for most of the TW Louis Cha remakes in the 90s…and they were stinky turds. STINKY CRAPPY TURDS!  The most traumatizing TWdramas I've ever set eyes on.  The worst offense was his RoCH98. He gave me this XLN in BLACK, ok if only this was a mash w/ Macbeth.  And lets not touch my #$@%$&^%# on RichieRen's most offensive miscast as the most swoonlicious LC hero for most fangirls: Yang Guo.  This is not their fugliest, but actually one of their prettier caps.

And just to kill me some more PD also casted Richie as LHC in my #1 wuxia love Smiling Proud Wanderer.  *WAILLLLLLLLLSS*

I'll watch an ep of  PD's upcoming GuLong adaptation with Wallace Chung in The Magic Blade to prepare myself the blunt of injury comes DGSD > no matter who's cast, I'm watching.  I can stand Wallace in certain roles but I've never liked any of his dramas, he's never horrible but will forever be insanely overrated in fandom imo.  However I do judge anyone casting Baron Chen in wuxias…or dramas for that matter.  I can never get used to Baron's…talent *coughlackthereofcough*

But PD's involvemnt may not be as detrimental considering this is a harder to mess up LC.  The most crucial thing is cast the right actors for the heroes, most importantly Qiao Fung.  There can't be a better fit for Qiao Fung atm than YH, esp if he bulks up.  It's almost like a final exam of his skills, combining his juicy challenging bits in his past roles and forming it into one magnificant tragic hero that he can do well AND gain his deserving respect and accolades at last!  IFFFFF YH is QF, this is absolutely the greatest news in wuxialand for me since forever.  QF is a star-making role, I think he can be as good as HuJun and this is the exact character catapulting HJ to leading man stardom.  It's a role IF it's ever offered to YH, I can't see him turning down, EVER.  He may not be as manly as HJ, and there's bound to be comparisons but he's so much more prettier!!!  He is widely considered one of the handsomest in Qing queue by C audience and critics alike, but I would also add he wears fur like nobody's business.

Off topic: HJ's Kublai Khan drama is looking decent! I'll keep an eye out.

And ETA: I'm shocking myself in thinking Xuan Yuan Sword doesn't look too extremely shitty fr its title song MV.  HG is for once having mature, sexy chemistry with TangYan (and I like her in serious angsty roles).  I guess if TR sets its mind in doing sth its good at, within its scope, it can still do a decent game adapt  drama.

20 thoughts on “O_O Wuxia drama (bad but maybe good) rumors!

  1. Qiao Feng’s my fav JY hero by every definition in the book. Crappiest of crappy luck though. Duan Yu, me no like. I doubt he would’ve stayed faithful to MWQ even wo the fauxcest interference.Time for another adaptation huh. It’s like “hey, 10 yrs have passed, ok to do another now”

    1. He is my fav tragic hero in JY, too! But gosh, the thought of him is giving me too much trauma. I don’t really care about Duan Yu or XuZhu, to me DGSD is ALL QiaoFong, he elevates the novel to my top3 JY.

      Duan Yu is lame and the one I cared the least of the 3 heroes here but it was entertaining/hilarious almost seeing him falling in love with his ‘sisters’ even when I was watching the KenTong 1982 version.

      Yup, *sigh* I thought JY said no more ruining of his novels and I believed him. But we have YuZheng’s Swordsman. The horror of that makes this much more easy to swallow, or else I’ll be swearing my lungs off with the PD alone.

    2. Wow it’s really been 10 years!

      I was excited when I heard there’s gonna be a new DGSD adaption. Out of all the JY stories I’ve watched, I still think DGSD is my favorite. I’ve watched many of PD 赖水清 works during my Alyssa Chia fan days. I’ve never watched the Magic Blade so I won’t know if anything goes off, but DGSD I’ve watched too many times. YH as pretty safe as QF.

      Despite it being nice to see her reunite with YH as Ah Zhu, but …I would love to see LSS as Mu Wanqing. I can totally see her
      in the role. She’s my most favorite out of all of Duan Yu’s supposed sisters. I actually think that her and Duan Yu could have been a couple had it not been her playboy dad or was it his mom’s fault more? I’d like to think Duan Yu would be faithful.

      1. Gulong is extremely hard to adapt into dramas for the masses. Even the ones true to novels r not…entertaining…because he tends to go on philosophical poetic tangents. It’s not an easy read esp when some of them it’s like self-therapy for the insanely talented poet/writer living with his turmoils and alcoholism. And Magic Sword is one of the hardest wuxia read, GuLong said it’s his most torturous work.
        Since I don’t see the looks, flare and out of this world charisma screen presence in Wallace, and his character Fe HongXue is one of the murkiest out there, almost an antihero of darkness (he’s handicapped and named HongXue/RedSnow because of the massacre around him tinting the snow red…)with as much angst if not more than a QiaoFung, I dont see it working, esp when PD 赖水清 is imo unanimous to the most questionable castings. IF HuGe put his all in it, he has the potential to be a true to form Fu HongXue. But my dream cast will always be LeslieCheung or TonyLeung.

      2. Oh and yes, I want to see ShiShi as Mu Wanqing the most as well. tbh if SS is Ah Zhu, I fear she may get too mousy because imo RL SS is nth like the timid and gentile, feminine to the extreme Ah Zhu.

        I don’t see Duan Yu as a playboy actually, I just saw him serially falling in love…with his ‘sisters’ and since that’s extreme taboo, he had to move on to the next. imo he would hate to be anything like his dad and will work hardest towards not being a STD carrying seed sower.

        1. I shipped Duan Yu with Mu Wangqing the most. Miss Huang is actually my least favorite, but I totally understand why Duan Yu moved on so fast. I feel so sad for him each time he fell in love with another girl and it turns out to be another sister. It’s like “oh no, not again.” If he didn’t move on fast he’d be like poor Mu Wangqing, the girl never really moved on. T_T

          Really anticipate who they’ll use to fill up these roles. Since I actually know this story, it really gets me on the edge of my seat reading each name that pops up.

          1. I dont mind Duan Yu, I do think he has a sweet genuinely good soul, but his existence is almost just for the purpose his dad can get his respite, but dues r paid by son.

            I don’t think any girl can care much about Huang, she’s essentially a XLN v.2. We are not flawless pretty figurines carved out of pure white cold marble tyvm Mr JY!

            1. gonna eavesdrop on this convo haha~

              i notice there’s always a trend
              the same actress is always playing XLN and HYY!
              Crystal Liu played both, Carmen Lee played both (TVB)
              means the directors agree ^^

              1. I’m not sure if PD 赖 follows this trend. I think wuxia, esp JY, is in a precious genre of its own in Cdramaland in which it DOES attract young rabid fanboys as much as fangirls across age groups. Both my Dad and DiL r going to watch it as soon as I told them last nite. And with the usual male PD at the helm, they do cast the out of this world most agreeable beauty in the biz at the time and both Crystal and Carmen (and Idy) fit that bill. JY makes it eas(ier), only need to go for the looks, not skills, these void pretty vases, cariatures of the ideal don’t need it. PD 赖 made the mistake of picking Jacklyn Wu who is a good actress with her own brand of aura and charisma, but without the vacant mass pretty veneer most crucial

                But haha I’m a girl so as long as I get a decent QF out of this *coughYH!cough* I can let everything else slide. I can’t think of a working actress atm in the league of LYF/Crystal/(and Idy) at their prime, other than……LYF?!?! Give it to the pretty girl she does look almost the same as 10 years ago. That’s a feat considering that’s the entirety of her assets! Bravo LYF!

                1. yes how could i forget! haha i didn’t know she played huang yu yan in DGSD too? Yeah XLN is basically only needs a vase since she doesn’t have any expressions anyways! HYY same same.

          2. It’s not that I want DY to wallow in fauxcest. But with him, it’s eternal infatuation. He was able to move on that quick because the next girl was “Fairy Jiejie”. Had Wang Yuyin not been pretty I doubt he’d bat an eyelash. It’s a wonder he wasn’t Duan Zhengchun’s son.

            1. But Aren’t they ALL?! ;P It is wuxia and is there any ugly heroine in JY’s world, EVER? Sadly no. So technically it’s not only DZC’s son who would be born with the shallow gene. (ok maybe minus GJ, but there’s a reason I saw him as hubby material even when I was 12)

              1. True, Gals are all extraordinarily pretty. But it doesn’t mean Guys have to go gaga-eyes at them like DY did with the way he followed WYY around. I’d like to think Zhang Wuji chose Zhao Min over ZZR for compatibility and personality. Or YG fell in love w XLN because of their years of care and bond.

                1. True, but then I would totally bet my life’s saving on YG having the hots for a XLN lookalike during the 16 years.
                  BUT then when JY describe his heroines, they r alllll pretty, different shades of pretty but ZM is as pretty as ZZR. The most basic criteria for a wuxia heroine is always always gorg.

                  I’m not as bugged by DY gagaing over WYY because of looks and going fr one girl to another because it came across to me as nth more than attraction/infatuation and he didnt have time to develop anything deeper with them and ‘faux’cest kicked in. I do think he and WYY r compatible in how…shallow they r haha. OF course I’m alway a sucker for opposite attracts and for that we have QF and AZ *sobbb*

  2. omg i didn’t watch that ver of RoCH
    Richie Ren =/= Yang Guo noooo way ever
    HXM might not be able to act but he can do the image (I’m so shallow so I don’t care)

    DGSD is definitely one of my fav JY novels even if I never read the actual book but watched it so many times already
    QF is one of those main char that really stand out in memory

    1. You didn’t miss a thing, you know it! Gosh sorry Richie fans but he’s honestly ugly to me and to play one of the most dashingly handsome guy in all of wuxias. I can’t compute.

      I actually don’t mind HXM as YG, he does fit the looks to a tee, and individually LYF is the perfect XLN, but too bad they don’t look the required age difference and HXM ended up totally like a pervie ahjusshi. It’s hard to get the look right, let alone asking for acting chops, that’s why it’s so hard to cast a Louis Cha hero, they r fantasies/fallacies.

      Who will be a decent QiaoFung in your eyes?

      1. haha i totally felt pain when watching that couple seriously! PAIN!
        They totally fit the roles like cookie mold but the chemistry… it just didn’t work gahhh T_T

        hm.. QF is very macho character kind of like a wolfish guy? And he’s actually very gentleman too.. actually I think I only enjoyed one adaptation of DGSD and that was my first so figures haha. It was Felix Wong in the QF role then. I wouldn’t say my opinion was very unbiased though because he sorta became QF? I don’t know if that makes any sense lol again I never read the book! i think i would know if it’s casted wrong though!

        Yeah LC I actually have to say GJ is the easiest to cast, maybe Duan Yu. The others are kind of like what you said.

        1. It’s the magic of LC! Esp when we watch drama adaptations of his masterpiece, it’s just sooo impressive on the story alone it’s hard to overcome.

          It’s also why Felix is not my #1 QF and that adapt of DGSD because I saw him first as the cute monk XuZhu in the 1982 DGSD then GuoJing in LoCH1983 as a young kid. In hindsight, those r so not suitable TV for younglings. So he’s forever in my mind the simpleton hero with a dash of Forrest Gump.

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