I just spent the evening at a local jazz bar doing nth but wallowing in rich mahogany, buttery leather sofas, cigar smoke and appreciate/ogle at the few guys in very fine tailored suits perfecting the visual of a WKW movie ambiance.  Ahhhhhh~~~

Btw apparently my man-rem has a uniform:

Although I doubt GY will ever join the league of the other 3 lovely men I'll forever crush.  We'll see.

On drama front, I'm not sure exactly why and tbh I don't really care….I haven't watched anything drama-esque since QIHM.  Other than rewatching ep15 the other day.  <- I'm into wailing, self-inflicted drama pain, that's why.

Then I rem I like BIG and IDID enough 2eps in, but I've also decided to quit live drama watch for good.  I'll wait till the fan fervor stops interfering me with spoilers and meddling my opinion.  I watch things according to my pickings and pace anyways and it's worked for me all the while till I caught on social mediums and blogs.  I will marathon GoT2 some day…when I'm in a masochistic mood, I've felt out 2 eps of S2.  Then there's the boring (I've heard) MadMen5, which I totally can watch it mindlessly for costume/set p0rn.  HBO's Girls is sth my gfs r talking about, I'm trying not to listen to a word of spoiler, and Breaking Bad in a month!

Then, I saw a trend I've put dramas aside and forget about them at ep2 no matter how decent, even when I made an emotional connection,  eg my only Jdorama love this season A Falsified Romance (the Crime and Punishment loose remake).  But now that I rem, I'm palipali dl'ing the remaining 4 eps and that's what I'm gonna watch…..if I feel like it, that is.

I'm quite glad and relieved though.  While I'm a drama addict, I do have other hobbies in life I want to spend more time and passion on and last few wks did give me an awakening of my priorities.  I can live without dramas, I can live without a mental drug.  I can still love it and watch it in moderation, but my life no longer has to give up a chunk of control over it.  *PHEWWWWW*  It's extremely liberating!

But haha this can so be just a phase.  I guess if that rare Show makes me go down the rabbit hole for the nth time, I'll still be back here spazzing like the crazy woman I am born to be, Ghetto Justice 2 has a firm premiere of 7/30 and I CANT WAIT! I loved GJ to bits, rewatched it twice and it still holds up.   I have high hopes Show!  Don't mess with me!


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  1. Mad Men 5 aka the Lane Pryce show? Weeeellll, that’s not really true, just felt like it to me. I just can’t, with that character, he weirded me out too much. I’m also distracted watching the Joan scenes because now I can’t stop imagining Christina Hendricks as Melisandre, hehe.

    Who’s the guy in the last picture?

    1. Oh he’s Jean Paul Gaultier, in his fav signature tee!

      Yikes, I don’t care for Lane Pryce as well, I haven’t read a thing about MM5 so….

      and Christina Hendricks is your ultimate dream pick as Melisandre? Don’t you think she’s a bit too…voluptuous for the red witch?

      1. CH is my brother’s fantasy casting, but I can’t get it out of my head since he said it, heh. He thinks CH looks like a more natural redhead than Carice van Houten. But really, who’s to say Melisandre is really a natural redhead anyway? This is a woman who can do weird and creepy stuff after all, I’m sure dyeing her hair is not a problem!

        Nahhh, I’m not even sure Lane has that much more screentime this season, I just dislike him more, so it felt like that. It’s like with Jon Snow in GOT, I kept complaining that the show is spending so much time with his boring storyline, but when you add it all up over the course of 10 episodes, it’s not much, really. It just FELT like FOREVER.

        1. Re: Lane
          I feel the exact same already in 4! It’s like every plot around him is begging me to FEEL for him but I just don’t care at all. :/

          My Jon Snow equiv in GoT was Daenerys, more so when reading Bk2. But yes, I don’t see the fuss about the boy doing Jon Snow, he seems so garden variety bland and nth special to me when fandom is licking his feet as the adonis.

          lolz but CH is a natural blond. I do love her as a redhead and I don’t mind her as Melisandre, I think. I have never entertained the idea and I’m much more emotionally invested in MM, esp Jane than GoT tbh, even when I know MM5 sux, so I guess I have the reverse idea stuck in my head than that in yours.

          1. It broke my brother’s heart when he found out CH is not a natural redhead. Oh god, I do not like that kid playing Jon Snow,he only has two expressions – sulky, and clueless (with his mouth hanging open). But there’s no accounting for taste, hehe, I thought Tywin Lannister is pretty hot!

            My brother thinks Stannis is wayyy to attractive on the show for the supposedly completely unlikable Stannis in the book. Ehhhh, Stephen Dillane is not bad-looking, but this is the least attractive I’ve seen him in anything. Especially compared to his Thomas Jefferson in “John Adams”. I do not think TJ is supposed to be THAT charming and seductive, especially when he’s talking to John Adams (he called him “Mr A” at one point and gave him a playful smile, sighhhh). Nooooo, bad, bad show, you’re making me think weird things about the Founding Fathers!!!

  2. I’ve been rewatching QIHM 15 too like someone who can’t help but suck at a tooth cavity >_< My bff and I have decided that QIHM has ruined other dramas for us, because while they're perfectly watchable, they don't offer the same emotional high. Luckily (or rather unluckily) I have a licensing exam to study for and this summer has to be THE summer of sports.

    1. OH you guys as well!!!! now I don’t feel like this strange weird masochist! ^^

      Good luck in your exams dear!

      The weirdest new thing is I almost FORGET I have a drama addiction lately and I’m fine with it.

      Yes that too. All my usual drama time is spent watching Eurocup these days. And Olympics in a month!!!

  3. I don’t feel compelled to follow any of the currently aring dramas in real time so I’m watching whatever happens to tickle my fancy any given moment. Lately it’s been City Homicide, an Ausse cop show. 🙂 I’m almost done with S1 too. I’ve also been paying more attention to domestic chores that were mostly ignored during my feaverish drama-watching frenzy. And reading… picked up a book today and read it in one sitting, LOL!

    Weather is also nice so I’m spending more time outisde. You never know how long this lasts so better enjoy it while you can.

    1. I think summer has a lot to do with it, it’s now still bright out till 9! ^^ that and my hubs has a very similar schedule with mine for once, and we usu go mountain biking as dusk.

      I’m also reading more, but it’s mostly classics I still haven’t touched, finally reading Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451. And I’m in the mood of Steinbeck.

    1. I mean i may think the other 3 maybe, just maybe more handsome rationally speaking, but no one rocks the Breton strips as cute like the eternal quirky badboy JPG!!

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