Well well welll….I may as well be a witch, but things r still  whatthe!fishy to me with that certain drama->RL CP, just to confirm I really have no shipperblood.

While I can understand obsession with PDAs and love declarations to the world, when it comes to actors, it's a much more complicated affair.  I prefer never knowing shit until they r married for their sake.  I don't need to know about RL feelings to enjoy sth more than I should.  There is the relentless rabid fandoms they have to deal with.  Once it's announced to the public, what JHW is ranting about in his lil tweet the other day that this is 'none of anyone else's business' is what?!  There is their image to cultivate with which their career is based upon, esp in Asian dramaland, until you have a very firm footing in the industry when you can make your own calls and people will pay you respect to do the heck you want, but even then, never truly whatever the heck.  Are they that revered yet?!  Last I checked they are 'up and coming', just got their first respectable cult hit and they chose to play their personal life under the public's scrutiny?  Why add-on soo many extra sets of eyes ogling your every move in your private budding romance and make the inevitable physical separation with the upcoming in WEEKS MS even more stressful as is?!!

I don't get it.

That said, I'm happy for them if they are really in love and prioritizing it more than anything else.  It is romantic, but I can't help but be worried for our Romeo and Juliet.  For one thing, they are coming across as irrational and ignorant of their biz.

I'm not sure how to interpret YIN's reaction after JHW's confession even though it's truly none of my/our business.  I didn't think it's a big deal, but her 'non'-reaction to it made my brows raised a little.  Then both their managements refused to comment on sth very straight forward which JHW had make public at an occasion that would ascertain maximum exposure.   It's almost like their managements were shoving gags over their wailing children's mouths in front of my eyes.  But if they were already dating back then, how she reacted was putting her namja in a precarious position for DAYS.  Both their managements were in a scramble for the PR storm hitting them.  IF they started after the confession, while being hopelessly romantic, I see it as career suicide.  From now on is YIN not going to be in any drama/movie involving intense feelings of her character towards her costar's? ie ACT?!!  Because I don't see any reporter not asking the questions, how is it like kissing so and so as opposed to your lovely JHW?  How is it romancing another guy while your own guy is away fr you in MS?  EVERY public appearance from now on till eternity.  So she'll be contented with her personal romance with JHW taking the spotlight from all of her work in the foreseeable future?  I'm not saying people should never fall in love on set/at work, but for their career choice, what is the absolute need to be this public?!  Are there not enough gossip and noise around everything else involving them not work-related already?  Would they love each other less without all the world as bystanders or forced into witnesses?!  I don't think so, right?  Isn't your world only consists of the 2 of you when madly falling in love?!  It cut down on my appreciation of their fine job in QIHM when the crew is now letting it loose chatting they were too good to NOT be real in their kisses and making outs on set. Hmmmm, aren't they actors on a job first and foremost ie that's the gist of their job description to act it out?!  Are they incompetent to do so with their skills and professionalism and everyone can see it's not acting on set?! 

Then there's SportsSeoul, the National Inquirer wannabe,  imo, if SHK/HB's dating news was not 'leaked' by them (I still insist it's per SHK's management permission/plotting, she's been in the biz long enough to not be careful and experienced with these matters and had never been caught redhanded without her knowledge) they have a better chance to make it work, IF that's both parties' intention, that is.  I see SportsSeoul as always a tool for artists' management for PR shows.   I don't think Korea has the paparazzi in the true sense of the word like the rest of the world.  It's all under careful manipulation, tight rein of the big management agencies, and YG is as big a deal as a formidable agency in the industry you can get.  I can't help but see it as their rep striking a 'deal', reached an agreed/ 'wise' decision this is the best way to savage and make the best out of the situation with both parties walking out of it as unscathed as possible.  The pics are staged. Both YIN and JHW must be retarded and mental to not suspect they would be shot if seen in public doing what they are doing in the pics. Lets face it, they are aware the cameras are exactly where, and they choose to display it.  These are not some stolen snaps fr hidden camera, everything is quite well lit and they r the talk of the town CP, they can't have no idea. 

I just see conflict of interests and strangest timing in things transpired to treat it as some pure lofty romantic gestures, never when managements are involved in kdramaland.

19 thoughts on “hmmm

  1. hmmm πŸ˜•

    I could understand your worries. Those thoughts appeared to me as well, but I washed it off.

    For JHW, I always have the impression that he never cares about mass’ opinions and doesn’t put much weights on what other people think about him. For example in Ariang’s interview years ago, he even answered frankly that he acted for a living. And he said it again in Yoo Hee Yeol’s sketchbook this March that for him, acting is a way to make living! Even though he was gonna star in QIHM! When I watched Lee So Ra’s proposal, I had that impression again

    JHW: “When I was in the Nuts, we were doing music that would appeal to the masses so that the agency would receive songs from other composers. Now I am doing music that not a lot of people may recognize, but show “this is the type of music I want to do”. ”

    So at least, from JHW’s side, I think he just wanted to do what he really wanna do.

    From YIN’s side. I think she is more careful than him in this. And also, knowing that she’s a Gemini, I think her initial silent reaction is understandable. It is very difficult for a Gemini to make sure about her feeling at first. She will question herself ” Is this feeling real/true? Do I misunderstand my feelings?” etc.. (speaking from the point of view of a Gemini myself). YG is a big agency, and they’re so good in Public relation (last year’s two scandals of Big Bang already proved it!) But I think that YG is quite respectful to their artists’ choices.

    Whether the publicity will affect their relationship and careers, whether the relationship could last long, we couldn’t know. Time will give us answer and we’ll see how it turns out :).

    And whether their relationship will last or not, we couldn’t know either. Some people will say yes. Some will say no. And eventually either the former or the latter can say: See, I said that! But still, future is never certain.

    Maybe as you said, the leaked photos are staged. And everything is planned. But I still believe their feelings for each other are real. For now, I will just be happy with them and wish them all the best! πŸ˜‰

    1. Re: hmmm πŸ˜•

      I honestly don’t care nor read into actors esp, I prefer their RLs to be enjoyed at their leisure, none of my freaken business, even with my ILU Hyunbinnie I don’t care who he dates how he approaches romance and all that. Speak to me with works. I’m easy to please. πŸ™‚

      If…YIN wasn’t sure of her feelings and hence the hesitation/non-reaction, JHW made it into a public circus, but she’s sure a wk later?! It’s telling for me now you mentioned he’s eying this biz to make a living. ie w/ that mindset and drive, and been in the biz for a gd while not getting big break and suddenly you hit it with a cult hit with critical acclaim and fandom obsession, you don’t commit career suicide. (Same with YIN) He didn’t of course, but it sure looked like he’s off the cliff when YIN/YG camp made no comment and he went into ‘hiding’ for a good few days right when QIHM fever was at its peak with its finale. The subsequent moves are super slick, atvm even in weibosphere, QIHM, YIN, JHW each owned 3 ranking of the top10 hottest mentions. No one will be naive enough to credit that on drama proper alone. He’s heading for MS, it PAYS to be talked about, maximum amt of spotlight because things will certainly quiet down, or I should say die down esp he won’t be working for 18 months, a century in showbiz.

      Frankly the with the public declaration of whatever YIN’s reaction is to it r storms in teacup to me, but it’s rapidly moved onto a PR charade and whether management is respectful or not of the artists’ true feeling is never a high priority, if YG is so respectful why no statemt earlier?! YIN JUST started dating JHW after and they decided to go soooo public?!?! Plus…tbvh are they that sure of what exactly are the feelings themselves??!?!? They just walked off the stage of an intense emotional job, still riding the high of their most successful one to date and with more burning RL issue to tackle (eg MS).

      Bottom line is the need for this to be played out in the public every step of the way is none other than for publicity, what we feel or not is, as JHW said, none of our/their business and vice versa. Do they need the public’s blessing to soldier on?! It’s shaky to base a soon to be long distance romance of two ~30-yos. They can be even more lovey dovey and sweet as 2 lovebirds in their privacy. You don’t walk out for a ‘stroll’ brightly lit, smiling, waving and holding hands in public in the middle of this unless you r making a loudest statemt, which is bringing back to my point this is a PR dog and pony show. They are making a move every other day on it, keeping themselves in the headlines. I don’t see how if they are truly madly in love will care to put up these public shows instead of nurturing the romance, cuddle in bed 24/7 till his enlistment. Afterall he’s made his public declaration. A simple YG statemt can be done with it. BUT nonono, YG wants the most out of it.

      I agree YG is terrific in PR, it’s super shrewdly played and staged the more I think of it. IF YIN has kept her silence , she is painted in a less than ideal light by half of the ppl caring to make an opinion (not me). Now after the Night Stroll/Show, everyone is in shipping fervor, awwwing and ahhhing over how romantic! and blessing them to cloud 9 and beyond. Well played YG/YIN/JHW/JHW’s management. Winwinwinwin for all.

      Whatever happens, they have nth to lose but gain. Most prob YIN/JHW do like each other, but everything they are doing and saying… so not how you handle a budding romance bound to be stressful even without the public ogling. This won’t be a huge deal if they announced they r dating at ANY pt, but JHW has to make that grandest holler at the most opportune timing, AND YIN/YG has to ‘shun’ by not responding, for days. And JHW tweeted a ranty snerky tweet. And we cap it all off by a180, public Show of cutest affection with a load of ‘paparazzi’ pics. The predictable is for a ‘breakup’ announcement with tears fr YIN so both can walk off as star-crossed lovers separated by MS/Life/Fate/Timing…or all of the above, very empathetic reasons. Fandom will outpour more love, blessing xoxoxo to them, esp JHW in MS. BUT my bet is YG/YIN may ‘stay’ by JHW’s side till he’s done with MS and be an lovely sweet honorable army wifey.

      1. Re: hmmm πŸ˜•

        Sorry for not replying you earlier.

        Thank you for listening and discussing with me :-).

        In fact, I was more excited about them being in love than the whole publicity things. At one point, I was even thinking “Why do they need to go public if they can date secretly?” But i guess dating secretly could be a frustrating things to do; it could feel like you are committing some sin and always think how to conceal it. Maybe all this process was their strategy to go public and still get the support from most of people.

        I don’t believe in all YIN said in the radio, even though it sounds sweet and she was freaking cute. For me, it was like half of the truth, and half not. But she has the right to keep her private life and share whatever she wants, so.. It is like JHW and YIN figure out that the best way to date peacefully is to feed the media and make the mass satisfied with what they want. If all these things were staged and planned by them together before the confession, I would even love them more. I think it is a smart plan to play with the media and the mass, for me at least, kkk. It could do more harm than good, and when they break up, things could turn out badly. But I like it, anyway.

        When JHW confessed and YIN kept her silence, people were going crazy, guessing that JHW must be very upset, YIN must be in a very difficult situation, etc. And in my mind, I kept my own favorite version of the story: JHW and YIN were dating, and laughing together at how people all went nuts because of JHW’s confession and YIN’s silence.

        I agree with you ;). Well played them all.

        1. Re: hmmm πŸ˜•

          o *hugz* Junnie,

          no thank you for bearing with me and my rants.
          I’m most bothered with the fandom’s exhilaration and involvement in demanding them to air out everything. It’s almost like a checklist a drama CP has to fulfill outside of a drama, or else. I’m an ahjumma, I’ve shipped lovely drama CPs along with the actors’ lovely chemistry for as long as I have memory, BUT I’ve never taken the leap myself crossing the line. It back in the days, actors can choose to keep their personal lives outside of work, not anymore. Either by choice/coercion we have to know personal intimate conversations btn 2 people behind doors, every step of the way. Of course I’m happy for people finding love, it’s amazing, BUT it’s sacred, or should be, and it spoiled the magic for me when it’s used in any other way. This is like a harsher reality show we’re watching, where the next ‘climax’ ppl r looking out for is, sadly, the separation/breakup….

          Yup, I’m impressed with how smart and savvy they both are, and did what they should absolutely do in the business, but I blame the climate and the twisted rabidness of fandom that resulted in actors under the insane amount of stress to live every aspect of their lives in public and all they can claim control over THEIR LIVES is to make the best out of it. I don’t get the extrapolation of seeing them in love will bring personal happiness…because when they appear in front of cameras, they are at work, doing their job. When I’m at work, I have to work as part of a team, if my patients ever demanded and asked incessantly get all caught up just coz I work great with my coworker, thus we should fall in love blabla, I wouldn’t hesitate to readmit him/her to ward.

  2. Me thinks someone is just too cynical :PI take it at face value. If she says he confessed prior in private, and never pressured her again until filming ended as she had asked him, then that’s what happened. If she believes his later public confession to be a simple burst of emotions w/o any ulterior motive, then I won’t call it any different. If she says she considered their careers, reel vs real feelings, gave it thoughts and still just want to give it a go, then good luck. It may seem sensationalized atm bcuz they came out n say it themselves, but perhaps they’re just saving themselves the trouble of sneaking around yet being found out later anyway. They might be naive, or I might be naive for believing in their naivete. But I’d like to give their relationship the benefit of a doubt because relationships r hard enough w/o the world doubting u.

    1. I’m usu super cynical, but in this case I beg to differ.

      Because the players r not only YIN/JHW, but YG is involved. YG, who got G-Dragon out of the similar drug stigma JJH is still doomed and stuck with. And to be brutally frank, there is NO paparazzi in K ent biz. The managements are handlers r too in control of everything fr image and packaging and so forth. IF this is really them going for it hecking it all, YG would’ve dropped YIN. It’s too blatant she’s carefully managed with her every move in this offscreen soap.

      As I’ve said, there’s nth to be sensationalized if they just come out and announce to the world they r dating, who is going to be shocked, ‘Oh I don’t see it coming!’ with all the perfect-pitch lovey dovey they were asked to do, saving the sneaking and being found out. JHW has less than a month before MS? They are not THAT huge a deal to be followed 24/7 if this didn’t surface after QIHM finished airing and they can’t sneak around for a few wks?!?!?! They r veterans of 10+ years, they know their way around and nth here is accidental, they went the overdramatized gossip fodder route.

      The truest fact is, I won’t be talking about them, netizens won’t be pushing their names into top searches if not for how they played it out.

      1. Seriously mookie, stop being such a debbie downer πŸ˜›

        But I do agree with a lot of what you said, Mookie. Especially about how he complained that ppl shouldn’t concerned themselves with other’s business. When I read that, I was literally screaming inside my head, ” DUDE! YOU made it our business!!” but I subsequently forgave him b/c I’m a sucker for a pretty face. hehe! In seriousness tho, I don’t think it was such calculated move like you believe. Like what hamster428 said, I think they just probably want to date in the open like normal ppl do.

        Sure they’re a gossip fodder right now but how long will that last especially since he’s off to the army so soon? He can create a big buzz now but it’s not gonna be able to sustain the entire time he’s there so there isn’t much of a point to it. As for In Ah, like you pointed out, she gonna have issues now with future casting but eh, she can use this opportunity to expand her repetoire into something less romance centric. I think she’s pretty natural actress so I’m excited to see what she can bring to the audience. Basically, I can’t see the goods that come out of this as opposed to the bads so I’m more inclined to believe it’s a case of two ppl following their feelings. Did you read her statement about this? It answers the whole question why she waited, etc.

        I find it a bit ironic that while we applaud and squeal about how brave Hee Jin was to just step up for BD by admitting that he’s her gf and how carefree she was about the repercussions that follow, we’re now judging and shaking our head for In Ah’s decision which is a pretty good mirror of the drama verse.

        I know, I know. It’s drama vs. real life but isn’t one of the reasons we watch drama is to let ourselves be happy with an idealized version of the world? So it’s kind of nice to know that those kinds of things could exist in real life.

        These two probably are unbelievably naive and most of the time I would so roll my tiny eyes at ppl like them. But then again, it’s sweet to have the world be buoy by that kind of simplicity if only b/c it makes life so much less dreary. Like what YIN’s mom said when she asked for advise about this, “The world is more beautiful than you think” which I think is an incredibly sweet sentiment.

        So even if they don’t end up making adorable babies, it’s still not such a bad thing for them to be happy like that right now.

        …and wow, I think I can literally spout rainbows today. hur!

          1. And now I think we just have to agree to disagree mainly b/c I should go study instead of dissecting Korean strangers’ intention in essay form in your LJ!

            But….(I can’t ever stop myself =/ ), the reason why I think YIN’s acceptance is similar to HJ’s action is that ultimately they choose to stand by their man. Plus I thought it was cute how she was saying that when she saw the paparazzi pic, she thought it turned out good so she didn’t mind it.

            Well even if like you say, everything was a product of a well oiled machination, there still remain in the equation two ppl who like each other. and that at least is enough for me.

  3. I’m surprised I’m not affected by this whirlwind romance! I loved the drama (albeit it having slacked from 11 onwards and ended somewhat messily and unexplained)and adored the actors… but you know what, I couldn’t care less!

    If they’re happy tgther, great I wish them all rainbows and puppies happy. If they’re doing all this for sake of PR and publicity, I hope it’ll do them careers good. If they’re milking their romance for sake of exposure, I am in no position to judge. As long as they’re happy.

    However, I do honestly think that both JHW and YIN are genuinely in love, or rather, interested in each other (for the time being), regardless of all the attention whoring limelight shed on them. It’s just the feeling and vibe that they emanate when they’re together, on and off-set. As to whether they’d staged the confession, or had dated before the revelation..etc, it really doesn’t matter to me. They look happy now, I’m happy. If they break up later, hello, world still moves on. I won’t feel sad hehe.

    Big BUT of all BUTS, those pap pics look sweet. Tho I’m skeptical to the genuineness of them just going out for the sake of going out, they look pretty much too out in the open for fan and media exposure (and following YIN’s radio program response), again if they’re happy being the idiots as ppl have been claiming them to be haha, so be it. πŸ˜€

    1. I also think the pics are stage in that they didn’t care that they will be seen but I can’t see them faking their emotions/happiness b/c like what ripgal said they seriously emanate this glowing vibe when they’re together.

      Anyway, whatever cynical reasons there could be behind this, there are, in this moment, two ppl who seem very happy together and that’s not a bad thing, right?

      1. It’s not cynical reasons per se imo, it’s savvy beneficial business decision on top of 2 ppl who like each other,maybe a whole lot, making the best out of it, but it’s just not spontaneous love, because the timing, how they behaved/ said since, the staging just take all the organic magic away. This is clearly a decision reached by both rep, ie it’s not what projected out as spontaneous and idiotic, there’s only one truth and as I don’t see them as idiots at all and with YG’s involvement on everything YIN has said thus far and obviously these pix wont be published at all without YG’s ‘blessing’, I do lost a bit of hope on my definition of ‘true love’ that should be sans calculations and all that obscene amount of PR and drama.

        I just don’t see a point of playing it all out soooo publicly with the tacky timing. I’m secretly much more happy for them last few days before the pics, thinking whatever happens, at least it’s quieted down and with JHW’s tweet I do see if they r keeping it private, things may resolve….if I dont have to see the benefit to their careers/images AFTER that public confession with the power of a slur of staged ‘paparazzi’ pics and public speeches.

        I do wish them well in their career and happiness. One totally can be happy with a striving career while having some fun time with someone you like.

        1. I think only time will tell if it’s “true love” or not. I’m of the camp that doesn’t believe in love at first sight, that doesn’t believe in the enduring power of just one true love, (Does that make me more of a debbie downer than you? hehe) rather I believe in mutual attraction or respect that get build into something lasting. Which is why marriage of convenience is so my trope in my once in a while guilty pleasure ie. romance novels. XD

          I don’t think it’s at all possible for them to keep it private since the scrutiny would be magnified a gazillion time on them at least till he get shipped off to the army. Also, while I think it’s stupid, these Korean celebs tend to believe they have like an obligation to their fans so I can see why YIN has to address the issues soon enough.

          I’m gonna use my QIHM icon to remind you how cute they are. LOOK AT THEM MOOKIE! and believe in their future adorable babies! haha

          1. *hugz* sweetie, haha I do think they are cute and of all the word diarrhea I sprouted today, I love QIHM more than I’ve recently ranted about. I use lj to vent out little frustrations in my fangirling. eg I no longer hate that cell twist, I do see it fr (I think) ur pov and many others who loved it after loitering in tumblrs and blogs. I just wished I can make that instant connection and leap watching it live. Since I can’t it does take away a bit of my enjoyment but in no way I fault the thought behind poured by the writer.

            There’s a reason why I only ship HongShi, and not even as a CP, I just ship them to stay each other’s pillars of support in this biz. I see how they handle their close relationship, whatever it is, they can openly flirt and pour most caring squeeworthy words about each other but without really putting a confine of their relationship, it gives them the liberty to just simply care and support each other in all frankness, often publicly, which needs no labeling and we can ship and limit them to our own definition of what exactly they are all we want, but they truly can care less and carry on with whatever precious thing they have. I don’t see them loving each other any less than as besties/lovers. So imo YIN/JHW can choose to keep it private, esp we are talkin about a few wks! but they didn’t, there’s always a way and set your own limits and boundaries. Eg, take a lame crude joke/nonjoke fr me, I bet if you ask most guys they would LOVE to see YIN’s boobs, she doesn’t have to comply. If we are talking about obligations, I think it’s more formidable the obligation of an artist towards their management and they ‘heck’ that, or so they said.

    2. I do think they like each other, but I actually see them opposite of true love, you don’t go do publicity stunts if it’s as genuine and saccharine as projected fr those very staged pix, as real as reality shows to me. Seriously if I heard of them dating out of dry statements fr their rep, I’ll prob be lapping this up and going gaga and aww. As it is now, YG refused to make a statemt, ie YIN not saying a word, and suddenly we have an overload, all timed perfectly, it’s too coy and too technically savvy, the PR. And it’s all transpiring in a matter of days.

      It’s the timing that is so turning me off at all of it. The pics released perfectly timed with YIN well prepared response?! I can’t be happy when I felt I’ve been forced upon, toyed around. If they r genuinely happy with each other, good for them, but it’s none of my business, I don’t base my happiness on it.

      1. I think it’s right that YG didn’t released a statement b/c it’s not their decision ultimately. As for YIN’s silence until now, I don’t see it as anything other than she was weighing her options as well. So it’s not a spur of the moment thing.

        This started because of HW’s confession which in most cases is totally icky, but he knows that’s the kind of thing she likes. So while it doesn’t work for like 99% of us, it works for her.

        Of course, we shouldn’t based our happiness on some korean strangers’ relationship. That would be silly. We should based on it if our drama turned out good or not. haha

        p.s: I’ve to confess, the thing that distress me most about your post is not your vehemence against the way this pairing is conducting their relationship but the statement how it’s taking away your once upon a time love for QIHM. Now I just feel sad for my drama 😦

        1. oh nonono sweetie, I DO LOVE QIHM A LOT!!! Still, no matter what. As you’ve mentioned, which is also my feel for it, I enjoyed the falling rabidly in love part so much with my dramas, and with QIHM I do have 14 out of 16 perfect sweet morsels of intelligent brilliant written and lovely acted drama, I honestly can’t ask for more. I’ve been through soo many dramas I fell hopelessly in love that went more disastrous yet I don’t forget the falling part, which meant the most to me.

          1. aww yay ok, then! The drama is the most important part here since after all, it make me delurk in your LJ and I so enjoy all these discussions we have thus far even if I disagree with you so much. hehe

            *still gonna throw lovely QIHM icon at you tho*

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