Euro 2012 fangirling

I cave in to my urge to picspam gorgeous hot sweaty talented men.

Spain FTW!  Not the best game they've played against Croatia, They may miss Villa ( I miss him!), but Iniesta and Silva r doing great, Torres is still threatening up front and Navas! (oh so gorgeous!) is heating things up!  They have the best most breathtakingly skillful midfield passing magic teamwork.  Not always effective in putting in goals, but dazzling to watch!  (I love how they r grabbing each other's thighs here)

More importantly they have Saint Iker, my eternal love!

Ramos may just be in awe, worshiping Casillas like mere mortals should.

What a marvelous safe!!!!!

Jesus! Navas!  *________*

I'm in love with Batotelli.  FORZA ITALIA!!!  He's the crazy petulant rascal problem child and a derp, but I LOVE him!

And how adorbs is Donucci having to lovingly, caringly shutting him the best and only way he can, prompted by the taunting fr Irish fans whilest tender eyesmexing his superMario.  Awwww!!!!

Donucci is a cutiepie himself even in his normal clothes. <3333

What I love most this Eurocup is the cutest fans (lets forget about the nasty ones)

And give it to the Irish for always having a ball no matter what.  I'm moved to tears!

7 thoughts on “Euro 2012 fangirling

  1. Iker Casillas! Darn, what a fine perfect specimen he is? So frigging HOTTTT! Can’t believe he’s been leading the Spanish Team for 10 years now, I still remember when I first spotted him in the 2002 World Cup, damn I squealed and swooned like a crazy cat on high. 😛

    And Batotelli, I have no words for this guy haha. I don’t like or hate him, but he’s one funny man. Just doesn’t give a damn on what the world thinks of him huh?!

    I’m watching Euro on and off, but Spain’s def caught my eye the most – skills and looks combined. Noticed a Silva that I’ve never seen before! CUTIEPIE!

    1. Iker was vacaying in SF with his carbonara and I ALMOST fake sick and go droolz at them.

      It’s also 2002 WC for me. I can’t miss these once in 4 years events because you’d never know if that’s the last you’ll see them being adonis on the field! I doubt we can see Lampard, Villa in Euro2016 (and gosh! that makes me feel sooo old seeing that year!)

  2. EuroCup

    Agreed! The game is more subdued without Villa. What nice eye candy you’ve captured with those pics.

    1. Re: EuroCup

      They r still a league above the rest in skills. But the thrill and drama in football is exactly u do need everything aligned, luck, constellations, skills, teamwork…referee.. EVERYTHING!

      I adore them. I don’t care if football is the only skill they have in life because they r glowing to my eyes and they r so talented and good at it.

  3. Oh i’m late, just finally Get time to brows all the topics i had been missing here. Miss your blog…didn’t know you watch this too hehe. Im hearing about this every day haha, i have few fav, but they are already out but of course still watch the final tonight.

    Have a Nice Summer ahead and happy watching dear.

    1. Hugs Kim! Nice Summer to you and fam too!

      I’m a HUGEST football fan ^^ I’m not loyal to any Euro teams in particular, I ship talent.
      Hubs is a Netherlands fanboy since Van Basten days. Loyal to a fault.

      1. Really, your hub is a fan of Van Basten ? Too bad, Netherlands didnt make good this time….you know, i have 5 elder brothers, yeah, i know i have many brothers hehe ..and i still remember there were a lot of talks about him at that time from bros though i didn’t have much interests about football. You can imagine how much talks about football when we lived together when we were younger, not that i can escape now as hubby and the boy love that sport A lot . I guess i will have to live with it the rest of my life haha. Can only try to learn to like it too, it’s the best way, i guess.

        Hugz mookie. Next week we will head to Barcelona for 4 days then cruise for 1 week from there around mediterranean. That will be great, i hope.

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