upcoming turd-ish but pretty Cdramas i can’t look away

lolz I think I had a 10000 word count yesterday, mostly silliness my part.  Sorry world, I’ll put a stop to my polluting.

Lets move on to other silly pretty things in life.

The drama I formerly snerked at as Shitty Sword is….piquing my interest bit by bit, O_O I don’t have the capacity to process why.  Maybe the TengRen’s new pretty boy Jiang JingFu is a mashup lovechild of the very young HuGe and YuanHong facewise and this is one sickly pretty fanposter.  They look very deliciously CP to me and ShiShi is 100000x more charming and lively than anything I’ve seen her in of late

OP quoted lyrics fr the ending song: 你就这样爱了,在离别后开始了;谁消失离开 谁停在原地 ,默默地哭泣 ;是你,我多想一辈子,不是只要片刻地相依,我会在下一世等你 看那温暖晨曦 。。。 You just happen to fall in love and started after the goodbye; who has left and disappeared, who is stalled where it started…weeping in silence; It’s you, whom I want to obsess for another lifetime, not only belonging together momentarily.  I will wait for you in my next lifetime…to see that warmth of dawn together..,
*slayyyyyss me!*
In every glimpses I’ve seen of Xuan Yuan Jian, all the pairings have lovely befitting chemistry. ShiShi is quite a bit older than Jiang Jing Fu but they look so much like star crossed young lovers.  HuGe and TangYan have sexy angsty chemistry in the trailers.
ETA:  the ending song (which is on my rotation atm) MV:

The title song (HG’s singing) MV:

The songs r catchy, idoldrama-esque catchy.  Things r looking like a Chinese Paladin redux, with better CGIs, as harmless and I can watch for the young pretty things. *plus I LOVE seeing HG miserable and angstangstangst because he’s hottest when in pain :X*  This will premiere in mid July.

Because I’m finicky and weird, the fact they settled with a malamute for BroWolf in DaMoYau is actually working wonders to my interest in drama.   I have had a dream I lived in a fancy castle in Winterfall, with my army of malamutes and huskies and samoyeds.

Nice to see ShiShi smiles wholeheartedly and has throbbing chemistry with her costar even if it’s BroWolf.  I don’t think anyone is as delusional as expecting TR to cast an actor wolf to begin with, so visually it works with such a huge canine (even if they r sweethearts!)  And this maybe my fav costume of SS as JY, it looks close enough to an outfit described in the novel.  If they can smother pints of faketan on ShiShi, that would be quite perfect.

And haha if you’ve predicted all the ShiShi chatter is followed by the following, congrats.  Duh! ^^

Have a Hong Shi MV!

Loverboy is busy shooting his other drama across the strait, missing the presscon for Turn Around Love yet again held in KenTing, TW.  He made an adorbs vid, or maybe facetiming with the gang?!  He’s shamelessly nicked himself Sunny Boy before with his command (or lack there of) of the weather.  In the vid, he’s given himself yet another one: Mr. Missing.

YH: Hello!  My Turn Around Say I Love You comrades, I’m Yu ChuHuo.  Have you forgotten about me?!
I can see you~!  I can see you are all here~!  SiWon, I see you~!!!
Although after I left, there’s no more Sunny Boy~  But trust me!  I’ll continue casting my spell for y’all, Kenting will have million miles of blue sky!

Drama’s OTP, looking FINEEEE!!!!

You are welcome

OMG how gorgeous and brooding our Tall, Rich and Handsome (with some new m00bs!). AWWW come to big sista, I’ll smooth out your frowning brows for ya!

Girl2 Jessie Chiang, soo leggy!  She’s the second fiddle in Material Queen, and every living thing became a midget next to LynnQiong there

*le sigh* This is shockingly lovely a shot of Joe Chen @ Swordsman, could be an almost perfect Ren YingYing/ The witchprincessheiress of DemonSect/ Ling HuChung’s OTP/ our unconventional heroine.  Seriously, sooooo close to making it work YuMama, and it’s all the more depressing when she is supposed to be playing a formidable wuxia bigshot, who  is a gay guy morphing into a tranny by the power of wuxia.


20 thoughts on “upcoming turd-ish but pretty Cdramas i can’t look away

    1. She. IS. DFBB. Here. :/

      Yuan ShanShan will be Ren YingYing. And as I’ve said she is 10 above the threshold of # of plastic surguries I can tolerate on one face. But my biggest quibble is she can’t act.

      And I think JoeChen has lovely chemistry with Wallace fr the bts, which we’ll see some as Wallace is playing 2 roles, LHC and Dfbb’s fabulously gay boytoy. But no surprise here Wallace is painfully bland as LHC but totally killing it as Yang Lianting

        1. lolz sweetie, logic and Yumama r oil and water.

          See for yourself: http://ww2.sinaimg.cn/large/90a47d3fjw1du1gh8ifwlj.jpg

          Also he’s working on Yun Zhong Ge drama adapt for real now, nobody is cast yet he’s tweeted. He said he’s looking for inspiration at TianYa forum…and will totally leech off fanfics and adapt it closely to what the rabid fan there deemed suitable. It actually makes me feel better than his usual shoddy WWTFery he pulls out of his arse.

  1. Qiao En is seriously VERY pretty in swordsman. Is she seriously playing a he-she or has Yu Zheng changed the character to be a real woman? Cause if she’s really a he-she in this script that’s got to be some crazy martial arts manual this person is practicing off of. FAR surpasses plastic surgeons.

    I’m curious too, is Qiao En’s man in the story a twin or brother of the main hero or is it just Yu Zheng’s twist?

    1. Dong Fong Bu Bai is one of the most fascinating interesting villian in JY. And the fact he went fr a guy (with the appendix) to in no cruder words castrating himself is the apex of the story. In the mantra of that bestest wuxia ever, the first line is ‘To learn this wuxia, you have to castrate yourself.’ I’m not saying Yumama wont heck it all though, it’s so him/her to just mindboggle us most unpleasantly. He’s been referring to QE as Dong Fong Xiao Mei (DF lil’ sis) all along.

      MY guess? I can’t see YZ not slashing DFBB and LHC, esp now he’s making the best of use of Wallace. In the book, there’s no twin, no birth secrets, the boytoy is barely mentioned.

        1. DFBB can NEVER EVER EVERRRRR be a girl, it’s soooo sooooooo soooo extremely wrong. It rendered every plot/theme everything of the masterpiece to insignificance.


  2. I was having some problems with brother wolf. just looks too… doggy? then i found the problem. http://howlingforjustice.files.wordpress.com/2010/05/black-wolf-9.jpg
    As long as brother wolf doesn’t have his tongue out like that 24/7 should be fine. Loving the other doggies though!!

    & yeah the new stills of XJS turned me around too. esp the one in that fanposter so sweet!!

    hm.. is Qiao En’s voice going to be dubbed over with a macho guy voice? it makes me giggle just thinking. But very pretty in the cap. DFBB is even supposed to be this pretty?

    1. But it does look most wolfie-esque than the other doggies. They can’t use a Husky unless they find one not with their distinctive blue eyes. Samoyed has a perpetual smiley face too cute for words! (and it’s white, and TR will so dye it black or poorly CG it black and united we’ll weep for the eyesore and the poor doggie)….so I’ll tolerate the tongue.

      DFBB is supposed to be creepily pretty. So even though QE is very pretty here, her vibe is sooo wrong coz she’s girly fiercely pretty, I dont get chills up my spine.

      1. brother wolfie was black in DMY??? I must’ve not paid attention. i don’t remember BW’s color at all heh.. but Samoyed definitely not wolfish enough, not even for wolf wifey. haha and i get what you mean by creepy pretty. QE is an automatic miscast then *sigh*

        1. I’m not sure we’re given a color of browolf in book, but I rem there were scenes early on when they are fleeing from attacks and browolf has to be able to blend in the dark desert…so pure white and fluffy is out of the question.

  3. omg, the fluffy! I would watch the drama for the fluffy alone *squee*

    …I’m always confused on how many dramas ShiShi make in a year b/c she literally seems to be everywhere. So is she starring in the drama with the wolf and costarring in the one with Hu Ge?

    “when she is supposed to be playing a formidable wuxia bigshot, who is a gay guy morphing into a tranny by the power of wuxia.”…that last line, you’re serious, aren’t you? That’s a legit plot line right there?

    1. I go for fluffy and pretty ^^

      ShiShi is now numero uno in TangRen, so anything produced by them, she will be the heroine, no question asked. They filmed Xian Yuan Sword right after BuBu, so this is coming out in a few wks. Da Mo Yao /wolfie desert drama has not even passed the censor bureau because of its historical inaccuracies (Eddie Pang’s character there is a Han Chinese hero and the novel did a fanfic on him, romantic, BUT totally castrating him as honor and country above all) We may never see SS being cute with the doggies/wolfies! :/

      I didnt make that up, I’m not THAT creative ^^ See the wiki for DongFongBuBai and the cutest scientific discussion on the theory behind that Sunflower Mantra http://www.spcnet.tv/forums/showthread.php?19145-Sunflower-Manual-in-Smiling-Proud-Wanderer That’s canon, what YuZheng the PD/writer will bastardize it into, no one is sure.

      Smiling Proud Wanderer is the most political of all Louis Cha masterpiece. Mr Cha said it himself in his afterword this is a political allegory. He deliberately didn’t set it in a specific historical period because it can be applied to any human society *winkPRCwink* It was a dark, chaotic time in Hong Kong, circa 1967,a year into cultural revolution which in essence is a red terror. That is after the massive years of devastating famine where HK witnessed a huge influx of refugees it can’t handle in the early 60s. Pictures of weeping policemen forced to send back to illegal immigrants across the borders, many too old and weak and it’s literally a life sentence and the only humane thing they can do is to give them a loaf of bread for the road. All the lofty utopic ideology promised by the communist regimes across the world r shattered. Louis Cha is a cofounder of MingPaoDaily, a still revered HK newspaper. He must’ve seen and felt all the strife. It hit even closer to home when the cultural revolution sparked the leftist violent riots against the British rule, children were killed, and it reached the saddest when a popular radio commentator/reporter perished after he’s ambushed and burned alive. I digress.

      So, the novel has tonnes of grey, very existentialistic, gone is the dichotomy of good and evil. It’s about breaking down establishments. Therefore the most formidable wuxia master walking the world in SPW is a self-castrated male, the desire for power kidnapped him, mutilated his body, turning him into an extreme of the most despicable existence. In the book, even the good is reduced to moral dereliction. Living in society, any human society one is bound to have entrapments and desires…and be corrupted.

      1. wah! thank you mookie for the historical bg. i didn’t know it went that deep, but now i will definitely see DFBB in a different light hehe, also critical of how YZ will have this drama turn out since he basically re-spins everything that ends up in his hands anyways. So SPW is not historically set in specific time.. Gu Long usually known for doing that. I think I will have to watch this definitely, one reason or another!!

        1. You are right, this is actually the most GuLong-esque of all JinYung. Usu he’s very much interested in ‘fanfictioning’ history the genius way only he can because he’s so knowledgeable.

          Have you seen the HKmovies Swordman 1,2? http://youtu.be/702huI596m8 I’m pretty sure YZ is trying to ape it. The movies took a lot of liberation of the story as well.

  4. hello! random lurker dropping by 🙂 was wondering if you had seen the newest mv released for xuanyuanjian also sung by hu ge

    i don’t know why i’m so addicted to it hahaha i’ve been looping it over and over again

    sorry for disturbinig!

    1. Thanks sweetie! ^^

      This one is even more ‘catchy pop song, very pretty vid, but they don’t go tog’…like the rest of the MVs. But they r all on rotation while I’m driving. haha I can sing the theme song and the ending song, I bet this one in no time!

  5. Xuanyuan Jian is like a Chinese Paladin redux but with a really pretty cast and improved CGI. The theme songs are quite nice and the MVs look quite good. They’re all very gorgeous but wow, Guli Nazha and Shishi really caught my attention! Guli Nazha’s hair and white costume reminds me of Xiaolong Nu LOL. Lin Gengxin looks badass in his getup. Ma Tianyu reminds me so much of Leslie OMG (I approve!)

    HG is good at angsting haha. The only thing that bugs me is the centipede hair, but oh well it’s a game adaptation so I guess it’s really up to the stylists what they do with the characters’ designs.

    Thanks for posting the pics/vids. I was disinterested in Xuanyuan Jian but after seeing these I may change my mind LOL

    1. Guli Nazha can be any of the token JinYung ciphers, it does look the aura of XLN/Wang Yuyan. But she is the perfect Princess fragrance with her exotic looks.

      O yes, I see so much Leslie in Ma Tianyu! We have our Leslie lookalikes throughout the years (do you rem Nicky Cheung won his singing contest because of impersonating Leslie), but no one is close to Ma in the resemblance.

      It is going to be the first wkend drama, testing the waters. It works fine for me coz I’ll be watching it casually anyways and a few eps a wk is as much as I can indulge.

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