BIG! and my BIG! love for BIG!

To the ex-Hongsis(almost)anti-ahjumma, the 'GY do nth, nada for me' me,  the 'I don't see the big freaking deal with LMJ' moi, the ex-self: So Long and Farewell!  Coz this might-as-well-be-new ahjumma is absolutely enchanted with BIG/Hongsis/GONG YOOooooooooo~~~!!  Even an OTT and not absolutely sure what she's doing LMJ gets no fleck fr me.

I'm only up to end of 4. and already I'm having the rush/hints of watching my fav thing on earth, a good fluffy, crisp, nuanced Jdorama of yore.  Not perfect, but squeeworthy before the word *SQUEEEEEEE* was born. There's slapstick, but not the usual Hongsis lvl of watching chipmucks on crack, again very dorama-ish.

I have EuroCup, USOpen, NBA to keep me more than occupied, or so I thought.  I was cleaning up my messy dl folder and realized I have 3,4 sitting around for a while unwatched.  But I was totally enthralled with the NBA Finals (poor babies of OKC! But what a great almost perfect perf boys *patpatpatpatpat*)

10pm my time,  I *click* while dling the much spazzed about ep5.  I'm as unspoiled as can be where the world is swarmed of caps of THAT OMG scene, but this is not a rant.  I'm not invested enough with anything to care and I know nth of the context.  It's not what piqued my interest to watch on.  I honestly liked 2 quite a bit.  And considering I didn't know too many things ep1.  It's a matter of time, and timing I'm at my current state.

After I was done,  I chatted with my hubs, went on twitter, skyped with fam… the usuals, taking my mind as far fr Big.

I then went to bed, sound asleep in no time.  As soon as my alarm blared I jumped up wide-awake like I had my 3 cups of joe already.   Then the shock settled in,  it's not the fact I haven't really watched any drama since QIHM ended and am easy to please, I'm  truly madly in love and screaming to myself with too many OMGOMGOMGs.  My brain is not filled with the spazzy rambling QIHM wordy praises I can go on and on and on at around QIHM8, it's simply occupied by OMGs, nonstop OMGs.  A most satisfying flailing high.  I'm surprised with what sticks to my gut with drama so far: nuanced and effortless, when it's STILL stapstick, still has moments of OTT, still throw me off with some senseless muahahaha when I least expected, typical feels I have watching a Hongsis…but these hold nth to the tender littler moments when the characters are allowed to be real ppl, almost my fast friends, when every vexing of emotion going through them, I care, immensely, emotions which they convey organically without grand overwrought speeches like the drama caricatures they can easily be. 

LMJ hasnt find her perfect rhythm yet, she stays the crazy glaring eyes, deer in headlight OTT klutz, but she can snap into perfect cadence with GY's character and just connect with him and with me like moments of clarity where her everything is in place, back in biz.  We are dealing with soul-swapping, a shoujo manga trope I adore because it always lead to self-awareness, breaking the cocoon of identity, seeing themselves from a diff perspectives, there's always growth of characters, and we delve into deeper discussions within the confines allowed in a shoujo manga…. but it's a shoujo manga trope.  Somehow, the characters feel believable in BIG, fragile yet tough, brink of breaking down yet pulling themselves up… when they are put into situations aren't that far from being straight out of a manga.  GY is running away with it, so shockingly effortlessly insanely WHERE DID IT COME FROM! good.   Let me get this out in the open, the world is 99% inhabited by GY fangirls but I'm the other 1%, so if I'm saying he's pitch perfect perfection, it is most rational and as unbiased can be…actually GY is getting a 100/100 fr me when I'm soosooo full of judging, snerking and my face is constantly like this: ' <_< ?'  My 'I don't get the hype' face. Hands down the best performance I've seen him ever by a longlonglong shot. He makes me not care a lick about LMJ trying way too hard most of the time and looking like a HS teacher-not by at least 10 years too young.

I have a busy day ahead, but darn sure this lj will be taken over by BIG. 

So…..Just a friendly nudge. 
Here we go again!!!!!   How y'all r not surprised esp just a few days when I said I'm OFF my drama addiction. muahahaha mark my words, they don't mean a damn thing! XDDD  *hugs and kisses, I love you still, but I love BIG/GY/KoonJung(Shin ie 18 yo HS boy) in YoonJae (Doc!GY) much MUCH more! xxx*


6 thoughts on “BIG! and my BIG! love for BIG!

  1. LOL! You sound like Mousie. 🙂

    I haven’t started with Big yet but I’m as spoiled as can be as I’ve been reading the re-caps. I wasn’t initially going to even consider Big but as the buzz was getting louder that it wasn’t your usual Hong sisters’ fare, I decided to collect the epis for later viewing pleasure. Going to stop with the re-caps nao but I am keeping a wary eye on how it develops as it can still go totally south on the 2nd half.

    Oh, I’m in that 1% as well … it’s where I’m usually at it seems as I’m not moved by most of ’em really popular lads.

    1. U need to see this to believe this.

      So there r at least 3 lone HongSisRMeh defectors totally flailing at its feet: Koala, Mousie, Me. I bet most of the fanbase truly love HongSis and/or GongYoo very much prior. But this is so winning me on the unexpected nuances and subtle squeeworthy little perfect touches GY is doing with his role(s).

  2. Welcome to the BIG Big party. Min Jung is actually doing amazing… the perfect “reaction” to the perfect performance by Gong Yoo. I am also the 1% NOT Gong Yoo fangirl. See nothing about his acting or looks or onscreen charisma to hook me. UNTIL NOW. I am eating crow. Episode 6 will make your jaw drop with his performance. “Take this sad little bait which is only wanting to catch one fish”….HOMG flailing forever.

    1. I’m on ep5, stalled good half hour most pleasantly because of the you know what scene. It’s not even voodoos of waters/food in MS because GY is still exactly the same, a bit strange, bulging eyes to my eyes in ep1, not my definition of handsome. And I know end of 1 I only love them abs if it’s on namjas I wanna bed, if not still not doing nada to my hormones muahhaha XD. By ep2, charming yes.

      And end of 5. WOWSA. He’s in a tux, and if in Vegas, I’ll kidnap him and just marry him off to me. HOTNESS!

      I’m also warming up to MinJung, she can be VERY good, I see it now esp in some scenes.

      *onto 6 I go because I’m a sucker of your baits*

  3. Seen 1 and 2 only, and didn’t even care for LMJ (tho I adore her). GY’s stole every single minute and moment of this show, can’t wait till I get to parts where he’ll make me choke even more. *pls PC techie guy, make me PC magically recover by this week pretty please!! I want to catch up with my chinggus and flail nonstop too! >

    1. Chingu, it’s sooooo good. You know how much Hongsis not doing for me…almost ever.

      I’m sooo going to watch Finding Kim Jong Wook (IF I can pry myself off BIG). I didn’t exactly because I feel nth towards GY while I can watch ISJ read a phonebk. And now I think I can watch both of them read phonebks in FKJW and it’ll be

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