La Roja~~~! And ZongZi Day

N Hemisphere Summer marked by the Solstice just a few days ago,  a zongzi/chinese tamales is doing a cute strip dance for ya in celebration!

[credit: Summer Plan @ weibo]

Like all lunar/Chinese festivals it's marked by a food item you crave out of nowhere just that particular day. Think, there's probably a billion+ zongzis eaten today alone.  And with all customs and traditions, a zongzi can be filled with everything under the sun and each of our grandmas will brainwash you there's only one TRUE zongzi.  The usual generalization is N of Yangtze River: some form of sweet filling, usu red beans.  Southerners prefer them salty stuffed with the maximum of filling u can get in it, but we have sweet 'alkalined' ones.  I like the salty ones with meat, salted egg yolk, mungbeans, chinese mushrooms and dried sausages inside the most eaten with sweetened soy sauce.

I find the folklore of  Qu Yuan most heartbreaking and beautiful of all stories I've heard as a kid, and usu folklore don't make perfect sense every step of the way but this one does.  He jumped into the MiLuo River (a branch of the YangTze) in protest of the corruption and the death of his country Chu to the hands of Qin.  Citizens mourn their loss and the heartbreak by trying their mightiest to preserve the great poet's body (the wholeness of body is sacred, still) throwing sticky rice tied into triangular bundles with bamboos leaves to stuff the fish, in search of his body, they frantically paddled around in boats splashing the water ferociously while beating drums to scare the fishes off further.   Now with less heavy hearts, we enjoy the zongzis, watch a dragon boat race just to mark the passage of time as a yearly ritual.

Saint Iker wishes all those celebrating the Dragon Boat Festival a lovely celebration and he's looking forward to celebrate with eating his share of zongzis/Chinese tamales.

The clip of The Hectic 4 min of A FootBall Saint:  *tooo cute for words*

Slate wiped clean. This is the all or nothing stage, a loss, pack your bags, homeward bound, and in the harsh world of sports, 4 years is a Century long.   I rem seeing them as boys in 2002, now they r 'veterans' cherishing, counting down how many International appearances r still in their cards.  My heart tightened a bit seeing Klose of Germany, he still looks every bit the dashing fit young guy of thirty and three, but he's 'old' and benched most of this Euro Cup spare a few minutes of play time,  but gosh, did he make every second counts!

Because…the ball is always round, anything goes…and Spain has never beaten France in Internationals… *there's ALWAYS a first!  I BELIEVE!*  I'll just fangirl Casillas all I wanna, while my mood is a happy LaROJAFAN! XD

Trivia: So he reads romance novel *le sigh* Can you be more dreamy?!  His current read is Scusa Ma Ti Chiamo Amore. One guess:  what's mine?!  Tardy as I'm, I'll watch the movie thinking of him as the hero!

Him being boyishly cute, greeting the Spanish students at a BeiJing School

Or just a dork with his shoe.

And at training:

A simple game of making groups of 3 with your teammates, any more or less, pushups.  As the bromance central of Eurocup 5 dorks hug each other first lovingly like little chickens, then shove each other out when there r FIVE of them. Hmmm I'm pretty sure hugging 2 other guys is very different with hugging 4.  OR the hotness quotient is soo ridiculously high it doesnt matter, who's counting anyways?!  'We love doing group pushups and looking hot at it, pssstttt!'

Oh please Holy Mother, God, Allah, Buddha, Jesus:  Spain FTW~!  They a truly deserving and look who's praying?  AWWWWW, How can the all-seeing almighty TPTB not grant his every wishes?!

7 thoughts on “La Roja~~~! And ZongZi Day

    1. Oh I’m too talentless a cook. I got some homemade fr the aunties in my naby. I have a pure Cantonese grandma and the other Shanghainese. My Cantonese grandma made the salty meat ones with tonnes of stuff in it, lotus seed, mung beans, dried shrimp, salted egg yolk, mushroom…and we dip it in a sweetened soy for steamed fish when serving. Grandpa (her hubby) loved the ‘alkaline water’ one with mashed red bean filling and he ate it with sugar. My SHnese grandma made a much darker one I think she mixed soy and wine in the rice when soaking and chunk of fatty pork inside almost melted after the cooking. tbh I missed the SH ones the most, it’s hard to find authentic ones where I live.

  1. Hmm…that’s a lot of sport pretties in one post. I rarely care about sport but soccer does pique my interest to the point that I actually get up in the middle of the night to watch games during the World Cup. I’m a horrible spectator though b/c at the end of the day, I just want everyone to win b/c they all just try so hard! D:

    1. and oh, Happy Zhongzi day! I have to google the stuff but turned out I totally know what it is since we Viets have our own versions of the stuffs. And there are so many different kinds of fillings, both sweet and savory. Great, now am hungry =/

      1. I’m usu not a big fan of sticky rice/ Zhong zi, BUT my tummy is trained to crave these things marking every festival. And I bet Viets and like Chinese…we celebrate with FOOD, obscene amount of it. ^^

    2. Waking up watching the WC is a telltale sign of being brought up in a soccer fanatic country, ie the entire universe exc N America! ^^ Even as a young child, I was allowed to wake up with dad for WC, which was like the dreamiest fantasyland ride because it’s just me and Dad and bottomless snacks and sweets and drinks and awesome WC (my Dad spoiled me rotten)

      Usu hardcore Asian football fans have an European national team they stay loyal to forever. Not me, may the best team wins. It also breaks my heart for the losing team, seeing grown hot men crying as a team gets to me ALL THE TIME esp in a tight match, with OT and it’s decided by a few penalty kicks. Yes, even though I’m all Spain FTW this Euro I shed some tears for ENG.

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