The best (and worst for my sanity) time warping wuxia memes MV EVER!


If you are a fiend of TVB wuxia of the 80s, I dare you to not squeeeeeeeeee and be frozen with your 'mind is BLOWN!' face after seeing any of this (if you haven't, ie me) for the next wk or foreseeable future.

Even if you don't, the time warping awesome memes r  to die for!!!

1)  We have the handsomest prettiest man ever in Cdramaland Leslie, ohhhh soo young and the young Joey Wang fresh off their explosive CPdom of Chinese Ghost Story. *sooo young and too much gorgeousness around and gosh my heart is bleeding TT___TT*  To witness Leslie at his most dazzling: himself in modern clothes, crooning and SMILING, and Joey also in her most out of this world gorgeous: as XiaoSin and STILL rocking the chemistry fake-playing guzheng?  I am lost for words.

2)  A young, boyishly dashing Andy Lau will forever be my perfect Yang Guo, he's also my vote of doing a best acting job amongst the trifecta of best known YG (Louis Koo, Huang XiaoMing and Andy).  My forever favorite Leslie played YG in an 80s B movie, but he's too flawlessly femininely pretty for the role.    I don't care too much about XLN, and imo Carmen Lee is a very limited actress but she encapsulated XLN's aura the best. *I find Idy a bit too melodramatic like a Lin DaiYu in looks when a XLN should be too removed fr world and out of touch of being a human being to feel or care or angst.  Same token, LYF is too cute and warm like a babydoll.*  To my surprise Andy and Carmen looked so matching together and channeling their YG and XLN singing a duet.  Now i wished they did that 90s RoCH with Andy+Carmen instead.  *I've just never felt any connection with Louis K on screen at all*

3. Barbara Yung and Felix Wong.  Singing the most perfect drama title song EVER, there will never be a poet turn lyricist as talented as Jim Wong in Cdramaland (RIP *sob*) and there won't be a better song+lyric team than Jim and Joseph Koo.  The counterpoint duet consisted of two perfectly constructed succinct poems to two harmonizing separate melodies merging in unison at the chorus like the hero and heroine in the epic, the flawlessly contructed song brought home a lot of the breathtaking visuals and emotions described in the masterpiece throughout its verse, the chorus…even the coda.  I was awed as a kid and more so now the fact memorable thematically matching theme song for a wuxia is an extinction. And! Felix! Bow! Dancing!  'Nough said.  *sobbbbbbb and cryyyyyyyy some more*

Because there's not enough of Leslie+Joey goodness,
Leslie and Joey doing the talk show promo in TW:

Gaaaaahhhh now I desperately need to rewatch LoCH83 and RoCH85 (I like this drama adapt more than the novel proper, unheard of, and of course major Blasphemy! for any JinYung) and Chinese Ghost Story. and then MUST rewatch Leslie classics.  Can't do unless there's a rabbit hole with 48-hrs day in it.

5 thoughts on “The best (and worst for my sanity) time warping wuxia memes MV EVER!

  1. My wuxia childhood was pretty much shaped around ROCH with Carmen and Louis Koo. I thought they were the most awesome sauce of awesome sauciness. When I recently watched a little bit of it, the childhood pedestal got shattered a little b/c I realize that Xiao Long Nu’s love for her guy make her rather selfish to the point of endangering others and I was like “nooo, you were better than that in my memory!!” hur!

    With that said, man, those epic Wuxia themes, they remain AWESOME no matter how long it has been. And seriously, every one of those songs are so distinctive that as soon as the melody start playing, you’re just transported back to the whole atmosphere of the story.

    1. I can’t love ROCH the book, even though it has super awesome epic moments because of the clusterfck of silly women, even HuangRong fr LOCH who is the smartest and my fav heroine in all wuxia had a lobotomy and grown into an ignorant bigoted ahjumma who dumped a lot of prejudiced judgmental BS on an orphaned poor little Yang Guo. I’ve tried several times reading it, but it took 3 takes spanning 20 years to get it done with. I dropped it at the ‘rape’ scene reading it first time as a 12 yo, screaming ‘GOSH XLN! HOW STUPID ARE YOUU?!?!? @#$^’ The main gripe is there’s no superheroine amongst grown women in it. GuoZiang is the only awesome female in the book but she’s a baby! It was a classic case of expectation vs reality when I was worshiping JinYung everything and spent a whole summer reading every word he’s written, saving up ROCH for last because my aunt (enabler who got me the whole collection) said that’s her fav.

      XLN is a cipher, her sole purpose is for the portrayal of Yang Guo as the most romantic wuxia hero ever. That is just what she needs to be, but take away the Guo-Er part of her existence, she’s the emptiest shell of a pretty vase in all of JinYung. I can never see her as a functional member contributing to society. And I’m never a girl who cheer a woman on in seeing nth in the world worthy of anything but her Guo-Er….even in the guy essentially raping her, she CAN mistaken it as her man. WTF!

      1. I have never read the source materials for all these adaptations so my impressions of these wuxia just come from the dramas and by extension, the horrible translation/dubbing by my ppl of your ppl’s dramas. (For all the dramas, they pretty much used one female voice actor and one male, so EVERYONE sound the same. I got so confused sometimes like “whoa, which one of you are speaking in the dark here?!”)

        I didn’t know or don’t remember the raping thing at all. Explanation, please. I could see why XLN can’t be a functional member contributing to society b/c her background really make her stunted as a character. She essentially didn’t have contact with anyone outside of her sect and was taught off things to begin with then spent all that time in a cave. My adult impression of Wuxia characters now are that they’re usually rather ridiculous and caricature like but still, they’re cool to me in a dramatic epic sort of way. I think I just like ppl in costume, kicking ass to epic theme song XD

        1. Rem the Taoist QuanZhan sect, with 7 greats, one of them is Qiu ChuJi…with a disciple fangirling XLN? He’s called Zhen ZhiPing I think, and it’s one of those nights XLN was wandering around, by the time YG has come forward to his feelings towards her, the taoist draped a blindfold over her and took advantage of her, because
          she assumed immediately that he’s Yang Guo. She was pissed at YG not ‘manning up’ to it the next morning. The drama adaptation hinted on it, but still it’s a very crucial source of angst for the lovers. But that’s why I find the dramas much more palatable than the text by leaving a lot of WTFery out.

          The crucial prob with wuxia nowadays is there r no decent scriptwriter/director to adapt the masterpiece. The novels themselves r much more marvelous.

  2. Chinese Ghost Story (Leslie/Joey version), LoCH83 and RoCH85 are classics that I grew up with and shall forever hold a special place in my heart. ♥ Having seen all the newer remakes, there isn’t one that compares to the EPICNESS of these golden classics.

    Wong Jim and Joseph Koo are LEGENDARY songwriters whose classics will be forever awesome. Whenever I listen to their songs I’m amazed by just how beautifully composed they are. Not to mention the singers back then are just SO GOOD. The Jenny/Roman combo are legendary and I sorely miss their beautiful duets.

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