I may need help in pic hording

I was just droolzing at Fan BingBing's new pictorials, and some Olympics Team China gorgeousness when….

…. Flipping through beauty magazine covers online and this looks run of the mill…exc when I find out this is Chen Man, whom I have a girlcrush on her amazing talent and artistry as the most influential photographer in CN.

The FBB pics I can't take my eyes off.  Young (FBB has never looked younger in recent years), fresh, summery, pretty flowery cute dresses! GorgGorgGorgeous!

Simple yet surprisingly chic (considering how 'minimally' designed the uniforms!) CN OlympicTeam pics:

All lovely work of Miss Chen Man, the new mom.

She Who looks like a model/girl next door/fashionista herself. 

She literally shines the best light on FBB, who is the photographer's Muse from the get go.  They have a symbiotic rise to superstardom. Chen Man's style is extravagantly bold, veering on OTT yet the subject is communicating very directly almost bluntly to the audience in every work of hers. Just like FBB, who reminds me of Elizabeth Taylor. Every bit of her breathtakingly feminine gorgeousness is weapon grade, and she carries herself like a grand dame of yore, always.

FBB x ChenMan's revisioning Che Guevara, Bruce Lee and Elvis.

Sorry boys, with ChenMan and FBB at play, it's time for some objectifying and demeaning of your sex just to even it out a tiny bit.

She also is the mastermind behind some of my fav pics of key players in the industry:

Yao Chen at her most girly and pretty YET still distinctly in her own skin.

Faye Wong, ie the lovechild of a faerie and le petit prince

Zhou Xun, always the mystical creature.

Lin ChiLing: This is the why ChiLing jiejie is worthy as a print model, the most nuanced I've seen her ethereal priestess emotes ever.  Too bad she's opposite of what she can do in a ChenMan pic when in motion, 'acting' on film. 

Cecilia Cheung (w/ KSW): This will be a time capsule and essentially what a photograph should do, capture a moment in time.  Cecilia has all the beauty and class and glamour like a FBB, or channel some Hepburn+Taylor  IF she didn't let it all slip from her very grasp with her tumultuous personal dramas.  What a pity.

And last but not least, Chen Man's own grandmama.  Easily my all time fav of all Chen Man

But I can't leave out the gorgeous men under her lens, can I?

HXM: I'm all for XiaoMing slashing it with…oh can I dream a ChenKun?! in a CN pirated Sherlock x Watson.  Lest you need a reminder, they r damningly flawless in suits (see exhibit A and B below, which I'm sure ur eyes r already stuck on atm)! No one can smoke a pipe in a plaid suit being so Smoking; or modeling suits/watches/hair wax and still telling me he's thinking deep thoughts, a task I no longer is capable of.

This is very close the vision of me when looking at the pics above, in case u r curious.

And Miss Chen, I'm forever grateful for this.  The Last Supper hot men and PD Lu Chuan in reflection:

8 thoughts on “I may need help in pic hording

  1. Whoa gorgeous picspam is gorgeous! Thanks so much for sharing the pretty! I always thought FBB looks beautiful, but in the pictures here she looks like a goddess! ♥♥♥ What an amazing photographer!

    HXM: I’m all for XiaoMing slashing it with…oh can I dream a ChenKun?! in a CN pirated Sherlock x Watson.

    This needed to happen like, a long time ago! If this happens I’d watch it in a heartbeat! Those 2 would be SO GOOD as Sherlock and Watson OMG.

    Ooh and the Olympic team looks good! I can’t believe the Olympics are almost happening. I can’t wait to watch it! 😀

    1. FBB can look meh…but never in a ChenMan. ^^

      I have a lovehate relationship with XiaoMing. Even though I find him very gorgeous, he is very out of control on screen. imo he’s horribly OTT as Yang Guo, Wei XiaoBo and Xu WenQiang, his star-making roles, when I was expecting all that’s required is to be his gorgeous self. But then last few years, when he’s in movies, in less attractive characters, he is actually good. He has potential, just needs much better direction telling him what is too much. But with a Sherlock, he can OTT all he wants and it’ll be ok considering the weirdness of the detective. And ChenKun is already in character. Make it happen!

      I can’t wait for the Olympics! I mean I’m still rabidly following Euro, and will move onto Wimbleton fangirling but these r like amuse bouche.

  2. W.O.W.O.W! Never heard of Chen Man before, but now I know, and am going to stalk her pictures. They’re uhhhh-mazing! The FBB ones pawn amongst the ladies (no wonder she’s the muse) but the men oh the MEN, I can’t freaking choose one!

    HXM – smoky hot.
    CK – classy hot.
    Last one – I’m evaporating into the air. *sweaty hot*

    Thanks for sharing chinggu!

    1. O googling Chen Man is a rabbit hole Chingu! I bet u r busy catching up on dramas to wanna go there. I spent an good hour+ overloading myself in her visuals.

      HXM is not always hot because he has a dorky pervie smile, but when he’s holding it in brooding, my knees r weak with the thought.

      CK is of course my fav C actor atm. You know it already.

  3. The body of that volleyball player is *_*

    I don’t know any of these ppl, but Yao Chen’s styling is amazing in that shot. I love that it’s one palette with a hint of pink and yet it’s absolutely striking.

    FBB’s boudoir pic of her in white is my favorite. It’s so luscious and hint at such steamy love affairs.

    What is OTT?

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