Painted Skin 2

The theme song Painted Heart MV looks beyonnnnddd amazingggggg!

If you have a fond memory of the original Painted Skin, this should do it.  I have, so I’m gonna watch it no matter what, like my biggest griping: no respect/adherence to source material whatsoever.

This is ChenKun, ZhouXun, ZhaoWei proving their worth and they r not pulling stops.  There is not a shot of them that is not dazzling and mesmerizing. I thought the eye sores will be YangMi and FSF…but I’m wrong, and pleasantly surprised how cute they are in the few seconds.

What draws my eye is this is dripping in gilded gorgeousness!!!! Yoshitaka Amano is the artistic director, and his derelict decadence is a feast for the eyes.  One of the reason why the barely decent original movie crept into my heart is the lovely theme song Painted Skin sung by the gifted voice of Jane Zhang.  I love how with part deux they aren’t even messing with the new and try to best that impossible feat and just add extravagant strings and orchestral accompaniment to it.

It’s lethal and illegal to have a wet/sexing/eyesexing/angsting ChenKun in all his scenes in the MV, let alone the homoerotic frolicking in a steamy bath by ZX and ZW.  We can see every dime spent and from the looks of it, very well spent.

Have another MV of another theme song: Painted Love ( a bit more spoilerish)

Have a picspam:

Get a feel of Amano’s style:

Our leading ladies:

Official posters:  I’ve never seen the trio as sensual/sexual

Honestly I have never seen equally sizzling chemistry btn a love triangle in ALL possible ways.  Just have a love orgy forever you three.


11 thoughts on “Painted Skin 2

    1. Painted Skin is memorable for me because of these 3 doing sizzling jobs in it, esp Zhou Xun. Also the theme song, I love everything about it. Tbh, the plot was forgettable and I bet will be the case here as well, but with these 3 and the amount of pretty, I can deal with it any day!

        1. It’s Painted Skin that made me into a Zhou Xun and Chen Kun fangirl (not so much a ZW fan. Her MuLan impressed me more, but again a meh movie with waste decent acting) The writing is clearly horrid here, but they r dazzling and captivating to watch every scene despite of it.

          1. I think Painted Skin was my first movie for both of them, though my favorite Zhou Xun is probably 李米的猜想.

            It looks like I’ve only seen four CK movies. That’s really not enough.

            1. Oh that’s one of my fav ZhouXun as well! ^^ She’s a true force to reckon with and is established for a long while, ie can pick and choose less mass movies. She’s oozing potential and stealing scenes in 大明宫词. And she caught my eye in Beijing Bicycle

              CK, otoh has JUST established himself as a headlining movie star. $ is about all the decent stuff he’s done. tbh a lot of his movies r v meh, but he’s decent and GORGEOUS! I think 云水谣 is his best movie to date.

              1. Oh man, I remember watching Beijing Bicycle with my cousins and we were definitely not the intended audience for that much artsy-ness b/c after like what? 3 hours or something of that movie which we pretty much was encouraging each other to keep on going, our reaction was “…….WHAT? THAT’S IT?!”

                I’m totally enamored by all the pretties I’m seeing here. My cousin and I spent like 30 mins trying to decipher all the scenes in the 2nd vid especially that one where we’re not sure if he’s raping her, if he’s transferring power to her or if they’re just having sexy time o.O

                I’m only familiar with Zhao Wei and while she’s not a bona fide actress, I like watching her.

  1. hell yeah I’m watching this movie. I have this sudden crave for Chen Kun+Zhao Wei combo and then I watched Hua Mulan and Painted Skin, then finding myself not yet contented I went to tudou and dig out a TV interview of Chen Kun in 2011 and I simply love the way he thinks and talks. (and damn he keeps making this gorgeous smiles that just melt my heart and he sang this buddhist sutra so beautifully…I’m mesmerized)

    — So3

    1. I think ZX is the more capable actress all along, so in Painted Skin she stole the show. Playing a foxy lady sure helps getting the hearts of guys, but still it takes loads of charisma and sureness to pull it off. She did that here with that little glance at the doorpost, the one she threw and scoffed at CK and ZW.

      But ZW totally is upping her game here and she had amazing chemistry with CK in MuLan.

      CK is one of my fav target for weibo-stalking. He can be deep in a tweet and totally a goofball the next, then post a killer beauty shot of himself. He’s even more entertaining on weibosphere than his movies (which r not shabby, at least his share of it)

  2. I’m a CK+ZW combo fan! Just love their off-set buddy relationship, sooo adorable!

    I think ZX’s a very deep and intense actress, and she does come across very into every role she plays. Her foxy portrayal in PS was awesome, but too bad her character just lacked a whole lot depth (so as the rest of the chars, but I expected much more from hers). ZW may not be the best of the bunch, but having seen her growth from her Princess Pearl days till now, I’m a happy fan. 😀

    CK is just hotsmexyawesome in all ways, I’d seen him earlier in some drama I can’t remember but it was his stint in Hua Mulan which made me fall hard and head over heels. Story in Painted Skin or rather its execution just didn’t impress enough to make me like his char or acting, but in HML, he was just awesome despite being the supporting char next to ZW. His intensity in there totally killed me. And his chemistry with ZW? Burning!!!!

    So can’t wait to see them again in PS2!

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