Xian Yuan Jian

I'll practice, 'if I have nothing nice to say….'  but feel free to bounce off ANYTHING and hold nth back (esp if you have a rant, rest assured, ur rant is MINExmillion) IF you've seen it or just seeing these blurry caps for the first time.  Trust me, no need to go hunt for HD, it's better in the fog of blur.

Visuals speak louder than words:

PSA 'VIDEO' for the villagers.

5 treasures from NuWa. *heh*

some supposedly fancysmancy white shiny carriage of magic drawn by a magnificant magical creature, chimera of a unicorn w/ a dragon head.

I applaud the green concept in TR's motto of recycling of everything.  Lets forget how fug LGX looks by himself and esp in comparison in his beggarsect crazy hobo hair and the whatever period and logic these mindnumbing fantasy RPG game adapts are loosely based on.

le ipad and le godzilla head

So if you need a place to vent/rant/….rave, welcome!


23 thoughts on “Xian Yuan Jian

  1. That first screen cap scene, I stopped there. Since I wasn’t starting a new drama alone, I didn’t want to dread my friend through it too. We skipped to Strange Hero Yi Zhi Mei instead, which TR actually put some heart into (except they could have planted their own Plum flower forest, it was bearable though. lol)

    1. I fear for DMY. XYJ actually looks spazzy in the promos and MVs, but STILL it looks horrible and low budget. Nth fr DMY looks decent thus far and that one has less leeway to go ‘fantasy’ on us.

      I bet there’ll be HG and TY cuts out there for us to check out shortly.

      1. totally! The promo for XYJ was actually exciting. I didn’t not look that into the trailers, but the stills and all were cool enough. Really don’t like what TR is doing nowdays. Use to they put some efforts. BBJX was good likely because they hired Nicky and Kevin and their first Tong Hua book? It made sense the efforts they put into producing it.

        as for DMY, I’m not even putting any faith into it. Everything gives the feel that TR just settled with what they have on hand. They’re just milking it in on LSS and HG, I assume on EP as well. What a waste of talents. I really wanna yell at them to stop buying these good books and wasting them if they aren’t putting in at least 100% effort into it. Really, why crank up your limit and than show below average performance afterwards. Very disappointing. I never really chase production for a c-drama project, so is it just these fancams and stuff are just giving me a scare or this project is really a don’t expect too much from it.

        1. and we’re REALLY not asking much. We came prepared this is RPG fantasy, for the tweens crowd mostly but still I dun rem when I’m an itsy bitsy thing I had to sit through sth so lazy and stupid and boring pretending to all things it is not.

          I think BBJX is under a close eye by TongHua,and the bone of the story is solid, there is still a lot of WTF moments we could let it slide because the storytelling is gripping enough BUT I’m not gonna forget those r ridiculously cheapo and silly touches (the ‘tundra’, the ‘lilypond’) I dun see the close ‘comaraderie’ no more in TH’s involvement in DMY. Plus BBJX is TR putting EVERYTHING they have on the table, that is their best effort and honestly a year in making because that is literally their last lifeline to attract bankers. XYJ is too obvious this is done by a miserly budget of peanuts.

          imo since LOCH08 TR has been churning out underpar stuff faking as the pretty fluffs or certain quality they used to be able to do. CP and CP3 has no presentable scripting but still there r lovely touches and cuteness and HEART. Heart that Kboss has apparently minced up and fed the dogs. I followed the production of Clothing, the World because I’m firstly a YH fangirl and that’s his first ever TR lead role in 8 years and it ended up being a humiliating sick sad joke K is playing YH for last 3+ years since that turd has been in production and she’s been shouting publicly everything she’s pouring her heart and soul into it. I bet she did, I just didnt know she has no heart and no soul to begin with.

      2. Oh, I’m looking forward to DMY bcos of Eddie.

        Eddie is the kind of actor that can bring out the best of his leading ladies. Look how he could elevate a crappy non-actress like Angelababy in Love You You. I’m banking on him to do wonders with LSS.

        1. Not just you, strangely now the only one I’m looking forward to most for DMY is Eddie. He’ll make a very fun HQB to watch. Has the physiques and the humor. Neutral on LSS, but hopefully they’ll surprise me. I love HG and all, but I love Meng Jiu too much to expect to much for this character on screen. As for everyone else I’ll just cross my fingers hoping it’ll turn out unexpectedly good.

  2. you gotta take this drama with a lot of salt…
    I’ll still watch for the Tuo-Ke. rofl but the movie scene was really wtf. I hate it when then do that. can’t they have a bunch of actors act it out on a stage or something? like the nice old fashioned way that everyone can agree on??????

    1. I kinda have to take all the salt and stuff my eyes with it! ><

      EVerything just looks half-baked, randomly thrown together without thoughts just to get everything on the plate to cash in the Chinese Paladin crowd.

      I'm very disappointed with both HG and LSS, both of them have NTH in their eyes. LSS is glaring like a maniac and trying hard to move her eyeballs around as if this is emoting. I can't believe how awful she is here. HG as well. The heart is not here and the pace, writing everything is horrible fr the get-go. I rem I was shellshocked with that beginning scene of tonnes of crappy messy fighting that is not dazzling but dizzling and it went on for good 5, 10 min.

  3. I’ve never been a big fan of CP1, CP3 or any game adaptation – just an admirer of the cast’s prettiness, hahaha! Hence I didn’t really care whether Xuan Yuan Jian will be good or not, since it’s not on my radar.

    But seriously, the movie scene here is going beyond ridiculous. WTF?!!

    1. me neither, but this is certifiable FUG. CP and CP3 r both insanely gorgeous that numbed us to the shrilliest plots. So not here. No one with the right mind will expect this will be seriously masterpiece territory to begin with, but there is a bottomline: entertaining and pretty, and heck the silly, even with my right on expectation, I thought, this is still more ridiculous crappy than ever imaginable. Think, crappier than Clothing the World crap 2 eps in kinda CRAP!

      I still do care about it for the actors sake. I don’t have a black heart, i do honestly wish LSS and HG well and show me improvements, but they r regressing to an unbelievably awful degree. SS has not a scene where her eyes r now darting everything in her interpretatino of ’emoting’ but there’s NTH inside her globes. HG is like on a constant angsty poster campaign. LilJiang has once wincing/whiny face throughout what I’ve seen of him.

      1. Much as I’m partial towards Tangren projects, I can’t help that LSS is getting on the over-rated bandwagon now. I understand that she’s made her best effort in Strange Hero and BBJX, but I hope she doesn’t get complacent from success. I was looking forward to a San Niang spunky personality combined with Princess Jiayi look in XYJ, but TBH, it’s not natural here. The spunkiness in Strange Hero was different…it was more uniquely LSS, her own style and blend of independence. Here, she’s mimicking too much of YM’s character in CP3 or Ariel’s HR in LOCH, that it’s coming across as contrived. I’m put off by the eye-darting, as acting with her eyes is really not her strength.

        I know she and her fans want her to take on super-spunky roles rather than MNC-types which she got associated with early in her career, hence she chose Tuoba Yu’er over Xue’Er, but there needs to be a balance. I could see the balance in Ruoxi, but not here.

        I’m fine with Hu Ge in general. IDK why…maybe his chiselled look does gel with the character, so the acting doesn’t need to be superb.

        1. I think if I do follow through with this story it would be mainly for the Hu Ge and Tang Yan parts. I like LSS as a actress because I think she’s comfortable to watch, don’t consider myself a fan yet, but I don’t mind watching her in alot of projects. It really kills to put her inside these drama where the producers put no heart into. Which is also why I think she’s getting into the over-rated bandwagon. Not sure how demanding Karen is on her having to be in a particular Tangren project. If it’s more of Karen’s idea rather than LSS’s choice than I could see why it might feel like there’s something missing in her performance. I hope she gets to be in more non Tangren projects (like the Yue Fei one, I think her performance there might be something to look forward to).

        2. Lol, so you see the shades of Yang Mi and Ariel Lin in LSS acting too. Thought I was the only one.

          Seriously, I don’t think she does spunky well. She was ok in Strange Hero bcos she did not overdo it there but not in Clothing and BBJX (I think she associates spunky with being cute and childish). She’s not a natural comic. In BBJX, thank God she was only playing young and carefree for a short while. Her forte is really in more sombre roles.

          I do think she is over-rated, over-hyped. Not her fault – it’s the media. At best, she is an average actress with average looks. I’m quite fond of her tho as I can see the improvement in her acting from Young Warriors.

      2. IKR? I like the cast of this series and yet couldn’t even finish the first episode because it bored me so much…

        HG’s and LSS’s acting felt flat to me too, which was surprising because they normally are much better than this.
        LilJiang is cute but his acting needs a bit of work…

        I like LGX but what the hell did they do to his styling?

  4. Hahaha! I totally agree abt LSS trying her darnest to move her eyeballs in their globes as her way of emoting, plus those forcing her eyes wide. She does look ridiculous esp next to her sis who has beautiful large and seductive eyes and she does not have to roll it all around and widen it to show emotions.
    I think HG is fine – at least he does not overact. I imagine many actors (hmm HXM) wld squint their eyes when evil and have a pathetic looking face when angsty. No, HG is fine.
    Can’t same the same for the CGI – left me speechless but you know what, I am so used to bad Chinese CGI I can overlook it. I think there is something to the story – I’m looking forward to the YWT and NingKe story esp. Will just skip the Yu er and JJF parts.

    1. Yes, I do like YWT and Ningke’s story arc! Hu Ge is bringing the character across as I imagine him to be, so he’s doing fine in my books. I’ll wait for the HG & TY-only cuts too, hahah!

      Oh well…I guess fantasy-RPG adaptations is just not LSS’ thing. I didn’t like her in CP3 either.

    2. I see LSS has improved in ep 5 and 6. Not minding her anymore. Less overacting. I was a little bit bored with JF and I realised it’s because in CP3, Bai Tofu had Xi Chuan to help lift the mood in most scenes. Xi Chuan was crazy, funny and at times hysterical like when he carried Bai Tofu back to the monastry. Sadly for HG, he does not have that support in this drama and so, the show seems to drag. I think HG should play a 3rd character like Xi chuan to ligten things up – he’s such a natural comic.

  5. I saw the trailers for Xuan Yuan Jian and I thought I might give it a shot.

    I tried watching the first episode and I couldn’t finish it. I found the CGI quite a bit of a turn off, actually. The recycled costumes made me LOL

    So far the only thing that impressed me was HG’s theme song LOL

      1. ROFL yeah I totally understand. TBH I wasn’t expecting anything great cuz it’s just a game adaptation, but I’d hoped that it’d at least be fun and pretty. I already like the cast and everything, so it shouldn’t be too hard to keep me interested, right? I mean, I really enjoyed CP3 so I have nothing against series of the same genre. CP3 was funny and entertaining with a great cast and decent story (plus the visuals weren’t too bad either). I’m just a bit disappointed that Xuan Yuan Jian seemed to have regressed instead of improved…

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