I live in Cheongdam-Dong still and forever

This thing will shortly replace my uber ultimate favoritest kdrama ever (the one that is totally at fault for bringing me into this lunacy).  One guess?

Yup, MNIKSS.  This daily is pwning MNIKSS in my heart.  It is NOT helping it's parodying it using its themesong in their INSANELY EVILLY ADDICTIVE PREVIEWS of the explosion to be.  OMFG!!!

That is all.

I'm at 108. 30+ min an ep that is freaking 60 hours of drama.  IN <THREE WKS!!!

I'll carry on.  You guys keep my share of calm coz obviously I can't and I have lost my silly mind in LOVE!


This is fr @daheefanel a tiny bit spoilerish for the MOST GLORIOUS BROMANCE that is only getting exponentially more seminally insanely glorious:

And the OTP.  Let me stress how ridiculously amazing EVERYTHING is developed.  This is my fav OTP since forever BUT the preciousness is the Guy2(or 1?) is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo not shabby.  It can go either way and it'll make sense but I'm loyal with my ship

And HyunWoo is owning my very shallow fangirl heart and body atvm.  I'm a puddle of gooey when he's just being on my screen, but when he smiles, I have hot flashes and need cold showers.  And I know nth of the fact I've seen him in pasta(topless) and Frozen Flowers.  I think he has a smile that is identical to LJK but he has prettier eyes and less fem and is more my type of handsome.  Baidu-ers r comparing him to Park YooChun and Wallace Huo and GongChan….etcetc, and I can see the resemblance to all but if u r asking me, objectively HyunWoo is much more gorgeous.  *oh yes throw me all the rotten eggs* *I'm just amazed I can still sorta type, u know?!? (see ABOVE!)*

Oh and trivia/serendipity/my life, rem our Queen InHyun's Man?!?!  our Ji HyunWoo?  and his honey Yoo InNA?  She was going to appear in the new WGM with an imaginary hubs, guess who it was before plans were foiled? A Kim HyunWoo, ie MY ILICDD HYUNWOO!  And although I've dropped Equator Man at ep3, I still am inappropiately pedophilically crushing a Lee HyunWoo/young U!T!W!  (so imagine the overload of HOTNESS when I go dabble in Tumblr w/ 'HyunWoo' and the hyunwooSSSSSS hotness ensue?!?!??!  *________*

Oh LORD have mercy.

I dun follow the K music scene so I have no idea of the hotness of 24/7 existed: so yeah No MinWoo + HyunWoo + Lee JangWoo

I dun even know y I find this song super catchy, maybe it's super Jpop-esque circa my tween days?!?!?!?!?!

And I've not even got to the bestest parts: the 3 CDD ahjusshis, my idol unniChef, oh gosh please adopt me! matron Kim HyeJa and I can gush and go on and on and on but ciao~! I have a drama to marathon!!!!!

This is me *of coz not a fraction as hot*


12 thoughts on “I live in Cheongdam-Dong still and forever

    1. Not even 30 min per day chingu??!! haha I cramped one in this am while I’m brushing teeth, eating, doing hair, dressing etc.

      A chingu is saying she can get 80%, Korean improved w/o subs when she usu needs them. Are you into Ahn Nae Sang? (I have a ridiculous ahjusshi crush on him) I just saw him silly dancing on the street in an ep. *SQUUUUUUUUEEEEEEEEEE* Life is all kind of complete lately.

      1. I’m about to start the 1st part of my summer hols next week so I’m gong to cram some of that in as well…. Like you said, it’s only 30min a pop. ;P Ahn Nae Sang is one of my favourite ahjussi actors!

  1. I’m sad because I’m stuck! ILICDD stuck because I can’t get any of my links to work :///// which used to work perfectly fine before T___T the Chrome method will be my last resort.

    And LAST GIFFFFF, gaahhhhh… I’m so ChenKun-ified these days. That ELLEMEN photoshoot killed me dead.

    1. He got me at Hello~! here. I have a forever soft spot for the cutie, too bad his lovely job in ILICDD did not bring him much more exposure and better opportunities.

      1. yes you’re right, im expecting him to be the lead actor on his next proj or at least 2nd lead actor, he can be bad boy or a boy next door, he is really good when it comes to acting compare to other popular idol turned actors. im wishing him more success on his future projects, if ILICDD will have an english sub, it will attract more international fans to watch it and im pretty sure, 100% ,he will gain more fans internationally. Anyway the .gif above, is that yours? He is sooooo cute , i want to pinch his cheeks, can i copy and post it on soompi? Coz he doesnt have any page on soompi, so maybe one of these days i will make one for him and will copy all those pictures above on his page. Hyun Woo Oppa HWAITING!

        1. I didn’t know anything about him until ILICDD, not into Kpop and all. He’s so naturally charming on screen!

          the gifs r not mine, I stole it fr ILICDD or HyunWoo baidu bar.

          1. me too, but after i watched him in ILICDD, i googled him right away them downloaded all the dramas and movies he made, he’s so charming that i want to put him in my pocket and bring him everywhere i go! LMAO

      1. yeah i saw a few scenes on youtube, but hes not even the 2nd lead there, only a supporting role, only a few minutes every episode, and yeah really not worth it, but im waiting for his horror movie, Killer Toon to be available to download. he is one of the leads there. thank you for the link!

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