I’ve reached fangirl nirvana

There’s fangirling talented hotties, then there’s fangirling Yuan Hong.

And this Chen Kun gif is again perfection and perfect for illustrating my state of mind:

or this on the money Yuan Hong gif:

The Tianya thread (which I surprisingly agree with almost every suggested casting by the threadmistress) for the upcoming Yumama patented PoC RoCH is a fun ‘passionate’ snarky playground of everything goes.  The fact it’s wuxia (big deal in Cdramaland), a Louis Cha wuxia (even bigger freaken deal), and LC’s Return of Condor Heroes (Mother of all BIG F Deals), everything is dissected and jabbed under the fangirl/boy hawkeyes, esp when it comes to casting the most romantic wuxia hero ever and the prettiest fantasy ideal of beauty ever flying in the wuxia air, esp Yang Guo since fangirls r scarier batty creatures when it comes to their dreamiest man EVER.

SO, any actor popping up there, there is at least an ugly rant spitting all over him, not my Yuan Hong. *sobbb me so proud*
It’s understandable how devastated this remake will be in the hands of Yumama fr the likes of his Swordsman.  Any rant on it being loyal to the novel will be falling on deaf dead Yumama ears. BUT the fact he’ll most probably plant his ‘muse’ Yuan ShanShan as the ultimate definition of feminine beauty is understandably distressing, and he’s already shouted out loud it’ll be his boy muse Chen Xiao as YangGuo.  I’m nonchalantly fine with it, as with anything with YMM attached.  I just dun fking care no more.  So why are ppl even bringing up YH even for comfort’s sake? I have no idea…till I read this cap of the thread where random fangirls r screaming WANNTTTTT!! GIMMEGIMMEGIMME! some delurked and post just to support the YY casting of YH as YG. *TEARS* I’m a proud fangirl on cloud nine because there is no freaken bigger recognition ever IF you get ONE YG casting endorsement by its harshest fans, let alone a slew.  *SOBSOBSOB*

Fr that excerpt above:

‘I’m dropping by just for YH alone.  If he’s YG, no matter who is going to be XLN, I’ll be watching.  He’s too handsome in periods! Amongst the current crop of actors, there are only a rare handful close to his gorgeousness in periods.  During the LoCH watch, I absolutely ignored HG and stared at him and only him.  Too bad he still hasnt hit it big, poor guy!’

If it’s really YH as YG, I’ll watch it if that b8tch YSS is the XLN!!!!
*ARGH! I mined the visual in my head and #@$@% FFS too damningly unwatchable!  I’m sorry for your suffering YH~!)!!!*

‘….if YH is YG, even if the scariest thing of Yumama as XLN, I can watch YH while puking for the other stuff on my screen. I can’

And if you ask my opinion (I’ve significantly cooled down my wuxia blood, and my screaming fangirl of Louis Cha ie my longest fangirling obsession):
YESEEEEEE PLEASE!  Yumama, I’ll be your slave and will watch every min of your past and present crap till the day you stop crapping.  There is NO better YG atvm, he’s the perfect perfect balance EVER with the exact right looks and the serious acting chops, ie his advantage to all the other prior YGs, to rise above the miasma of WTFery that is a Yumama production.

I mean if u r still reading this, unless u r blind, you DO rem how HAWT he was as the fallen into the evil firespitting pit poor rich boy Yang Kang?! DO U REM THAT RIP YOUR HEART AND TEARDUCTS OUT ENDING?!  Don’t you think we owe him, in some warped but perfect fangirl logic to give Loverboy another chance redeeming himself as his own lovechild with his NianChi/his ShiShi and to put the lofty ideals laid upon the name of his son Yang Guo ( ie make right your mistake)?!?!?!?!?!?!

This is all YY, the possibilty of this happening is ZILT, but for Loverboy to get unanimous recognition and LURVE from random netizens, esp the harsh and snarky ones at Tianya ie where it counts and most genuine?! *________* Beyond precious!  My fangirlLife’s complete.

33 thoughts on “I’ve reached fangirl nirvana

  1. “you DO rem how HAWT he was as the fallen into the evil firespitting pit poor rich boy Yang Kang?!”

    Yes. Yes I do. 🙂 Though I love JG&RH, my eyes… were not on them if Yang Kang was there.

    1. And it’s written in the pages, in those fair prose of Louis Cha YG bears deadly resemblance to his notorious Daddy. It’s very crucial to the plot as well, because there are too many incidences where ppl judged YG by looks alone because he is a dead ringer of YK.

      And he’s on the fringe of the right age of the role, in a year or 2, he’ll be too old.

      And, to his dismay. he is best in periods.

    2. Oh and I almost forgot to mention how your avie is EVIL!*am distracted*

      I stared at it for good 20 sec of not even realizing and I went and rewatched that scene. T___T SUCHA hopeless masochist I am.

        1. And I bet it’s the power of your avie as well, Hunan TV is airing LoCH08 first time in HD over the summer holidays for the babies. *I kinda am tempted to rewatch the whole thing*

              1. Oh the braid one is fr Young Yang Clan. Whether YH stole the show in LoCH08 is up for debate, but YYC? He ran away with it and then some. That’s the show I sworn fangirl-slavery to him.

                1. What I remember most vividly from YYC is the looking up at the stars scene, which is (I think) where the “I can feel your heartbeat” line is. I need to find that episode again…

                    1. To quote WaterOB @ dramawiki:
                      It’s the classic scenario. The woman ditches the bad boy to marry the husband material. Then the husband material decides to go to a far away mountain to become a monk.
                      And we get her but we also have screamed our voice coarse with: ‘Follow your HEART, DO YOU HAVE EYeS?!!?!’ while morals and patriotism and everything proper is left somewhere in the mountains.

            1. I was in shock till the mid teens ep how well-written, nuanced, well-paced and acted…everything, there was no ep that’s not tight and addictive, while watching it the first time. Too bad logic and a lot of things fell apart in the later half when it’s trying earnestly but unsuccessfully worked in the fanfic-ing with everything canon.

  2. But if it’s doomed to be crap to begin with, isn’t it better for YH to stay away from that adaptation as far as possible? Even if fans would watch him in the hordes, it can’t be too good for his career having such a blot on his resume.

    Seriously, I just want LSS and YH in another show together. They don’t even have to be a couple there. I’d seriously take anything at this point.

    1. That was the kneejerk in my head for YEARS and I’ve gone as far as swearing I will stop fangirling him if he lowers himself doing a hopeless YuZheng PoC multiple times. BUT…RoCH is the exception, a very curious case. I can’t think of a reason any working CN actor will turn down a YG, ever.

      It is Louis Cha only ‘romance-wuxia’. And there’s a meme even before the internet is born: “meeting” YangGuo is a fangirl’s life-ruining moment. I hate the book itself for its themes (and the ‘heroine XiaoLongNui), BUT the characterization of Yang Guo leaves no fangirl behind. ie even with YuZheng’s messing, YG, esp in someone as capable as YH in periods/wuxias, there really is no chance YH can possibly fail. For one he looks exactly like papa as the novel stated, and YG is a much easier character compared to his YK. And oddly RoCH is not as demanding as other wuxias in depth, there maybe a chance YZ can fix some gaping aggrevating holes in the story proper, like TangRen did with their fanfiction a la LoCH08. The genre of wuxia in Cdramaland is dead if we are looking for quality anyway, because the business side of things is stifling for casting and that’s one of the key element for a wuxia to even have a chance to be decent to start with. The production won’t cast a non-household name in its leading roles unless he/she has ample connections. Atvm YH has actually garnered just enough mass popularity fr BBJX, and age-wise he’s on the last train. It’s notoriously hard to cast a wuxia superhero when the ideal physique per the rabid fandom’s approval is required, along with all the period serious drama chops in one actor. I have not seen a decently cast wuxia since DemiGods and SemiHeros 2003, even LoCH08 didn’t fit the bill because of HuGe.

      Long-windedness aside, I would pay real $$$$$ to see YG properly essayed no matter what, and apparently so would a lot of wuxia fangirls. AND YG is the golden role in Cdramaland where it’s guaranteed megastardom-making. Andy Lau, Louis Koo, Huang XiaoMing…ALL where they r at thanks to this role even when at least 2 of them were v meh. Even Richie Ren (imo fug and not actor material at all), in the worst adapt of it ever humanly possible IS a leadingman till this day.

      1. I never knew RoCH is THE biggest wuxia story that even lousy adaptations can make a lead actor’s career. It’d be great if YH gets the role then! I mean, it’s just appropriate since he played YK once, so now he can play his character’s son, lol. Frankly, I’m not that big of a fan of RoCH or YG; among the trilogy it’s my least favourite, kinda like I just watch it because it’s part of the bigger story. My fave is still LoCH followed by HSDS.

        How likely will YH get casted anyway? Do fans’ opinions really matter that much to be heard? I should think so, since after all it’s the fans who will make or break the success of the series, and if people are clamouring for YH to be YG, then… there’s a high chance? *trying not to get my hopes up*

        1. It is the most mass popular wuxia novel ever. It reads like a Harlequin romance with a splash of wuxia that’s why. I thought I was an anomaly when I first read my LouisChas and hated it. To this day I hold the opinion parts of it is vile.. I’ve never finished it in my 3 attempts spanning decades. This is the wuxia that most successfully breaks into mainstream (yeah wuxia is so not, at least not for older gen)

          Will YH ever get casted? That is the million $ question because no one can predict what’s up with YuZheng. He is like a bipolar weasel fluctuating btn an impossibly mental twat and a shrewd boss that can make the best out of crap for at least money’s sake.

          Tianya forum netizenry is a force to reckon with, and he is known to lurk there always. IT would be risky in the business sense to cast both Chen Xiao as YG and YSS as XLN because both of them have practically no real fanbase, no proven acting chops and have been sold into slavery working in solely his turds. So there’ll be math involved, any attachment to RoCH will propel anyone to household name status, IF he’s into grooming YSS into a bigger starlet, he should dump CX and cast a near perfect YG and there I see a glimmer of hope for YH being in contention, for REAL. IF he’s putting his eggs in the CX basket, a crowdpleasing XLN is a MUST and that’s even a harder feat because there’s no starlet in sight remotely fitting the bill. EVERY XLN thus far have been stabbed to a honeycomb one way or the other while each YG amassed a crazy rabid following *Yup LSS wont cut it in strict sense of drop dead gorgeousness* SO here my crazyhead is putting YH back into the equation as casting CX is much much riskier, BUT it will be a waste if YuZheng do not cast one of his actors under his management to leech off the guaranteed popularity gold.

          Also YuZheng has expressed his admiration of YH wayyy back in weibo. He has an eye for pretty men. Now that YH is not entangled with Yu’s nemesis TangRen no more, he’s not out of the question, at all.

            1. Other than Richie Ren though, every YG has his own rabid following. The character is written to swoon every pedestrian fangirl, so I’m not too worried for anyone taking up that role. That is exactly why I don’t see IF offered YH will ever EVER say no, no matter what.

              Then there’s XLN, imho, it’s impossible to cast decently (I’m not even talking remotely perfection) at this point, so nobody will be seriously shocked and outraged with whatever the choice, ESP we’re talking about the cuckoo that is YZ.

  3. Yup he’s still vv hawt!!
    Boy has he got some super anti-aging gene in him! SIGH
    But I have to agree with @autumnsoliloquy, if YMM’s remake is guaranteed (with stamp & chop) to be a turd, I’d rather Lao Yuan stay as far away as possible. IMHO he’s really too good to be in another farce. However, the only reason he shld ever act in the remake is if YMM decides to do a 360 take on RoCH & go all brokeback for the remake. I’d so rather watch him make out with another equally cute guy than a fake XLN!

    1. This is, first and foremost all a bunch of rabid fangirls YYing their heads off, mine included! ^^

      BUT I did give it a proper thought (and obviously I ramble on in a wearily too long reply above). IF this role is ever presented to LaoYuan, I can’t see him turning it down, I can’t see ANY actor turning it down, and I can’t see YH failing at it, no chance, even in a Yumama. You know how #$8%^&$#! I hate Yu, and so coming from me, it should mean sth more than my usual silliness.

      This is a different case from XiaoAuJiangWu for me at least, XAJW will be forever my fav wuxia by a long shot, the margin is SO huge I know for a fact I wont read anything remotely as good in wuxia EVER in my life. So Yu’s pooping on it literally shakes and breaks me to pieces. OTOH, I don’t care a lick about RoCH the book, so Yu can mess with it all he wants AND the core of the story is a fluffy romance anyway, there is not much depth to it and oddly I can see Yu capable of hitting all the right notes. He started somewhere and he did do watchable melodramatic periods for years before hitting it big.

      1. lol You make me want to read XAJW. Or maybe I should just watch the drama, that way I won’t feel as bad when I do watch the drama and it turns out all wrong.

        1. O___o nonononono Hon. I don’t get how u can not feel bad as in mentally insulted watching a Yumama. WHY watch stinky crap for REAL that’s guaranteed to be stinky!?!?!?

          The book, is still, till this day, one of my best thing in print ever imo. Sentimentally, it’s my favorite. I’m not sure how much is lost in translation though. imo it’s the hardest LC to adapt. So in that sense Yu is being a cunning twat to shamelessly make a silly spoof out of it and call it a day.

          I think I’m the only target group that should be watching Yumama’s Swordsman….just to stab the heck out of it.

          1. lol I still want to watch it for Wallace. I’ll take your words and will read it in Chinese so I can pick fun at it too. My dad is a Jin Yong fan and has all his novels. I’ll read his copy. Hows the romance in it?

            I was able to watch Gong, but Gong 2 was so hard to watch. There was this particular scene in it that I would forever remember. The main guy was sliding over to save the main girl. He basically jumps to the ground knees bent and then suddenly “slides” forward just in time to catch the girl in his arms. Not only is that a cliche cheesy scene, it’s an impossible act. It’ll be fun to watch his martial art scenes. XAJH might outdo Chu Liu Xiang.

            1. I love the romantic thread in XAJW but it’s not because it’s maddeningly swoon-worthy per se. It feels very practical and real and befitting for the characters that can be extrapolated to modern day dynamics. It’s not particularly fanciful so I’ve heard a LOT of grumbles about it (not me) esp I think many ship the other way than the arguable canon. imo JY is not exactly the master of sweeping romance to begin with, I really fell hard for the delicious angsty XiaoFung and AhZhu in DGSD.

            2. lolz I have seen gif of the scene you described tooooo many times here and there, it’s sooo ridiculously hilarious.

              I can’t stand one single line, one single scene in Goong. I guess I can’t shut my cranky and every single minute was composed of at least 10 things in the scenery that were absolutely ridiculous, logic fail, most eye-rollingly inappropriate lines, plus the horrible cheapo styling, makeup, OTTness and everything. It just get my blood boiled with annoyance watching a minute of it. I’m a HanaDan-anti, so I don’t get a hit out of it pulling scenes and dialogues straight out of Meteor Gardens, which I’ve seen, and while I don’t care about MG or anything HYD, I STILL can recogn those stupid cheesy words that should only be uttered in one crappy show and never again as if it’s a memorable classic.

  4. Actually my ideal casting would be Yang Mi as XLN and YH as YG, heheheh! Although there’s no way he’s gonna have YSS or Chen Xiao not in one of the main leads. I’m actually looking forward to Yu Zheng’s ROCH fanfic. I’m definitely all for fanfics…just got back from a marathon Chris Nolan Batman weekend sensation and a loooooovve that the “Robin” character in Dark Knight Rises is given such a cool rewrite!

    1. O___o totally can’t see YM as XLN, but oh well it’s YZ, what CAN go wrong, huh.huh.huh. *SIGHHHH*

      I wont be watching it EVER, not even clockwork orange style, unless that miniscule chance of YH is YG. I’m actually very picky with my fanfics, so….YZ wont be one I will ever bet on doing anything not headdesky with it, but since RoCH the book is extremely offensive to me, YZ’s style is perfect as in let them be the match made in the cesspit.

      Have you read the book? XLN is a block of ice, unless YM can’t do no wrong and is the best actress ever (which sadly she’s regressed into OTT horribleness last few years), with her large expressive eyes, her vivacious vibe, she has tonnes to overcome as the absolutely polar opposite of XLN, ie that’s why she nailed her GX.

      She’s slightly better than YSS because of her acting chops, that I’ll agree, but not much. Afterall they’ve both maimed their faces with way too much PS that wont pass in closeup in HD no more.

      I still have a soft spot for her past potential, but I don’t want to attract her more anti. XLN is absolutely an anti-magnet. Even when LYF, whom I think look-wise is as close as it gets, got an onslaught.

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