28 days ago, June 22nd, I remembered it's one of those nth special Fri when I went out for a drink with a coworker, then dinner with friends.  Hubs have some friends over and we drank a bit too much wine and beer, crazily anticipating some sports game (EuroCup final).  Nth particularly meaningful.  Typical lazing around Friday night.

And a bit of alcohol in my system these days means I will be wide awake in the wee hours.  And prompted by tweeps, I clicked on the playlist of a K daily they are raving because I have nth particularly grabbing my attention drama-wise, or a drama drought. I'm constantly trying things out and still hopeful, though honestly I've kissed too many of them stinky frogs of Shows.  One guess, it's I Live In Cheongdam Dong. 

Since then, my life's been 'ruined'.  It will never be the same.  My inner voice is one constant sound of AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!! Nonstop for last 4 wks and forseeable future.  It is annoying and aggravating but SO FUCKING UNBELIEVABLY AWESOME that I want it inside me, screechy, forever.  If the swelling in my heart can somehow materialize to sth physical and tangible… my bOObs should be the size of 2 Titanics. 
I can not put it to words how mind-boggling and nuts I am turned into by this glorious monster.  Originally 200 eps, cut short to 170 and now it just aired its #160 ep.  10 more to go, 2 wks live, last stretch.  And a month ago I was overwhelmed by the three-digit number of episodes.  Now, 170 is too toooo toooo few, WAYYY too scant.  I feel like my entire family is going to emigrate to Antarctica and never coming back, leaving me forever alone.  I used to eye-twitch at that going forever and ever LoTR3 parting end scene, but now I GET IT! DON'T GET ON THE SHIP AND AND LEAVE ME DRAMA AND MY CHARACTERS WHOM I'VE SINCE ADOPTED AND ARE REAL and FAMILY TO MEEEEE!!!!

The mind-boggling part is, you really lost all sense of time and priorities watching this, I can safely swear on my head there is not ONE bad episode of the 160 eps I've seen so far.  More crazily., when I take a rare break, collect my marbles, grasp for air and pretend to be a functioning contributing member of society and do a tiny little review/recap in my head on the awesome, I realize, it gets steadily better, absolutely noticeably at a rate of every 10 eps = a new lvl of awesome. I've made a list of 10+ episodes that are more than perfection ever imaginable, 30 mins evoking more than almost ALL kdramas in their entirety I've ever seen

I honestly rarely wholeheartedly, seriously pimped anything in my entire life. I don't operate that way myself so I hate to subject others to the treatment.  BUT IF I really post and spazz about it here on lj, I'm darn sure I'll break it by the spamming.  And the only thing that's stopping me is I can't take myself a moment away from the screen marathoning, I keep squeeing and doing somersaults or loling hysterically my poor poor hub literally got awaken once with the notion we're hit by an earthquake all too real (I've already snidely subjected him to the earplugs treatment after he's asleep and pulled them out when I'm too tired to go one more ep because as much as I tried to control it, I went into guffawing or sobbing fits sometimes simultaneously beyond my control and we r sharing a bed.  I did 150+ eps in 20 days, during which I ate a dozen ramyuns (that's my annual quota +), three whole watermelons, halved and spooned style.  I have a constant dull muscle pain fr all the loling I did last month.  I haven't worn a speck of eye makeup during the whole marathon because I will randomly hysterically laugh to tears when a scene flashes in my head at work, that and I would sob uncontrollably, moved to tears from the poignantly touching scene the next.

And here I am.  Four wks later, it felt like a lifetime that flew by way too fast. I've been watching the latest episodes raw, then as soon as Csubs pops up and in btn I've been rewatching ad nauseum every spare alone moment I have.  I'm extremely emotional with the latest glorious episode #160 I watched over lunch, I have been emo and moping and wanna just curl up and hide under my desk and let it all out in continuous sobs.  And I thought some alcohol in my system will be good, but THEN I'm genuinely in fear I will drunk-cry, over a drama, and scared away the very few dear friends still sticking up to my craycray.

So what's there for you?  EVERYTHING.  Romance, Bromance, Family, Angst, Comedy, Slice of Life, Life, all done to perfection and beyond.  It went at the rate of every freaken 30 mins I put a hand on my chest to calm the freak down and screaming GEEZ! BEST EPISODE EVERRR!! TT___TT and by the time I hit and is done with the next. GEEZ! BEST EPISODE EVVERRRRRRRRR! TTT____TTT. Wash. Rinse. Repeat.  Even if you haven't watched a kdrama in you entire existence, never watched a DRAMA let alone a situation 'comedy' your entire life (this is more a dramady with extremely hysterical and poignant moments in its mixed bag of tricks).  Or, in many case, sorta my own, having watched the usual mother lode of crap and sworn too many times to never touch it with a 1000000000 ft pole….and yet here I am like falling in LURVE for the very first time.



Mr. X is doing his own glorious subs.

17 thoughts on “Watch.

      1. I think I will just wait until Mr. X finishes the subs which might take a while but at least I will have a satisfactory binge feast in the future.

        Also, do you know where I can download the raws for those subs?

    1. Re: Raw

      I got the torrent fr Daddicts/ ajaaja and semifly has been posting torrents diligently in its soompi thread. I can’t find iM/GT for ep3 but the HyunNi works fine. Hope that helps!

  1. Hi Mookie

    EPYC here. I also started this after reading your and Dahee’s rave. I can’t believe what I saw – every minute is gold. I am only up to Ep 8 (in two sittings without stop) but real life takes over and will have to wait until this weekend.

    It is deja-vu and I thought I return to TVB’s golden comedy era with the Michael Hui-Lau Tin Chi combo, delivering real life drama under a comedy guise! So glad to have discovered this gem from you gals.

    Honestly, my LOL moments woke up the whole family 🙂

    1. Hi Epyc! *sob* I’m soooo glad u r watching it!!! Isn’t this glorious!
      It gets better (not that it didn’t start smashing already) and I know you have a much sensible self-control than me but when u r tempted, just know that the next episode will possibly be better and it’ll be harder to stop then. *haha I’m not making a whole lot of sense*

      You mean the likes of 鬼馬雙星? Micheal Hui’s movies used to the the only one that send me off to hysterical laughing fits while being real to portrayal of the characters. The characters felt real and the work seminal, nth was sacrificed for the sake of a cheap laugh. I do think Stephen Chow is hilarious but his movies is for mindless fun. IT IS exactly what you said, delivering real life drama, life lessons under a comedy guise. In the earlier eps I was enjoying it and it is entertaining but it didn’t switch into the gear of depth and getting under your skin yet, by the teen eps or the early twenties, you get to know them more and more and BAM! there’ll be an episode designed in the mix to hit you in the gut, the kind of thought-provoking, awe-inspiring human study, slice of life drama, unbeknownst to me, it has moments putting all my hairs on end poignant like a writer Noh HeeKeung drama.

  2. Wow just as I’m caught in the hands of a daily (not the one you are mentioning but one called Be Strong Geum Soon) I read this post and realise that we actually share similar feelings but over different dramas. I never knew dailys could be this addictive. And maybe it is bad but I feel relieved that I’m not the only one.

    1. Oh, this is soooo much better than BSGS! ^^ This is not just the best daily, this is one of the best thing I’ve seen in Kdramaland and maybe all dramalands EVER.

      I’ve watched my share of dailies so things do get comfortably predictable, and usu that’s the charm, not this case. Not an ep is done without brilliant writing, directing, acting and everything. I’ve not seen as much heart and soul poured into a piece of work and we are talking consistency and a duration of 8 months in total.

  3. hi!

    it’s my first time commenting here and i really really really want to see this show because of all the reviews i read about it. would you know where i can watch this show with english subs? i know that i can watch it via tudou but as i don’t know how to navigate the site and i can’t understand korean, i won’t be able to enjoy every little detail in the series. hope someone can help.

    1. Re: hi!

      Do u mind dling, or more spec. bt? Even though I streamed coz I can’t dl fast enough to feed my addiction, I’m torrenting them raw ep by ep for keeps because it’s just THAT precious as the more than perfect subs come by here:

      So far it’s been decently smooth dl speed fast for me, and even if I can’t find the nec version of HD raw, it works.

      1. Re: hi!

        dling is fine but streaming is better. hehe. i’ll try to download the first few episodes and if it’s really that good, i’m afraid i might need to buy myself an external hard drive. o_o
        thanks for your help!!!

        1. Re: hi!

          lolz, u know what I just did (buying a 1TB HD) over the wkend.

          I seldom stream if I can dl, so I’m not of much help. One thing for sure, even though I though there’s NO WAY I’ll keep an ‘170 eps sitcom’ I’m torrenting the whole thing in Csub AND those 1080 raws slowly.

          1. Re: hi!

            wow! that’s what you call commitment.
            i have been thinking of getting a 1TB hard drive too but this just might seal the deal for me.

            1. Re: hi!

              I think I was at around ep80 and I KNEW I MUST keep this forever and this is a tiny cable daily has no chance to have a DVD out, esp when even it’s decently popular it has no budget and has to trim off 30 out of the 200 eps. I mean just the time alone dling and getting the storage and the hassle, I am willing to pay upwards of hundreds of dollars IF there’s an official dvd.

              Yup, THAT GOOD! ^^

              I’m not sure if you keep any dramas, I do but rarely, and if I didnt get the drive, I wouldve bumped out and deleted some of the keepers I had. Grabbing it just save you the bandwidth of streaming THEN saving.

  4. “This is not just the best daily, this is one of the best thing I’ve seen in Kdramaland and maybe all dramalands EVER.”

    I SO CONCUR your judgement!

    I am afraid this beast will suck me into this no-end marathon and take over my life for the next few weeks. But it is that good and so worth it. I can’t think of any other drama delivering this constant flow of concurrent LOL and gut-wrenching moments that keep you in awe all the way.


    1. Where are you at Epyc?

      Everything you said and to top that: it gets ridiculously better, not to say wherever you are at is not superb already. That brimming in awe, joy and ‘goshhh sooo good!’ in the midst of being moved to tears happens EVERY SINGLE EP in this last stretch I’m at and it’s now in the severity is many times an ep.

      Never had I ever watch sth that continuously better itself in every aspect, not once, nor twice, but at the pace of every episode esp after they have to work on cutting the material by 30eps.

      I’m just happy you’ve found this precious drama to your liking as well and enjoying it like I do! ^^

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