My Fav BTS fanvid EVER

‘Shooting Eagle: Love’

*excuse me while I go cry my eyes out over the lovely cutest 4some*

I bet most of us who’ve watched the drama have seen this numerous times, and don’t tell me whenever you see this popping up somewhere, you won’t drop everything you are doing and watch and tear up and miss these babies soo sooo terribly it hurts.  It is too much.  T___________T *rewatchx10*

This is a new terrifically made BTS/recap/docu by LSS’ fans:

We all know LOCH08 was nowhere close to perfection, but things were done with soo much heart and earnest you are not human if you do not have a soft spot for it and rem all the goodness very fondly.  Seeing pieces of it after a while, it actually looks much better than the constant stream of crap we’ve been put through during the time transpired.  *le sigh*  Good old days indeed.


2 thoughts on “My Fav BTS fanvid EVER

  1. that bts video and the video of hu ge and yuanhong lighting up fireworks for ariel lin’s birthday are my two favourite bts videos ever. T____T so much feelings

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