Not a good day

It's a major Monday at work, which I can totally forget now that it's done with.  I had to skip lunch, hypoglycemia makes me supercranky.  IF someone offered me his/her head last few hours, I would've bitten it off DrJin gory style. 

But mostly I haven't had my daily dose of I Live in Cheongdam Dong and I'm turning into a dagnabbitwererabbit.

I started a bulk dl of SUFBB last night just in prep for the end of ILICDD when I will definitely go batshxt…yeah Aug3rd, next Fri. I'll mostly stay away fr any gadget. I wont terrorize, and instead will curl inside my bed with blankets around me muffling my wails and sobs and CRIES and @$^%#^*&@%^!$%@$#%DONT GO~~!

And you know what?  Instead of SUFBB, I dl'd FlowerBoy Ramyun Shop by mistake.

Is FBRS watchable?  I know nth about it because when it's airing I have no mood for flowery fluff.  I like JIW alright, but since RoI he has steadily downgraded himself.  Then there's Lee ChungAh whom I kinda still have a soft spot for fr Temptation of Wolves. BUT it's again some flaky teacher and her much younger HS flowerboy student.  I'm fresh off royally bored, so bored I cease to care to be pissed by BIG 15+16.  Can I handle this?!?!?


29 thoughts on “Not a good day

      1. I had hopes for it at first – liked the first few eps – but it never went anywhere interesting. No, Big is worse. Big was so boring it should have been used for a sleep aide.

        SUFBB >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> FBRS.

        1. oh, that’s my fear….for the first few eps to be cute and interesting enough then went mehhhh later. :/

          Thanks for the headsup! ^^ I may just jump st into SUFBB.

  1. re: FBRS

    It’s really fluffy so if that’s not your thing, I’d avoid it. I thought was cute overall but then again, I have questionable taste in dramas and I like fluff. πŸ˜‰

    1. Re: FBRS

      I love fluff, ridiculously much esp if I find it zany and I’m in the mood.

      I think I’ll check out an ep and see if there is anything buggin me. My question for you is, IF I like say first 1, 2 eps, does Show stay samesame throughout?

      1. Re: FBRS

        From what I remember (this is the thing with fluff, it doesn’t really linger) it is pretty consistent when it comes to its tone, vibe, storytelling (which can be a bit silly at times).

        I do agree with DM that the plot doesn’t really go anywhere special. It sort of stays on one level. But that’s pretty much what I expected based on the genre it’s in.

        1. Re: FBRS

          I just checked out an ep and I quite like it for sth check-brain-at-door and paying attention on and off, very jdorama-ish and for once a Kdrama fluffy trendy using music not annoyingly.

          I’ll just keep my expectation low and stop whereever I feel like it’s not doing it for me. ^^

          Thank you!

          1. Re: FBRS

            Yes, exactly. As long as you’re in check your brain at the door mode, you get to be pleasantly surprised. πŸ˜‰ I don’t know how much help I was but yw!

            1. Re: FBRS

              Oh you did help me out~! ^^ My worst fear is for the first few eps to be insanely addictively good THEN freefall from there. Or prequel to SUFBB and just not as good but I should watch it even for SUFBB’s sake.

  2. SUFBB is my fav drama of the year (after AWC) *shallowness and all* but it has a lot of heart that hits home for me. Young wild days of friendship.

    1. Yeah, I’m hitting myself for the silliness of dl’ing the wrong drama, 16 eps of it. ARGH! But then it seems more stupid if it’s watchable and I delete 16 hours of freshly dl’d stuff

      Nth will come close to ILICDD for me haha, u know it chingu and I think for a freakishly long while in the future.

      I liked it more than AWC, which in itself it’s perfect. BUT this one has more to offer in other grounds AWC didn’t.

      1. I can’t give a comment on ILICDD yet because I have yet to find the perfect channel to watch it T___T I did Chrome and all, but my “speedy” internet line just doesn’t help.

        I may end up just waiting for it to come out on DVD or something. Just can’t afford to stream something that

          1. I download w/ direct download links (mostly Bitshare/Sendspace, for some reason the “speedy” line works OK for DLs but not for streaming. For newer dramas it’s fine, but ILICDD’s been up for ages, the earlier links are no longer available T__T you have no idea how envious I am of ya all who’re hoarding ILICDD goodness on Twitterville.. :/

            Re: Big – I’m keeping all my expectations or even hope out of the Window. I have the finale left, and I’m not even eager to watch it. Big will prob be my least fav of THS but Gong Yoo’s Kyung Joon may end up one of my fav HongSis male leads. Irony, but there, the best credit I cud give theHongSis for giving me a wonderful GY in here.

            And speaking of yr not good day, mine was YESTERDAY! When Boscolie broke up T____T I know you don’t really ship them and all, but aigoooo my shippy heart broke into pieces when they announced that their 8 yr relationship had ended! I don’t want to speculate, but I have a feeling that Bosco’s the “dou foh xin”.. Myolie has her ego and all, but like you said in one of your earlier entries, she stuck with his ways for too long… I kinda feel bad for her. ><

            I need to move on now. No more active drama OTP RL shipping from now on. It doesn't last.

            Look at Kristen Stewart and RobPat, so embarrassing yaiks.

            1. I was impressed, surprisingly so with GongYoo here, because this seems sth I’ve not seen fr him before. All along, and I’ve seen almost everything he’s in, he came across to me as playing versions of GongYoo, the same gripe I have with Andy Lau. Charming yes, Andy is very handsome as well whereas GY is not my cuppa face-wise, and they r never horrible, but it has nth pushing it for me to stay interested in performances I thought r repeats.

              But then your_insomnia mused about what’s not working for her in BIG and mentioned GY’s KKJ has no resemblance to Shin’s KKJ. A convincing 18 or younger child yes, but is that enough?! And then it hit me why I wasn’t pushed over the edge to watch Show rabidly. And obviously I dodged a bullet there.

              I’ve seen Silenced, while I think he’s decent, again I find the kids more memorable and the story hauntingly depressing at the end of the day. I need a performance fr an actor that I can’t take my eyes off for him alone and sadly GY still hasn’t given me one.

              Yeah most of the time I feel a bit weird and left out never ever feeling the high of fandom on RL shippery wagons (honest, I don’t really truly ship even HongShi), but then at times like these I feel lucked out not affected at all. I do get sad when peeps get divorce publicly and kids r involved…mostly for the kids.

              The only thing buggy for me is the little 3. GOSH what poorpoorpoor taste Bosco! even for a fling. And I find it odd all the blame is laid on this incident (which I bet must’ve happened before) to end it all. I mean Bosco has always been a bit playerish prior, Myolie should know what she’s getting into and 8 yrs…ppl dun really change in stuff like these, if she’s stuck by delusionally hoping he’ll change for her and stay monotonous/faithful forever (assuming the rumors r true), she’s really being too naive. You really get what you bargain for. Either you go the route of the extreme: JackyChan’s wife, or be realistic.

              So my take is they have just run the course of their romance. That fling may be the last straw, but the problems must’ve been there all along, can’t fit a square in a circle. I’m sad for both of them, coz there must be real love going on, but love is not everything.

              *hugz* haha yes, don’t RL ship. Whether it lasts or not is beside the point really.

  3. I wish someone had given me the heads up on ‘I Live in Cheongdam Dong’ when it started so I’d been able to dl the epis. The older ones are not available any more. *sniffle* Streaming sucks!

    I couldn’t stand most of the characters in FBRS (Eun Bi especially annoyed the hell out of me) and it turned out to be too plotless, fluffy and OTT to my taste so I gave up around ep 6 or so.

    SUFBB on the other hand was wonderful! Such a well done coming of age story and I loved the whole cast of characters.

    1. I torrented the early raw ILICDD eps fine last wk. Do you mind torrenting?
      The prob w/ the early eps: they r a bit funky audiowise and the vid may not be the usual HD we’re used to.

      I’m up to FBRS3, It’s not too offensive as I’ve shut down my brains and then there’s that scene w/ EunBi and her Appa that kills me. I’m a sucker for appa/daughter heart-tugging.

      But I can totally see it going nowhere and OTT already, now that I read the synopsis, and see how the ramyun shop comes into play…not sth terribly interesting.

      My SUFBB dl so can go FASTER!^^

      1. Just sent you a pm about the ILICDD raws. Thanks!

        I’ve decidedly become a lot less accommodating when it comes to dramas and annoying characters. Eun Bi fair made me want to slap her all through the first few epis and I didn’t warm up to her later on either. Chi Soo was only markedly less annoying. I can take certain amount of OTT but it depends on how it’s done. Take e.g Tiger&Dragon which is one of my fave j-drmas. It’s very OTT at times but I still loved it and the kooky characters.

        I miss the SUFBB kids! It’s funny how attached to them I became, it was uncommonly hard to let go. I still get this ‘twang’ in my heart when I think about them, as if I had to say goodbye to bunch of people I know for real. Odd.

        1. Hope u can get your hands on ILICDD, it honestly is the best drama I’ve seen in probably my entire life. πŸ˜€

          It’s funny how attached to them I became, it was uncommonly hard to let go. I still get this ‘twang’ in my heart when I think about them, as if I had to say goodbye to bunch of people I know for real. Odd.

          *siggggghhhh* this is exactly what I’m feeling right now for the ILICDD gang. TT_____TT

  4. I actually enjoyed FBRS a lot. It was genuinely funny in a very kdrama/cracky way. I agree that Eun Bi’s character didn’t make sense at times, but she redeemed herself at the end in my eyes. Also JIW is so ridiculously crazy in that drama, it was a joy to watch him! Oh and also watch out for steamy kimchi kissing scenes πŸ™‚ Nothing too serious but definitely comforting.

    1. Yeah, it’s been cracking me up here and there 3 eps in, not too bothered fr EunBi’s flakiness from the get go, totally expected. I think the character is written very out there but Lee ChungAh is handling it quite alright considering. I have much more rants on Lee MinJung in BIG, it was like she didn’t exhale once with the glaring whole drama long.

      ohhhh I’m not at kimchi kissing! There’s some hot space invasion fr JIW’s ChiSoo towards EunBi that got me fluttery. JIW seems shakier though, I don’t think he’s getting the zany, seems a bit lost and not sure with what he’s doing. I’m totally not feeling Lee KiWoo. If the boys r not stepping up the game, I think I’ll drop it when it stops being entertaining.

      1. Yeah, I don’t think JIW is that great of an actor. Eye candy and ridiculousness in the form of Cha Chi Soo but not much else.

        I was actually meaning to rewarch it because it was such a fun and comforting drama for me (I also followed it around Christmas time, all those kisses and ramyun foodporn are superbly appropriate for that season)

        I don’t know if you’ve watched Secret Garden? I’m guessing yes since you are a Binnie fan πŸ™‚ But yeah FBRS reminded me of SG. Both have a neurotic guy falling for a girl after admiring her physical prowess and being in denial about it. Except Cha Chi Soo is a more lovable character to me and imho everything is funnier and more poignant in FBRS.

        1. I dun mind things not perfect in sth as fluffy, but I got to ep7(?) and he’s totally out of his element, methinks.

          Ohhhhh yessss, I’ve seen SG, not my cup of Earl Grey. :/ MY biggest peeve with SG is HJW’s character, absolutely the most aggravating specimen of my sex I’ve seen faking as some ‘strong woman’. And Binnie’s char is not just certifiably neurotic (he needs meds, I vaguely recall)but a stalker and commits offenses suchas abduction even if he would’ve got off scott free with the insanity defense and obscene amt of $$$$. HB is sooo much better at his craft, yet SG is not funny to me esp in the latter half.

          1. I agree on HJW’s character. She was definitely aggravating. I hate it when dramas tell me that the heroine is strong and sassy as I’m struggling to reconcile what they are telling me with what is actually coming across. It was absolutely the worst with Delightful Girl. The whole concept of the drama was a sassy, aggressive, no non-sense heroine….But she was so passive and mellow! Perhaps no non-sense, but in this tired and lifeless way. She did not do one “sassy” thing throughout…Except in the first 5 mins of the drama when she threw the phone away or something? Her dream was to open a jewelry store…And lo and behold, ep 12, she’s sitting in her jewelry store, with a stoned expression on her face and doing nothing to go after the guy she loves. So, yeah I’m now practically allergic to the concept of sassy and strong heroines.

  5. ooooo~~ where do you watch ILICDD?? I’ve heard so many good reviews about it but i can’t seem to find it online… unfortunately i don’t do torrents? o.O just regular downloads laa…..

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