Counting down to Dec

Last stretch, ~4 months to go.  I don't need him to jump into a new project or whatever. I only want maybe a snap of him buying Christmas presents for his folks/fam/hyungs in CheongdamDong looking like a dork in a baseball cap and totally chillaxing and flashing his dimpled shy smiles to anyone in sight.

In other words, no more drawing of blood in ur uniform, while fanahjumma'nurse' is madgrinning at you all happy<_<:

Then there's THE epic 5/6-way battle on the Cmovie front.  Tbh I've not seen a truly decent Cmovie epic/blockbuster since War of Flowers and that was Dec last yr.  This year there are a multitude of megablockbusters in store and the battle will be cut throat bloody.

I think I do not care a thing about any of them premiering within days of WKW's Grandmaster (tentatively 12.18.12), exc, of coz, Grandmaster, but it's not like my brows are not raised by the smorgasbord of AAAlisters in Cmovieland ALL having a showing in movies within DAYS.  There's JackieChan's kitschy zodiac CG animals movie (not gonna watch it even if paid obscene amt of dough and hotboys), there's Stephen Chow's Odyssey, which is the nth x nth retelling of The Journey to the West and the most headscratching yawn factor is SC himself has done TWO JtoW movies himself 15, 16 years ago.  Of course he is an 180 fr the SC 15 yrs ago, and I can already smell the brownnosing of PRC patriotism and weird downplaying to a PG rating so his thing in his last outings.  But he's all there is to hope for sth brilliantly sarcastically funny in Cmovieland, I can't bear to lose all hope on him.  There's also Lu Chuan's Last Supper, which admittedly my interest in it has dissipated with the spooky trailer, plus now that Grandmaster has an air date, I have my prime better Chang Chen fix.

Then there's Last Tycoon/Once Upon A Time in Shanghai which I can't look away because I honestly dunno what to expect as in it can be either super awesome or absolutely 'when S meets T':

The peeps attached: Wong Jing is MAJORMEHHHHHH for the last 20+ years; Andrew Lau ie the mastermind of Infernal Affairs (but also capable of FirstOrderCraps); CYF can be magnificant and he's a superstar for multiple reasons I've witnessed on screens myself, but that was 20+ yrs ago. HXM… I'm clearly more the opposite of his fangirl, while he can be decent when he's micro-managed/directed, if left on his own, he is batshxtcringeworthy OTT crazyeyes and pervie smirks, ewwwwws and all; then there's the heroine NiNi, oh my new shiny Cactress crush fr War of Flowers, please let my love for you grows beyond one marvel.  See the pattern of my seesawing fr gagaing to ohnoes?!

This is all a load of my BS rambling cause one look at the poster and trailer…. me GONER:

HOW COOL AND HAWWTTT was that?!?!  Oh rem Shanghai Bund?  This gen may think HXM IS the personification of the enigmatic Xu Wen Qiang, but nth is gonna touch CYF's original classic rendition of the same role that caused the most massive Shanghai Bund wave in the 80s grander and more sweeping than all the subsequent fandoms in all of Asia.  And here Wong Jing is giving me a visual mash of the WenQiangs.  OMFG!!!  Most intriguing is, CYF is playing the most colorful figure in 1920s SH and greater China, Du YueSheng Godfather, dashing millionaire, powerful KMT key figure…and the Father of Red Cross China…just to name a few of his hats.

Interest, is PIQUED!

5 thoughts on “Counting down to Dec

  1. Am breaking back trying to torrent ILICDD >_< but probably stashing for winter time. Cannot afford any sort of crack right nowHmm… my 1st Hui Man Keung was actually Sunny Chan in the 90s and you'll probably shoot me for saying this, but I loved his HMK. I had the biggest crush on his young educated version. More scholar than thug, impressive rather than intimidating. Not nearly as powerful as CYF who has the jaded eyes which sink a thousand souls, but TVB knew that so they added more characters and made a melo casino drama out of it -____-

    1. Frankly I haven’t seen Sunny’s version though now you mentioned it I rem they made a big hoopla of CYF cameoing?! The mid 90s was my crazy bookworm nerd/jdorama stage. I don’t mind him but CYF will forever be my quintessential HMK and they r just all not as charismatic nor as good.

      I messaged you~! ^^

  2. Awww, that first picture is killing me! Four months seems unbelievable, it felt like FOREVER just a little while ago.

    Also almost unbelievable – The Grandmaster actually coming out, heh.

    1. It is sooo surreal. It does feel like forever, but then totally WHERE did the time go!??!

      I’m still just cautiously optimistic some audience will get to see Grandmaster FINALLY. I’m still not an absolute believer of 12.18.12.

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