Mind is BLOWN

I love Olympics and it’s been the most normal happenstance where I grew up to watch it as a family unit, every event that’s aired, every night and day (it’s summer break).  I don’t rem Winter Olympics being aired as a kid so as a result, I do not have sucha strong emotional bond with it and care for it less.  Afterall snow is a thing great many of the world’s population do not live with while the summer games truly have a feeling of one world united for an event.  It’s been hard to come by to watch it with my parents since I’ve left for college moons and moons ago….and yes, to remind myself, I haven’t watched this event with my entire fam of 4 where most of the world is participating one way or the other since my younger bro was 12.  He’s getting married in WEEKS.  Time, flies.

Because my dreamjob *IF it pays my mortage* is to be a flailing fangirl 24/7. Think of the decibel I’ve been responsible for watching the games with the hot boys/men and super ladies on ma screen. O___O

Then imagine when BTV, the Beijing local cable channel, is doing fangirly gossipy sound bites on Sun Yang’s resemblance on my Loverboy as Yang Kang!  I swear IF I can bottle this weird serendipity pertaining to my fandoms colliding and calling it a superpower of sorts, I can know miles away and get my hands on Bruce Wayne, knowing he’s Christian Bale and Batman before Catwoman at least.

It is fun to be a child again and watch it with my inlaws this time around.  I get to pick what event I wanna catch up and even what language I prefer to watch it in, just the way it was.  I’ve been avoiding NBC (the US broadcaster) like a PLAGUE.  The last straw was tonight, when WE LANDED ON MARRRSSSSS and they r showing some taped event the rest of the world have seen half a day+ ago.   Stupidity is truly without a cure.  I’ve been watching everything mostly on BBC streams, those commentators r the stereotypical wry Brits with their brand of British humor which for some reason never can offend me.  Not saying London did a fantastic job in hosting the games.  It’s so full of silly booboos it’s like watching a daily sitcom.

And speaking of daily sitcom.  I Live in Cheongdam Dong has aired it’s 170th episode, its finale last friday.  My life is at once complete and will forever house a void since the last scene.  IT IS PERFECTION.  So perfect I’m honestly speechless how they managed to do it with the chopping off of 30 eps yet obviously it did make the final product much more perfect rationally without all the fat and trimmings.   I can see that, but I will forever be grumpy and be the silly fanggirl fistbumping DARNIT!!  TPTB U OWE ME 30 EPISODES OF PERFECTION!!! 3-0, half hour each, that is 15 hours….ie almost an ENTIRE KDRAMA!!!! And I can do without the ENTIRE lineup of Kdramas lately and the upcoming new sparkly new shows (frankly nth interests me remotely) to have those 30 eps.

Other than repeating ‘Oh THE PerFECTION!’ ‘AWWWWWWW’ ‘MAGNIFICANT’ ‘LET ME HUG U ALLLLLL!’ ‘I NEED HUGGGZZZ T___T’…I can’t properly write about my feels.  I’m quite sure I can never express properly how much I love this little daily.  The show has left me, but as a fact I know of myself, I WILL rewatch eps of this till the day I draw my last breath.

And what other awesomeness did I watch lately?!  TDKR.  Twice, ‘back to back’  a Fri late show last wkend followed by the 9am Sat showing.  I still can’t stop thinking about it just shakes and resonates with EVERY cell I have, so viscerally I can’t bring myself to nitpick a thing about it, I just feel EVERY emotion the movie, ie Nolan, ie Batman should evoke in me.  Every so often, I can feel the vibration, the loaded, dense, physical memory of sth shaking your inner core, aided by most effective sound throughout the movie, along with the tragedy taking so many lives and we all shouted….life will not be the same again.  It won’t be, but we have to keep calm and carry on.

This is an amazing ‘fan’ vid (it’s done by the professionals behind the CGI visual of Ip Man 1, 2 and Gallants….all breathtakingly good works).  Stop motion.  Mind, is blown:

13 thoughts on “Mind is BLOWN

  1. Hihi I understand ur rant on NBC. On weekends I watch the O live on associate channels but on weekdays, since I work, have to watch Primetime and it sucks. The whole thing is already delayed and they delay it further by adding commercials every 2 minutes. I dont think the O is about uniting the world tho’. In some sense, ok. But mostly to me it’s always been about a flexing of muscles for the major powers. See who tops the medal counts etc. when nationalism is at play, division will always follow.

    1. I don’t think O is uniting the world either, on the contrary it precipitates a lot of the latent prejudices and bigotry. It’s always there, as is division, people, with differences, will ALWAYS fight one way or the other. I’d rather they headbutt this way, and let a few little persons have a dream and a goal to work towards and improve their lives because for a lot of them, it’s still the only way moving up from poverty. For a gen above us, who’ve lived through the cold war and the games was truly much more hostile and parts of the world were more closed off, they do comment how at least through the years of exposure, things r changing…slowly. Bottom line is, it’s still an event most of the world is participating in and looking it on the ‘minuscule’ scale of a person having a goal and working towards it for the entire life no matter what the ugliness behind the scene and performing at the world stage, it still has its magic to me.

  2. My interest in sports has dwindled over the years to the point that I haven’t watched one single event of this year’s Olympics. Feels kinda odd as I used to be almost religious in my Olympics watching, following even all sorts of odd events that never had any participation from here.

    ILiCDD has taken over my life. If I didn’t have to work I’d be watching it all day long, every day…. On 2nd tought, may it’s a good thing I AM working. Panda-eyes are in vougue this summer, right? ;P

    1. It’s truly more nostalgia for me, BUT I do easily get caught up in those amazing personal Chariots of Fire stories. 🙂

      Oh…I’m still ‘nursing’ my panda puffy eyes, as in I watched 169 and 170 Csubbed and cried my eyes out again. Have u hit 77? It was so memorable and still one of my fav ep, and it was a ‘turning point’ for me to appreciate the drama as a piece of true perfect art on top of enjoying the heck out of it watching.

      1. I wonder how it would look if they lined up all of us ILiCDD addicts and took a picture. ‘Are you folks related…? You look kinda alike.’ ;P

        I had to cut off at ep 75 last night as I was crosseyed enough not to really see straight anymore. I figured it was time for bed. Then today I realised I’d somehow passed 76-100 when I was grabbing the episodes. LOL! Ca. 40 more minutes and I’ve got those too. Looking forward to 77 then.

        1. hahaha, gosh esp when we’ll all have the matchy crookiest sillygrins on our face while our eyes r misty and blood-shot.

          and I dun even know y but I have a irking you are almost at 77! 😀 I think I’ll rewatch that particular ep tonite.

          1. You were so right about ep 77. Life-affirming is what I told a friend about it. It was also about learning to accept yourself as you are and others as they are. Amongst other things. Loved that last scene btw….

            The secrets seem to be all coming out now and I think it’s about time. I have this odd feeling that the manhwa bang crew is going to annex Sang Yeob as extended family like they did with Chef-nim.

  3. I’m surrounded by people in RL liking TDKR less than TDK. And I’m like, what are you talking about??? That ending is just PERFECT! I don’t know, maybe it’s a male-female thing, the guys tend to be the one deriding the ending as too fairy-tale or whatever.

    1. Rationally, IF I can spare bits of me to nitpick, there are flaws. I kinda in the back of my mind know TDKR has flaws but I refuse to entertain and process it whatsoever sitting through it twice.

      The perfection to me is how respective and absolutely true to the source material in ANY aspect, even in the feels it evoked for me…when I do read comics at a teen, rabidly for a period AND as a grown woman who no longer can suspend my inner rant monster towards most superhero action movies, and for such dichotomy of beasts, with 2 so diff medium, I got the same thrills and excitement of the 14 yo me reading the colorful pages of comic books and going into a fancy IMAX/XD theater with all the visible reminders: security guards, heightened security, half empty Fri night theater…of the random massacre just a wk ago then.

      I have a few guys I know preferring it more action-y, for that they can ALWAYS have transformer. Yeah and I do judge any boy who obviously haven’t read a page of Batman and is not a Batman fan.

    2. Oh and it’s def not a male-female thing, the boys like their ‘fairytale’ ie ‘save the world’ stories and this is exactly that. My hubs and FiL walked out speechless and simultaneously gushed out, ‘Wow, what an awesome/great/astonishing movie!’ in the car.

    3. Yup, I’m a hopeless romantic, so I looove the fairytale ending of TDKR. In the recent run of Batman in the actual comics, DC Comics killed him off in Batman R.I.P. They had him confess to Selina/Catwoman that she’s his one true love in Heart of Hush, YET they just cannot let the Bat have his happily-ever-after and imposed this Jezebel Jet/Black Glove story arc on him to finally kill him off.

      TDKR has fulfilled my BatCat shipper fantasies, so it’s PERFECT to me. hahaha!

  4. Wow, now that you put the 2 pictures together, I can see the resemblance between Sun Yang and Yuan Hong. Well since I like them both, it’s all good! ^_^

    I have yet to see The Dark Knight Rises but I’ll definitely check it out once I get the chance. I heard good reviews about it and I like Nolan’s work (Inception was AWESOME).

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