To the Beautiful You

My gut has no nice reaction on Arang/Faith/HaeundaeLovers/MayQueen (did I leave other Oh!SuperKdrama?!) and I'm only interested in HanaKimi(Kr) in the upcomings. Judge on.  Other more anticipated/promising by everyone else have peeps I just can't deal with at all (Kim HeeSun) or was not able to fall for in looks and talents even when I've seen their every work (namely Lee JunKi and Lee MinHo to name a few).  Then there r boys whom I have only seen a glimpse of in passing who are totally attractive instantaneously (inappropriateness be damned) and promising ie the main boys of HanaKimi(Kr).

My eyes don't lie to me, I find this gang much more attractive as in boys I would lust after than the previous ensemble.  Yeah, that includes Lee HyunWoo's bowlcut, and betcha the samoyed is his hair stylist. I honestly have been cutting my bro/hubs hair since forever, noona/ahjumma can fix that easily for ya with some finger tousling alone, my precious!

Oh, and LHW is mine, all the HyunWoos, or better yet the Hyuns, lest u forget my handle. I don't care, he's the only boy I'm damningly crushing just on the 3 eps of EM alone.  I can't explain it much more than it's love.

Min-Ho has a classically handsome boy-idol face by my taste. WuZun ( I do apologize to his fangirls IF you are reading this): I can never watch more than 5 min of him on my scrn. I can only explain it with cantonese as in he's very 'leung'/not cool/sissy to me).  Shun is…not handsome; attractive yes, can act when he wanna but epic!Fail as Sano . IF MinHo is not offensively horrible in acting, I'm charmed already by the shell alone.

But my biggest draw is Sulli as JaeHee ie Ashiya.  I do liked the manga enough.  I was one of those girls quite fed up with the wacky changing body and fantasized life would be easier and at best like a shoujo manga surrounded by flower boys IF in a dude's body (with my own head still intact, tyvm). 

I'm sold by these moments alone:

*and Samoyed is my fav breed since me a baby*

But in all seriousness, I'm not impressed by the 9 min trailer, at all.  PDing, editing is mindnumbingly horrible even the shallow pretty and cute is very kitschy.  I'm still not over the shock when I've just found out for myself I've seen every single one of PD's works and hated them more than everyone else even in his best stuff (MyGirl and ChunHyang), and I must be possessed finishing Witch YooHee and Bodyguard.

Really, we've seen these scenes sooooooooo many times before in shoujo, yet still… pavlovian, I need and WANT!

And you know what littlest gesture I'm totally swoony over?

The Tall hero tousling tomgirl heroine's short hair.  Tbh, every time I cut my hair crazy short, this is what I want the most out of it.

[All gifs and pics fr weibo and tumblr]

I can watch this possible dud for a true to manga Ashiya and shush my inner rantmonster, I can!….For the teenager in me. πŸ˜€


9 thoughts on “To the Beautiful You

  1. I finally got the LMH thing through CH. Still waiting to get the LJK thing though. My excitement has shifted to the angst-fest that is Nice Guy right now… but like a true drama addict, I’ll probably check out everything. They all sound yummy this season. I do really hope some suck though, so I don’t get distracted from studying anymore than I already am.

    1. I’ve seen 5 eps of CH, and still…
      I think my thing with LMH is… he’s not physically attractive/interesting to me, so unless he is flooring me acting-wise, meh. And he’s trying way too hard in CH which on the surface and all things glossy impressive, BUT I don’t feel any true conviction he as an actor to his character, as in he didn’t put his own stamp, immersed into it. Just not outofthisworldtalented imho enough to distract me fr not finding him attractive enough.

      LJK, I’ve given up, even at his most impressive, which he is good as in TWDAW, a great production, I still don’t find him borderline attractive, which is how I usu operate in grabbing guys into my manrem….then there r all his other stuff that keep reminding me he is insanely overrated to horridly swarmy and hammy.

      Oh yes, Nice Guy!!!!I know I’ve forgotten sth. That and 5Fingers(which I have no interest whatsoever, me so predictable that way). I love SJK, and still fresh in my rabid love of LSY fr ILICDD, and I love PSY and I like MCY. However, it’s revenge with AMNESIA, melo-makjangANGST!!! Unless it’s slick and clever as a sly fox I’ve not seen before, I have no mood for such MiSa fare in summer, but yeah, that can change with my mood when it airs.

  2. I’m quite possibly going to give a whirl for all the upcoming dramas. Which, if any I’m actually going to keep watcing is another matter. The actors/actresses aren’t the deciding factor unless they all totally suck balls in their roles but the story and how it’s put together is. I watched the 1st ep of Faith and it did not impress me much. It was such a confusing mishmash of genres that I didn’t know what to make of it at all. LMH doesn’t do anything to me either. He’s a passable actor but that’s about it.

    ‘Mining’ Lee Hyun Woo too, are we? ;P Oh well, he’s WAY too young for me to feel anything other than maternal but I have been keeping tabs on the boy since QSD and he’s growing up very nicely. πŸ™‚

    1. Oh!!!!!! I just fished out the vision of him as baby U!T!W! I almost forgot. Gosh QSnoreDuck, it challenged my UTW love like nth else. I dun really lust after the boy, but I can’t take my eyes off him. XDDDD And I’ll forever be a 12 yo inside, and I can totally see the innerme crushing him like no tmr!

      I usu go by writer first, but nth that I know of is exciting me. I don’t even hold the opinion MiSa was masterfully written and hence my reserve for Nice Guy, which maybe my only bet on true quality in the new batch.

      LMH alone doesn’t offend me, he just bores me though, as you put it aptly, he’s just passable. His massive and rabid fandom truly dumbfounded me just like the corresponding HanaDanAnything fandom. I had a history of extreme allergy to Kim HeeSun’s style of ‘acting’ so nth will make me watch it.

      Oh Chingu, I need to tell you this OMGGGG piece of info in case you haven’t heard it yet. jtbc is airing a Director’s Cut of ILICDD starting Aug15th 10sth. 70 min each, every wknight, promising us NGs!!! And SY will be the commentator!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      I did really scream out loud and dance and jump around my house and set my neighbor’s dog on a barking rage.

      1. Oh yes, QSD taxed my patience like hell too. I sat it through for me dahling UTW – never again! Chibi UTW was ever so cute in it though. πŸ™‚

        The question remains… will someone ul the Director’s Cut epis? I’m still watching and savouring the original almost every day. If I feel like crap it will always make me feel better!

        1. Gosh QSD was the ultimate drama torture I can think of. I thought it was insanely offensively dumb and draggy. And UTW was sooooooooooooo wasted, sidelined doing nth much than posing w/ a blank face while GHJ overacts ad nauseum with her brows alone. Gosh, me still batty!

          I’m quite confident the CN dearies still rabidly loving CDD will ul it somewhere, and I do feel like a lucky bastard because my irking is they’ll probably Csub it quite promptly as well.

          Not gonna risk it though, imma streaming it live. I’ve streamed a few eps last stretch of CDD: FYI

  3. My gut doesn’t tell me anything good about Faith either. Seems like it’s going to be another City Hunter fanfare – slick and cool but totally not for me.

    I will check out Arang though for Shin Min Ah. But I can’t be sure I will love it either. Lee Jun Ki doesn’t do much for me and it’s very rare that I like a period drama…It has to have beyond amazing and intense romance for me to love it. I don’t care about court politics/feuds/battles etc.

    To the beautiful you seems cute, might check it out.

    1. I actually find CH trying darnest to be slick and cool but coming across to me cheesy. I’ve never liked a action-y thriller kdrama. Thriller/mysteries yes (Resurrection and Mawang).

      OH! You don’t care for Lee JunKi as well?! Out of all the oddness of me not liking a lot of pretty guys massively popular, I thought he is the oddest.

      It’s also very rare for me to like a saguek. But when they r good, they are insanely good, just very very few to come by. Arang’s story seems sooooooooooo boring and cliched. It’s like we ALL knew the ending already a few lines into the synopsis. That’s my main turn-off. I know you love SMA, I don’t mind her, I don’t even mind JunKi, but the fact is they had never been actors I can stick w/ a drama just because.

      1. Yeah, it was pretty cheesy. I mean right from the first episode the whole deal with the assassinated troops…Why didn’t they just send a recall message to the troops? Why did they have to kill them? It made no sense and was extremely aggravating.

        I usually like pretty feminine Asian guys like Lee Jun Ki but he is way too baby-faced for me and his performance as an actor is not very outstanding hence I’m not obsessed about him.

        Well, don’t give up on Arang just yet!! It might subvert all your expectations with a really well-thought out and touching story.

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