A Monday on a Tuesday post

I’m finally taking my lunch break 3 hrs late, getting some caffeine, and eyecandies while munching my sammich (fried halibut chimi with ALL the fixings.  SO EVILLY YUMMMMM!)

Part of the fun of O is the poking fun of it, and this is so cracktastically hysterical.  A CN english geek faking as reps of diff countries giving an ‘official roundup of the London games in their stereotypical accent, in ‘English’, no less.  Not for the easily offended:

Until next time, TTFN boys and girls! Xiexie and muahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhkkkkk!

The new CN crownprince of the heartthrobs this O is undoubtedly Sun Yang.  I find him amusing because he’s such a derp in RL.

And with clothes…and off!

Apparently he can sing decently as well.  Yeah, fangirls, scream on!  Betcha wont have to wait 4 years to see more of this dork everywhere.

It’s not hard to guess there is a The Voice of China, and even easier to predict there are LOTS of amazing singing talents to be found.  This is how the CN derps watch the popular show:

This is the 10 best perfs gone viral:

Some are truly goosebumps inducing good.  My fav is 多亮’s rendition of SodaGreen’s Little Love Song, imo, it’s much better than the original.

I also really love everything about this young lady, from the rural mountains of SiChuan, of the minority ethnic group 彝族 Yi.  Her mom teaches her all the songs.  The English is a bit iffy, but the personality and stage presence, undeniable.  Two of the judges have big concerts coming up or ongoing, and they tried to use it as bribes for her to join their group, but decided she should go with her heart which of the mentors is most suitable for her, BUT they still want her to be special guest in EACH show of their concerts.  And WHAT a pretty costume and Mom’s outfit as well!


4 thoughts on “A Monday on a Tuesday post

  1. Yup Sun Yang is a dorky in a cute way!
    He does have the lungs for singing, boy totally owned the 1500m event. He’ll probably be China’s nxt Liu Xiang.

    And how cute is Qiu Bo! Too bad he missed the gold medal by a tiny bit in his last dive when the American totally nailed it.

    And I thought Chen Yi Bing was a class act in his event! He was gracious and smiled sincerely even when he lost gold in his favourite event. Sigh I hope he comes back to take it in Rio 2016.

    Lastly love the jumping panda/guy and thanks for sharing The Voice China! (:

    1. I wish SY will have a different trajectory as LX even when taking his torch of the National Athlete. There is a grave sadness to LX’s demise, as in he’s the property of the mighty country, rain or shine, 100% or limping, he HAS to perform, the pressure of the whole ‘nation’ is on him. And a slip on a grand intl stage such as O, they r ready to stab and abandon him on the fly. SY is of the younger gen, his fam looks better off as in he’s a typical nouveau riche prince. He’s also not as guarded and protected image-wise as LX…ie SY has leeway to ‘fail’ and not be disowned, esp when he’s not the ONLY beacon of hope in his sport. I just hope he’s not put up in a humanly impossible pedestal as LX.

      1. I don’t really watch Olympics, the only part I was looking forward to was LX, so it was really sad when I saw the news. There’s talk programs that suspect LX was pressured to hop all the way back because of the sponsors.

        1. It is really sad of all the talk about sth that should not be of so much drama and conspiracy. imo LX has no free will to perform no matter what his body’s condition is/was. There’s just too much at risk, national pride, sponsors ie obscene amount of $$$…etc. That is the complicated, ugly side of O. But I also can enjoy it on a very personal level….afterall no matter if they r brought up as drones with no life outside of the sport etcetc, they r human beings first and foremost to me, and they did put in all that sweat and tears to accomplish sth amazing with the similar set of flesh and bones we all have.

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