Pausing my Reply 1997 for a SQUEEEEE and some silly personal anecdote

This happens much later …in ep8. Cuter things?  NONE! [fr tumblr]


*Spoilersssss, not too bad, but…SPOILERS*

I’m 15 mins into ep7.  I’ve only spent a bit more than 3 hrs with these characters and they are already soooo darling and close and cerebral to me…I want to know EVERYTHING about them.  I already get more than I can ever bargain for imagine essaying…. but every turn, we know more of their 30sth selves, and gosh I’m screaming TELL ME! TELL ME MORE when they r 18, 33, 24, 28, 38…MORE.  I’m still enthralled in absolute AWWWWWW how real every single moment EunJi’s ShiWon is and how much I love some certainly lady writers my age that should be my bff or twin IF Saturi and Cantonese r communicable.  She is obviously sooo passionate about her teen years and all things magical about that period as trivial as they may be….but tiny perfect little bubbles of innocence never left us even after they’ve burst.

I can so relate with every emotion, every little minute happening but of her whole existence SW is going through, EVERYThiNG.   And I’m pausing now because SW wrote some slashy fanfic, hilarious even fr the parts I can make sense of.  She has a fanfollowing in her classmates, who can’t wait for the next juicy chapter…and is caught red-handed, undergoing detention of sorts. Of course Teacher is more amused reading, that any ‘disciplining’ is out the window, haha truth be told he’s threatened by our itsy feisty heroine of certain death if he lets any of this out and near the ears of her fam.  Teacher then got a lightbulb moment to her ticket to college…by entering a writing contest!!!!  GOSHHHH this is sooo delicious and meta!  This IS the magic dust of truth….of what sparked lady writer writing this gem and it must be more dear and personal to her than we’ve previously known of prior to this point!  She must’ve got a turning point in life of her calling in 1997, to be a writer…and this drama is her heartfelt Reply to it.


I didn’t rabidly fall for an idol in my teen years as hopelessly as SW, I didn’t get last place in class and seemingly no career path after HS and not a care about it because life’s goal is to be Mrs. Idol….. but I did write silly fanfics!!!!  And there’s the childish, no regard of consequences things I did like writing scifiwuxia novellas (yup the most seminal genre is scifi-wuxia in my little made-up literati world then), on mundane essay topics of what one aspire to be when one grows up (yeah we had THE cheesiest composition topics which we’re forced to sit through 3 periods of and at the end of it, spun out a 4 page essay to be graded.  That was 5 years of my sad schooling).  I wrote 10 pages that time, totally had the juices flowing, thought it was my best writing to date still..  My teacher….thought it was the most elaborate piece of stinkiest turd.  She gave a lecture next wk, handing us back our graded work, I got the only failing grade out of the whole class, and she went on jabbing EVERYTHING and only everything I wrote, posted it on the noticeboard for all to tease at, as a what NOT to write and absolutely wasting her time reading.  I was so humiliated, sad and furious, white-knuckle shaking.  After the week of utmost humiliation of walking by MY ‘masterpiece’, I carefully took it down, pulled an all-nighter editing the hell out of it, sent it to a few reputable newspapers with columns of weekly writing contest, posting winning entries every Sunday and will pay a decent sum of $ IF published.  I’ve never been the least confident in anything I wrote (duh) but triggered by the all-consuming Rage! I did it, with the grandiose out of nowhere it would certainly be published and I would get my sweet revenge.  And it did.  I cut out the clipping and magic-glued it permanently on that piece of cork noticeboard as a big fat F!U TeacherwithNOtaste.  I was paid $500 HKD, ie ~$70 USD, and treated my whole year egg tarts.  It stayed there on the noticeboard that whole year.  I’ve never been cooler in my life.

OK, I’m craving some eggtarts now, but more urgently, back to drama!!!!

13 thoughts on “Pausing my Reply 1997 for a SQUEEEEE and some silly personal anecdote

  1. I’m with you in pretty much everything you said in the 1st paragraph. XD

    I was such a boring teenager. I never did anything even remotely cool, LOL! And guess what, I’d never heard of fanfic before I actively started doing all the fannish things in the internets not all that long ago. Come to think of it, I’ve no idea if people actually wrote fanfic when I was a teen, back in the dark ages. I certainly didn’t.

    1. I was a nerd wearing the thickest glasses ever lolz but basically I was very very silly and this is the ‘coolest’ thing I did.

      Gosh I have a rant though, on a character. I have someone there that’s disgusting me…but drama is still more than perfect.

  2. Related most to fan-fic part too! Didn’t write a lot back then, and never really did finish one. But I always look back and laugh at my failed attempts. 1997, why so TRUE?!!!

  3. Haha, I finally caught up on Replay 1997 (just started watching ep 9) and so I decided to finally read your spazzy entry about ep 7. That is such an awesome story with your essay!!! Seriously! I wish I had your dedication in sending out my work to places 🙂 I’ve been taking creative fiction workshops in college and writing here and there and everyone has been telling me to submit my work to lit mags and keep pressing on even after I get a rejection letter after rejection letter but I’m still holding off on doing that…I just always feel like I need to edit my work into perfection or just write something better before I start sending it.
    Oh and speaking of fanfics…I’ve written some myself (both in Russian and English) on Harry/Draco from HP. I started reading H/D fanfics when I was 14 I think? IT CHANGED MY LIFE! I don’t think I was ever involved in any other slash fandom, except for a brief dive into Johnnie’s slash (which is terribly written for the most part…but amusing) So yeah, having a glimpse at Shiwon’s slash writing abilities made me laugh my head off. She’s is actually pretty good XD
    Also, Mookie I need to rage a bit!! I hate Yeon Jae’s brother so very much! I don’t think I’ve hated my OTP’s rival this much before. I love Yeon Jae and sympathize with his crush on all fronts and I want him together with Shiwon…If by any chance she ends up with that pervert of a brother I will break something in my house!!

      1. Wait a second!! The whole focusing on Yeon Jae wasn’t meant to indicate that he’s the father in that scene in ep 9? Probably did though…And TW and SW are just dating for a bit to show how incompatible they are since clearly TW is still hung up on SW’s sister…Right, right? Sorry for spamming so much!! I just really hate the TW/SW pairing so much!! I mean, of course, I feel like the drama has enough sense to make YJ/SW endgame but what if by some terrible turn of events it doesn’t?

        1. You r right, right and right. I’m 100% sure we’ll get our OTP. I’ve never been this dead serious of foreseeing murders happening if we do not get our OTP. As ragey I was end of 8, it actually confirms the OTP for us, no way that whatever it is (EWWW) is going to last 8 episodes and I’m so glad in 9 it’s ‘ending’ before it starts.

          I’m ok if we don’t get YJSW actually as long as it’s not TWSW. He is very young when this crush is developing, he may grow out of it, I’m fine with that.

          But even though I’m dead sure it’ll not be TW anything, it doesn’t negate how much I’m repulsed by just seeing him on my screen when SW is around.

    1. Gosh that’s just a fluke for me though…I guess tptb was pissed at that horrible teacher of mine as well. *kekeke teacher is not on our gd list lately!*

      You should keep submitting, serious! I bet editors have different tastes and preferences and are judgmental…necessary for their job, you’ll never know what works for one but not the other.

      My fanfics were mainly wuxia/manga, AU OTPs, fr diff books and stuff, slash is sth ahead of my time when I was a tween! ^^ There was no internet, it’s not till last yr HS when ytalk appeared (haha I’m not sure if you’ve heard of it) so I’ve written TONNES of fanletters, I mailed a couple a week. I was completely shameless. I’ve written to Louis Cha for years for one. My fanfics r truly written like ShiWon!!! A chapter at a time on paper and I’ve sneaked to teachers’ office to use their photocopier so as to avoid copying fees.

      OH GAWD!!! MY SOULMATE! I was so batty at end of 8, so disgusted. Like you, #1 I don’t feel a thing for the actor to begin with (he’s my vote for the weakest in the ensemble), #2 it’s sooo ewwww on so many lvls. She’s as close to his lil’ sis (I mean he’s not the one forgetting the older sis love (RIP!), and she’s underage!! In HS! HIS STUDENT!!!
      I mean a ‘couple’ make national news when the former teacher is living with his just 18 yo student, yes they r no longer in the sch environment, but… and here he’s quitting that day AND making his advances the night?! ARGH!

      1. Hi, this is still me!!
        Haha, your dedication to fanfic writing is awesome! Do you still write at all? Or perhaps your current job is somewhere in the field of writing?

        I’m seriously allergic to the guy >.>And what is Shiwon thinking?? Ok, putting aside the creeper, doesn’t she ever think…”hmm, he dated my dead sister. something isn’t right here”
        I haven’t watched episode 10 yet…Tell me things get better?

        1. Oh…gosh…don’t you think I have the worst grammar in all of say lj/wp combined?! XD I do. I’m not a diligent student at all to be any good at it.

          I no longer write fanfic…that fancy died after I moved away fr HK and my HS friends…I mean I’m pretty sure the enthusiasm will not be the same even IF I’m still living in the same city with the rest of my enablers in fanfic-ing. It’s ‘harsh’ but true, we’re only 18 once.

          I’m not sure…IF she really know they dated that seriously?!? Afterall it was 1988 when Sis passed and SWs 7/8 years old. My gut is telling my the parentfolks may not know how serious TW and Sis were? Because as parents, ie worrying warts for your babies, it would be absurd they didn’t have a chat with them and just let them go on dates and so forth. I know SW’s folks r quirky but no Dad lets his HS babygirl just go on random dates without blinking an eye, esp with the history. Not saying they must have sth against it, no, because they didn’t know what we know on TW still keeping Sis very close to his heart…and now going after lil sis. <– That's my biggest ewwww

          1. Precisely!! Aside from the fact that he is a pedo creep I would not want to date a guy who still has the hots for my dead sister.

            Haha, well your spelling is all over the place but I’m assuming you are doing it on purpose for expedience’s sake. Your vocab and grammar is great though, so I have a feeling if you put your energy into it your writing would be lovely!

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