I have not seen Reply 1997 11, 12

…and I’m about to do my cell under conference table maneuver watching it mute while doing The acting job of my life nodding and be smart and attentive to my boss.

I’ve seen the awesome MV and bts vids, dled the song All For You …NOT helping a thing sating my appetite!!!

I’m not sure what the original source was,  I leeched it off weibo, so read it with a grain of salt or our rose-tinted glasses.

It’s a tidbit of writer Kim that is exactly what is screaming at me watching last few episodes especially.   SW is modeled after writer Kim’s exactly.  She was the most rabid TonyAn fangirl in highschool, nicked Mrs. An.   She had sobbed and wished upon the stars to meet her Oppa at Tony’s doorstep.  Many scenes experienced by SW were exactly scenes out of writer’s life.   That is why the script is so terrifically real esp for HOT’s fans back then.  The fan raincoats, the banners…are writer Kim’s personal collectables when she’s a Fanclub member, she even went to the extreme of asking for fangoods from friends to fill up every corner of AM1997.
I think the following caps are spoilerish.  I’m tiding myself over with subtle spoilerpics I know nth about the context nor the captions/lines.  I’m just gonna stare at them and wander off in AM1997 lalaland.  Don’t spoil more if you know the exact scene and what’s going on! 😉

*he’s……said it?!*

*I know the point of this set of caps is the ring fingers….. OMO!*

*sighhh poorpoorthing*

3 thoughts on “I have not seen Reply 1997 11, 12

  1. Everything about this drama feels so realistic and period proper that it wouldn’t surprise me at all if a large part of it was besed on writer Kim’s own memories.

    Well, these two were quite the emotional rollercoaster episodes. I felt bad for just about everyone… and now I’m dying to see what comes up next week as ep 12 ended in a sort of a cliffhanger and there were quite a few things left tantalisingly hanging. Sigh. They keep doing this to us…..

    I need to watch them again, soon. There was so much going on that I didn’t know whose story to follow at any given point. I probably missed a ton. Espeicially as it was quite late and I was not firing with full cylinders any more.

    1. oh….ohhhh…
      Then I think I’m better off waiting for subs to watch 11, 12. haha I’m so drowned with work this wk I’m losing my marbles. I mistakenly dl’d 9, 10 w/ subs again today and not till half-way did I realize…ooopsss.

      In so many ways fangirling is so magical…it’s like a romance that we have control over because we are the one ‘deciding’ when we r off that fanwagon…and even after the frenzy is over, all the memories, even though a bit silly in hindsight, are all so precious and sweet because it’s so intrinsically part of ur life, and in writer’s case a bulk of her youth.

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