Cdramaland Rumormill and Upcomings

1.  Andy Lau is confirmed by Derek Tsang he’s attached to a TVB drama. Andy is now working on the writing and preproduction.

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m not a fan of the moviestar Andy Lau,  but the TV idol Andy in the 80s?! *WANT!*

2.  Derek is also enticing Chow Yun Fat for a return to the small screen.

@__@  tbh, I’d rather see CYF doing sth he enjoys than selling out in one PoS blockbuster extravaganza after another.  So a big Fat yes/maybe?

3.  More on Andy:  there is a HKmovie 寒戰/Cold War I’ve been anticipating for a while and everything about it is promising me at least it wont be bloody awful.  Not saying it’s innovative, but nothing wrong with HKmovieland doing what they are best at: crime-thriller with moes. I’m the forever skeptic in Andy able to do a flawless non-aggravating acting job but he has Aaron Kwok and Tony (KaFai) Leung  to shoulder that burden.  Both Aaron and Tony are attracting award buzz already.  I wonder, did Andy and Aaron ever collaborate in a movie together?!  I can’t remember for the life of me.

4.  HuGe is rumored to be partnering with TangWei in a movie adapt of the Bride with White Hair after Nic Tse has dropped out.  Not too excited about the material,  the hero is meh and …sorry…HG will just make it more boring.  As much as I’m a fangirl of TangWei, she does not have a face suitable for this wuxia crazywoman.  Her face is too distinctly the perfect aesthetics of the turn of the century/Menguo gentile beauty.   Nothing loud and larger than life obtuse about her to be the white hair demon.    PD is horrible esp with CGIs (his last movie was the ChenKun vehicle, with the most silly story and CGIs (done by Nicky Wu’s company, full circle since Nicky’s drama version of Bride with White Hair is set to premiere after HuGe’s Shoddy Sword) and this is the usual Cmovie variety of 3D CGIs diarrhea.   YET, I can’t shake myself from seeing the potential of chemistry btn HG and TW……which I think HG sorely lacks with many of his female co-stars.  And TW is good, maybe she can tap into sth deeper in HG?

5.  TangYan (another SSword alum), Bosco Wong and crew  have just wrapped major filming for 面包树上的女人/The Woman on the Bread Tree in Kagoshima Prefecture, Japan.  Drama is based on the romance novel by the same name by HK writer Amy Cheung SiuHan and will air January 2013.  I was her fan in her early days and still remember the novel fondly.  However, I’m not watching this unless the drama is nothing, NOTHING like its draggy trailer, which is clearly run-of-the-mill C modern stale cheese with nothing of the crisp, fresh, metropolitan vibe of the original.  *sigh* Not even for my Bosco (and I still is holding out hope Tang Yan has potential untapped)

6.  Li BingBing is rumored to be PS’d off the J poster for Resident Evil 5 because of the Diaoyu/Senkaku island dispute.  She won’t be attending any of the movie’s J promo in protest.  Hmmm…… chillax everyone, isn’t this too strange a big deal to give a D action movie?  My guess is some PR sharks working for HuaYi ie Li Bingbings’ever powerful management is making the ‘best’ out of the dispute.

7.  The forever pissing me off YuZheng is deep in production for his Gong movie, and I can’t look away from his usual outrageously clownish shenanigans.  It doesn’t matter what Prince he’s picking to humiliate this time (it is 13), because who cares, right?!   Chatter was up when HuGe suddenly shaved his head a few wks ago, he’s curiously left out of the BuBu gang by Kboss words, ‘ HuGe is not suitable for the queue do, ever’.  HuGe went on to make a joke of himself starring as WXB of a game version of Louis Cha’s Royal Tramp….with all his hair intact.  Shaving of head is not a Han Chinese custom (the contrary is true…as in can’t shave a hair: it’s gift from your parents) and it’s only Qing when the Manchurian made it mandatory.   IF HG is doing this for work, which he most probably is, he must be doing a Qing whatever…and the only thing making the noise atm is Yumama’s movie.   Of course with this OMFG speculation, YZ goes along with it hinting he’s going to work with his ‘nemesis’ (and he has no one bigger nor his exact level as Kboss of TengRen).    YZ has relentlessly trolling there will be an A-lister new idol on the roster.  He’s shot down many fangirls’ guesses and it seems like it’ll be Jing Boran.  He just tweeted a pic of himself with Jing and Xue JiaNing (HuGe’s rumored gf for the last few years).  It’s about as blatant a nod they will be starring in his Gong 13 movie.  Fans of Gong and those anticipating it……like?  *btw I doubt you’ll get ur proper FengMi fix.  IF they r attached Yumama would go on and on in weibo diarrhea milking the fandom and in the mean time murdering me*

11 thoughts on “Cdramaland Rumormill and Upcomings

  1. Hu Ge in Gong? A pretty interesting future to be imagined if Karen decides to start sharing her people with Yu Zheng. *Shudders*

    I’m really brewing up a girl crush on Tang Yan, I just might watch this drama. It has handsome guy, cute and fluffy enough feel.

    1. Since I really can’t make any sense out of the Gong phenom, I’ll predict the movie will do decently handsome at the box office. I lump it with Twilight. So it makes perfect business sense to get on the Gong train if I were HG, esp when as huge an idol he is, he has no box office draw, at all. I’ll lost a lot of respect of him (which is at a new low w/ SSword)

      ME TOO! I dun even know y even in horrible horrible stuff like Daughters, I can’t make myself hate her. In my head, I can totally understand many stars r stuck w/ doing turd after turd without too much as a bargaining power out of it unless u hit super A lister status…but maybe not even that ( look at ChenKun/ZhaoWei/ZhouXun @ Painted Skin 2) but key is making the best out of it doing an earnest job and imo TangYan did. And I think she manages to have good to great chemistry with all her co-stars. Even as the most annoying and silliest twat out of ALL the silly characters of Unbeatable2, and screechy too on top of it, I see some earnestness in her.
      BreadTree actually does not look too horrible, I think TangYan and Bosco have AMAZING chemistry. and the other heroines r decent actresses, it’ll be the typical middling fare. I’m actually more reassured it won’t be disastrous with the TW PD attached. Have you read it? My peeve is it is nothing like the novel which excelled in being succinct in its use of words and writing style.

  2. Why do you not like white hair maiden? Jw 😛

    Tang Yan definitely has talent. Although she seems to have a lot of “xiao changs” bts, but she has moments on brilliance in her acting. Like, during crappy XYS, her acting as young NK vs older NK was pretty good and convincing.

    But yeah, the adaptation of 面包树上的女人 doesn’t seem worth watching although Bosco *__* Hoping he gets better projects in the mainland in the future.

    As for YZ, it’s okay if he’s not writing the thing. I’m not really a fan of his overly “bright” aesthetic or his melo dramatic plots. IMO, I feel like he doesn’t really know how to write romance as much as he thinks he does.

    A pretty interesting future to be imagined if Karen decides to start sharing her people with Yu Zheng.
    Lol…unity in heaven…?:3

    1. Gosh…nth bring the meanie in me like YZ +K. unity in…any place but heaven?

      hahaha to this day I don’t think he’s written a THING, what he calls creative writing, we define it as plagiarizing. I get the fun of watching Goong if u r a serious Meteor Garden fan and can get a random kick out of hearing it lines read out loud in whatever circumstances. I think he knows he’s a joke, but he’s so good a jester/liar. And being a shameless liar brings in the $$$$!

      I’m just never a fan of writer Liang. I think his style is too dated and ineffective and fail to make a connection with me. I was never wow’d by any of his wuxia…nor the romance/characters.

      1. The first time i watched a hyd scene in gong i was just thinking its a coincident. The second and each additional occurance i find it very amusing. Its almost like watching a high budget tribute.

        Gong 2 had even more entertaining qualities. Yu made his version of Yong Zheng a notch more unforgettable.

        1. It is because gov has opened up other broadcast TV licence for grabs….and tonnes of TVB veterans r lured there. Andy is not doing this for $…more for loyalty’s sake and testing his hands in producing TVdramas, he’s always set his heart more on propagating the industry for its continuation/growth than his own stardom because he really can’t go anywhere further up (keke his acting is NEVER gonna be Tony’s caliber) Competition is always a good thing, even stagnant TVB is off-kilter enough to do sth about it.

    1. Chancy, I dunno y I’ve just got this reply prompted! :/ Sorry for the late reply/rant

      I’m not gonna watch this DGSD with any seriousness so they just just about mess everything up. I’ll be the lone Wallace non-fan, I honestly think he’s one of the most overrated working Cdramastars. He doesn’t look ‘foreign’ enough for QF and since I’m still not convinced he’s truly the King of Angst as his fans r saying since forever, I…just don’t care, coz it’ll SUUUUCCCCKKKKKK!

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